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Details for a perfect New Year’s Eve table. New Year’s Eve.

The last night of December is one of the most expected of the year. A new beginning that we celebrate with great banquets with friends and family. If it’s your turn this year organize New Year’s Eve dinner and you don’t know very clearly how to decorate the table for the occasion, here are some tips. Would you like to have a perfect New Year’s Eve table? In this article we will give you some ideas.

Details for a perfect New Year's Eve table

Tricks and details that will make the New Year’s table in your house is spectacular, and family and friends talk about it for days. Easy to add little details that will make a difference.

A good choice: colours

Although there is no written rule about the New Year’s Eve colourswe can’t deny that gold and silver are always more than present. It’s a night full of magic and symbolism. Besides, it’s also an evening that breathes a certain glamourWhy not decorate your table too? Choose table linen, cutlery and even glassware with details in gold and silver. Besides, if you can include a candlestick or two, it’ll be much better. These colours never go out of style and can be combined with white tablecloths.

Gold on the New Year's Eve table

Gold and silver for the New Year's Eve table

Gold and silver to decorate the New Year's Eve table

An original table centerpiece

The Christmas centres have been with us all these weeks. In New Year’s Eve are also welcome, however, if we mark the end of this holiday, we might like to opt for something a little different. Let’s choose flowers and natural elements to decorate the New Year’s Eve.

You can place a green mantle surrounded by pine cones and flowers, like the well-known Christmas flowerso seen during these dates. Another interesting option would be to create a center based on green branches, flat like those of ferns, which serves as a mantle in which to place a few. candelabras. To complete the center you can sprinkle some red fruits on the table.

table centerpiece for the New Year's Eve table

Table centerpiece for New Year's table

Themed tableware that never goes out of style

Although there is no problem in using any type of crockeryThere are some models that never go out of style these days. We are referring to those tableware in which you can see the numbers of a clock drawn, an indisputable symbol of this feast. If you don’t have these dishes, you can create a kind of cardboard lifejacket to place it on the plate of your diners. An original DIY for the beginning of the evening with a wink at midnight, its star moment.

Decoration for the New Year's table

Theme decoration for New Year's dinner

Choose good lighting

The New Year’s Eve must be illuminated. There are those who choose centerpieces with large balls of light. There are also those who prefer the garlands of light more subtle, those that are composed by small LED lamps. These are good ideas, although if you want to attract the attention of your guests, you could create a real blanket of stars on the roof of your dining room. Instead of using these garlands on the table, you should place them on top of the room, adding some decorative element with paper, such as big stars.

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