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Ideas to decorate Christmas tables – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The Christmas tables are the perfect brooch for the embellishment of these days. A colourful table that can make our friends and family fall in love during the special dinners and lunches that are organised on Christmas Eve. New Year’s Eve.

Ideas to decorate Christmas tables

In this occasion we will help you to dress your table following different tendencies. From the most traditional in red and greeneven the most glamorous with golden touches. Choose the one that best suits your style and, above all, happy holidays.

A traditional Christmas table with red

We can’t deny that the red is the Christmas color par excellence. Tables that use this tone to decorate are sure to be successful. You can use whole tablecloths, or fix on individual tablecloths, using a white background, for example. In addition, if you prefer, you can also opt for table runners in this colour, reserving the rest of the tablecloths for other winter shades as well.

On these tables, using colored tableware may also be a good idea. Bet on red plates, for example, or those with Christmas drawings in this color. In addition, the centerpieces must also be in accordance with the chosen key. A good example is the use of red fruits to decorate the center of the table.

Christmas table in red

Red for the Christmas table

Christmas table in red

A Christmas with all the glamour

Gold is a glamorous color, that’s for sure. Dressing your table with this golden touch will make it look much more elegant and sophisticated. The options are many. You can choose crockery with golden finishes or opt for cutlery. In addition, there are also cups with edges in this color.

The golden one gives a lot of game in what to table centers you mean. Pineapples painted in this colour accompanied by golden Christmas balls or large ribbons that embrace a centrepiece with candles of different sizes, for example.

Christmas table in gold

Gold to decorate the Christmas table

Tables decorated with silver

Gold is glamorous, but silver is not far from this concept either. In addition, this metal is much colder, being, therefore, ideal to evoke a white Christmas. In the case of silver, cutlery, cups and plates can be found without problem, as is the case with gold. But you can also create beautiful centerpieces and even silver candles, which are always more subtle and elegant than gold. Combine it with white and crystal!

Christmas table decorated in silver colour

Silver for the Christmas table

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