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How to organize a 15 year old party

How to organize a 15 year old party

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A 15 year old party It is a very widespread custom in Latin countries, as well as in the Ibero-American communities living in other countries. It is not just any birthday party, since it symbolizes the transition from childhood to adult life of the young people who celebrate it, and it is a very special celebration with friends and family. If you want to know how to organize a 15 year old party continue reading this article from umComo.com.br.



Choose a theme. Muitas meninas escolhem uma temática sobre o que será a festa. Choose something that reflects their personality or their tastes and you will have a different celebration with personality.


Local. Where are you going to party? In your house or in a rented party place? Would you prefer it to be more informal and in a free place, like the picnic area or the beach? The decision depends on you, the party is yours.


Send your invitations. After choosing the theme or location, it’s time to send out the invitations. Be formed that for, or ideal is to decorate them with an aesthetic according to the chosen theme. If you want to make them special, you can do it by hand or order them from a company so that your friends will also have a special memory of that day. Another option is to invite guests through the social networks, but always certify that the guests confirm their presence.


Decoration. Choose one or two colors that you like and that don’t stop with the theme of the party, a color that has some meaning for you. You can use it on your dress, on the grill that decorates the room, on the curtains, on the table towel, on the dishes… Combine them as you would like to eat more.

How to organize a 15 year old party - Step 4

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Food. After knowing how many people you will have at the party, you will be able to calculate how much food you will need. The cardápio can vary depending on whether the party is held during the day or at night, but in any case, the appetizers, as much the salgadinhos as the docs, and refreshments cannot be missing. Ask the guests if they have any problems with a special meal so that no one leaves. And of course… you can’t miss the gig!


Music. Or what would an anniversary party be without music? You can make a playlist of your favorite songs to dance with the whole world, or hire a DJ to take care of this task and also put the song for the waltz.


Follow um roteiro prearranged so that there will be no more deaths and it will not turn into an abhorrent feast. It will be easier and more relaxed during the party if someone is in charge of controlling the time and the development of the different phases of the party.

Here is a suggestion of protocol for the party, which as is obvious can be adapted to your taste with more or less detail as you prefer.

  • Chegada dos convidados ao local da festa
  • Entrance of the tribute with your country or companions
  • Inaugural toast
  • Walk or dance of the anniversary with the country
  • Food
  • View of the two guest tables, they will be seated at separate tables
  • Dance for all the guests
  • Serenade and farewell
How to organize a 15 year old party - Step 7

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