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meaning e to serve

Anel solitário: meaning and to serve

Many are the clients who go to the jewelry shops in search of a solitary year, but few are those who really know the meaning that can be appreciated and precious jewel, as well as to be used. If you want to surprise your partner with the anel de compromisso perfeitoIt is important to know the concepts and differences between the parts available there.

Next, not umCOMO here, we explain the meaning of the solitary anel e to serve. Knowing the secrets of this piece of high jewelry, you will be able to choose the perfect solitary year to leave your loved one without words.

Anel solitário meaning

Although the solitary type of anesthesia is one of the most purchased and presented jewels, not everyone knows exactly what the meaning behind this piece is. To begin to understand the meaning of the solitary year, we must know that by pronouncing “solitary” we are basically explaining how the stone is positioned in the jewel. That is, any joia that counted as a single stone can be called solitary. We can find them in colars, pingentes, pulseiras… however, the piece that, by excellence, is known as solitário is the anel and it is normally used as an anel of commitment.

Characteristics of the solitary year

The solitary year is a relatively simple joia, composed of a metal ring, usually white gold or yellow, with uma pedra cravejada. This stone can be as precious as the diamond, the ruby, the emerald or the sapphire, as much as semi-precious, as in the case of the pearl, the amethyst, the malachite, the topaz, among others.

Once the ring and the stone are selected, the options and models of the solitaire are infinite, since the stones can be stoned in different ways, oval, in the form of a chorus, emerald, pear-shaped, and the colour varies depending on the stone chosen to create the anel.

If you want to buy the right year, you must take into account some characteristics of the person you love, such as the size of the hand and fingers. These characteristics, besides the taste of the person who will receive the present, will determine how it should be or anel de compromisso perfeito.

It should be noted that even though this joia is not intended for daily use, it must be perfectly adapted to the finger of the host hand to prevent it from getting mixed up or perching. Finally, the solitary year was thought to shine in any event, as a symbol of commitment between a house.

Anel solitário: significado e para que servir - Anel solitário meaning

To serve as a soloist

The yearbook is a piece of jewelry that tells a great story behind. Traditionally, the ring is used to symbolize the commitment and fidelity between a house and, therefore, it became an indispensable element in any marriage request. The engagement year is thus the first step in the direction of marriage. The diamond located in the center represents purity and strengthTwo concepts directly related to the commitment.

History of the Year of the Solitaire

To find the first lonely years of history, we must go back to year of 1477When Maximilian I of Austria, King of the Romans and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, decided to marry Maria de Borgonha. In order to show his power and to be able to seal the engagement, he gave her a metal ring with a cracked diamond.

That’s considered o first year of historical commitment and, without a doubt, a frame in the joalheria. It was, in fact, this gesture of Maximilian I of Austria that became a tradition with a lot of meaning. There is not a single person, who wishes to get married, who is not moved when she receives a wedding anniversary.

Anel solitário: significado e para que serve - So that it serves or anel solitário

As an escort or a perfect loner

Now that you already know what it is, what it is used for and the history behind the solitary year, you must take into account certain aspects in order to choose the year of commitment that leaves your soul germinating without words. The main one is to know perfectly the man in which he will be placed. For this reason, do not stop paying attention to the size of the finger. Follow our article’s instructions so you don’t miss the choice of the size of the finger.

On the other hand, in the jewelry store you should select o type of metal ring e a pedra that will better adapt to the man of the person, also taking into consideration the personal taste of the person. Choosing a personalized ring is a way to get it right in the present, recreating the love of the house in the form of an ring. Be aware that the personal yearbook is a symbol of commitment, and that is why we recommend that you place your bets on a exclusive and elegantwhich will be adapted to the style of the hand that will receive it. There are classic, used, sophisticated or trendy models. Choose the one that combines with the personality of the person who will receive it.

Take into consideration that the solitary year will be the protagonist of one of the most exciting, emotional and romantic moments of the life of the house, and will be the starting point for you to start um novo caminho together or together. That is why he chooses a solitary year capable of representing with perfection the relationship of the two of them, besides being a reflection of the personality of his soul. Thus, you will be right on target!

And, after the order, it’s time to start planning the big day. With the help of umCOMO, discover how to plan a simple wedding, since the moment is not for big celebrations. What matters is the love involved in the moment.

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