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30 jumping jacks for the night of the INFALÍVEIS pajamas and fun

30 pyjama night jumps

Pajama parties are always a fun way to receive friends from the kids at home and, with the right preparation, can be fun even for the country! In between packing up the house, planning the program and contacting the country of all the friends to combine the event, at times we are lost without knowing where to start. As events of this type are nothing without fun jumps, see below 30 pyjama night jumps to entertain you all!


A good choice among the jumps for pajama party é a mime. For this game you will need paper sheets and a basket. Before the game starts, you will need to cut off pieces of paper and write on each one something that the player should imitate. Try to think about the age group of the people who will be jumping so that the game is not too easy or too difficult in the night of the pajamas.

Divide the group in 2, so that in each round someone from a group will mime it to be guessed.

A jump can wrap mimics of:

  • Animais;
  • Profissões;
  • Film characters etc.

Thesaurus hunting

Among the jumps for a pajama party, the treasure hunt is a little work to be organized but it is a very fun and worthwhile jump. To do it you will need:

  • Paper sheets;
  • Colorfull cans;
  • Prizes to be the thesaurus.

In order to organize the jump from the hunt to the thesis in the pajama’s night, you will need to write enigmas being that the first one must be given and the others must guide the children to the next enigma. The objective is that the children guess, by the enigmas, where is the next day until they find the thesis.

The ideal is to make this jump in a big space like a house, since the lack of space of apartments can catch a little.

To avoid problems at the time of the division of the thesis, you can separate it in bags so that each one hits one.

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Or bingo can be as legal as youth pajama party jumper If it is well organized, it is possible to offer even dozens of them as presents for the winners, provided that they also end up giving the others, in the end, children can perform magical tricks and the intention is not that way. Buy chocolates or bullets and place them in bags as birthday party seeds.

If the children do not know very well how a bingo works, explain the rules for certifying that the game will run well.

SPA at the pajama party

For a SPA night you will need some itens de beleza that should be bought, or make caseiras recipes, if you do not have them already. The essential items are:

  • Elastics and hair presilhas;
  • Enamel;
  • Maquigem;
  • Spelhos;
  • Hair brooms.

When it comes to buying items, preferably colorful, affine, children are more likely to enjoy accessories and colorful paintings. After the arrumations, you can make a photo session to eternalize the moment and make it memorable both for the country and for the children.

Look for hypoallergenic and mild glazes.

Jogos de tabuleiro nas salincadeiras para festa do pajama

There are several board games that can be used in the pajama’s nightlife, it is only necessary to pay attention to the amount of players that each one allows to not leave any outside. Easy games to find and that can be fun are:

  • WAR;
  • Jogo gives life;
  • Real estate bank;
  • Detective;
  • Profile.


The STOP, also called adedanha, is a fun game to jump into the pajama party and that does not need much material, just a sheet of paper and a basket for each player. The STOP categories can be, among others:

  • Cor;
  • Animal;
  • Mark;
  • Film;
  • Cart;
  • CEP (city, state or country)
  • Fruit;
  • Food;
  • Singer.

So they will decide the categories of the game, each one of them will be written horizontally on a piece of paper and made into columns, so the person who is leading the game will have to choose a letter for the roll and give the endorsement of the beginning. The objective of the game is that each player places an answer for each category (for example, if the letter is for A, it can be placed ARANHA (a category of animal).

The first thing to do is to get all the categories of one letter every time you have to shout STOP, then everyone has to stop writing. You win who, in the end of the game, has more points, being that each unique hit is worth 10 points and each repeated hit (or if more than 1 person has the same answer) is worth 5.

Culinária nas brincadeiras para noite do jovens

The night of the pajamas needs to have that lunch break, right? The best way to organize this part is to let the children make their own food with your supervision. For all this to be certain, all you have to do is choose a simple recipe, so that you can have fun all over the world while the food is being prepared and you will still have time to enjoy it, avoiding the need to worry about preparing the food beforehand.

Good ideas of recipes for the occasion are:

If you want to make a table, it’s better that you do that part first. Try to make something like a chocolate ball or brigadier and avoid less usual things that may not please everyone.


The Twister is a game that is already quite old and is perfect as pajama party jumper. To enjoy it, you will need a large space, besides, it is necessary to always have your eyes on it so that the children do not get hurt.

To make the jump more fun, put on some music to play and make sure everyone is already in their pyjamas, to ensure comfort when it comes to practicing.

If you can’t find the Twister to sell, you can do it at home with a lens or large piece of paper.

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Guessing game

Among the jumps for young people’s pajama nightswe can play the guessing game. For this game you will need a sheet of paper or a black box and some baskets.

Before the game starts, you should write down on paper pieces what you want the players to design (choose simple pieces, think of pieces that anyone could recognize to make the game fair). Divide the group in 2 and have one player from each group go to the front to make the design to be guessed.

No time to be picking up the shits, I thought:

  • Personagens de desenho;
  • Animais;
  • Everyday objects etc.

What’s it worth to be creative!

Chain Dance

Cadet dance is a classic among children and combines very well with pajama parties. To play, you only need to have one chair for each participant except one (that is, if there are 10 players, 9 chairs will be needed), so follow the steps:

  1. Place the chairs in a circle with a seat for outside;
  2. It’s up to the players to position themselves around the circle;
  3. A music starts, so that to begin, the players must start to walk around the chain;
  4. Stop the music, so stop, the players have to run to get a seat in a chair.

As there will be a cadet at fault, some of the players will not be able to sit down and get out of the game. For the next round, just remove another chain and continue with the music, the process should be repeated until there is only one person left, the winner.

Film session

Now that everyone has already jumped, had fun and eaten, a good option for children is to attend a film. The choice of film depends on the children’s taste, so try to ask your child what would be the best options, avoiding choosing something that everyone has already seen or that is not very suitable for the age.

Horror films are often successful with children, so if you want to deal with newer children, try to have a look at the film you chose before to see if it’s a good choice and not have problems with your colleagues’ country. The comments and animations are usually infallible.

Other jumps for children’s pajama party

Other ideas for jumping into pajama tops that should make it happen are

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