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26 scary and delicious ideas for Halloween meals

Halloween party meals

It’s been a good year since Halloween stopped being an exclusively American celebration and has become increasingly popular among Brazilians. Finally, people do not need a reason to want to fantasize. #saudadecarnaval! To enter the climate, not only the fantasies are important, but, also, an original and scary cardapple – but not so much the point of the people do not want to eat! In this article we will give you the options of Halloween party foodsFor you, it is not necessary to do business with your guests, even though they are, because of their social isolation, only the people who live in your house. Even because having a Halloween party at home is another way of getting out of the rotina without leaving home.

What to serve for the Halloween party: salted options

The idea here is to scare – even if it’s only at first sight! Meals for a Halloween party are nothing more than standard meals, which you would serve at any other party, but with a apresentação asustadora to get into the role-playing climate. Caves, tumuli, monsters, monsters and unusual colours, everything is worth to frighten the guests! What is worth here is more the presentation than the food itself.

Guacamole vomit

At first, the idea of mixing food and vomit seems to be as much as it is strange, I know. But, I promise that the presentation of the dish will give a legal touch to your food table for Halloween party. Normally it is easier to associate Halloween meals to the “coisas doces”, because they are simpler to enter in the decoration climate, but this guacamole dish, besides being a delicious salty option, is a super creative idea to give a horrifying touch to your menu!

Meals for Halloween party - What to serve for Halloween party: salted options

Abhora soup

You don’t have to think about Halloween without thinking about abhora. For me, he is the official symbol of the festival and that’s why you can’t miss meals for the Halloween party. Besides using the traditional way of cutting in the decoration, you can escape from the obvious and create a more salty dish option, serving abalone soup with torradas for your guests. The dispensation is even a very mirabulous presentation because, by itself, it is already associated to Halloween.

Puppy-quent of dedinhos

The sauces are already like fingers. However, to give a helping hand, experiment with ketchup on the tip of the fingers, as if they were red, and on the other tip, cut a piece, as if the fingers had been removed from the man and decorate with tomato paste, to represent the blood. Now it is only by his fingers within the puppy’s legs that he waits for them to be devoured.

Spaghetti diabolic

Prepare um spaghetti the tomato mold is something that people do quickly, in a matter of minutes it’s ready. And, to give the Halloween touch, it is only to finish with rings of lamb and little girls to be the eyes of your devil and two pieces of lamb cut in a pontoon shape to be the teeth and give to make the same and add chifrinhos, what your imagination allows!

Cheeseburger monster

Mount um cheeseburger It’s easy, the only difference here is that you will cut the cheese in the shape of teeth and leave it out of the pan and strain the olives into the mole! Soon, you will have your cheeseburgers of monster to delight galley.

Lanterninhas de legumes

The abalone lanterns are famous in the decoration of Halloween parties. And we can’t spare the vegetarians at our feast. So, instead of aboras, we build lanterns in red and yellow peppers and then we preenche them with cooked legumes, as options for snacks for those who don’t eat meat.

Tombstone sandwich

Here at umCOMO we have already learned how to make a delicious tombstone sandwich to be thrown on the table Halloween party foods. We suggest that you look at it with suspicion and desire, but you can place whatever you prefer. What is important is that it is tasty and macabre!

Mini múmia pizza

Have you ever fantasized about food? Well, since that post you have seen that it is all that is necessary to characterize your meals for the Halloween party. In this case, you will “dress” your mini pizza with strips of cheese so that it looks like a mummy. Easy, né?

Phantom Franc Cake

Who doesn’t love a delicious frankincense cake? To transform it into a Halloween meal option, all you have to do is, in the process of making the cake, draw ghost faces on the top of the cake. Buh!

Recycled paprika lantern

We have already seen the peppers cooked with legumes, but if you want something that will make your guests feel safer in the evening, cooking pepper lanterns with a risk can be a delight!

Vassourinhas de bruxa de queijo

Oh, and in the same photo below, you can see an option for an appetizer for your Halloween meals. Strips that I want to tie in a little stick in the shape of a witch’s cup. Simple and in the climate of the party!

Halloween Dozens

The dozen or so options for decorating, any twelve you can think of, allows you to create a version of Halloween dozens with some creativity and the right ingredients. same You are the simplest da nossa culináriaAs a formative bolus, even the most famous, like our beloved brigadier, you can win some appealing verses for your Halloween party!

Bolo teia de aranha

From bolo formigueiro to people already tired of hearing falar, né? He is one of the favorites of the Brazilian tables. But if people decorate it on top with the aranha tea designed… It is possible to make a bowling normally, charge with chocolate or white American pasta and design a surface aranha tea using a confectionery bowl. Then you just have to finish it off with a plastic bowl for about R$1.99 and voilà. Simple to face and scare!

Cooking in Addams Family House format

It is not because Halloween is a traditional American holiday that people cannot give our Brazilian touch. Who here doesn’t love a cocada? Inspired by the Addams family, he makes a batch of cocadas and then, with the help of a hand cutter, cuts them all. To make reference to the person, serve them inside a wooden box or a piece of paper, where the famous Addams family mother lives. She will invite you to devour her, literally!

Halloween Party Meals - Halloween Dozens

Morcego brigadeiros

One of the things you can’t miss in any Brazilian feast are the famous brigadeiros! Our country’s twelve darlings will gain an amazing touch in super simple steps. Afterwards, add some olives and cardboard seats, which are sold at the party. It’s easier than it is impossible!

Creepy fruit tray

For those who live by saying that fruit is not a dessert, I can prove that it is similar. With a little creativity and a certain amount of melted chocolate, a normal fruit tray can become a superb option for your Halloween table of dozens. In addition to being a more healthy alternative for those who don’t want to play so much in the dozens.

Minhocas and dentures cup

Vai uma minhoquinha aí? Só se for de goma! Put transparent cups with those rubber miniatures and have them on the table for Halloween. The same idea also applies to those vampire teeth! They are scary and delicious at the same time. Yes, it’s possible!

Bucket of gostosura and mischief

In the Halloween season, any shop that sells R$1.99 worth of plastic buckets in the shape of an abhora. You can find a wide variety of buckets and guloseimas. It’s worth everything: marshmallowsIt’s simple to make and pleases everyone!

Halloween Friendly Biscuits

This dispenses with image and legend. Cut your biscuits in the form of ghosts, abysses, vampires, muzzles, bruxes and whatever else you want to plant. Halloween party. E, if you want to indulge even more, cover with colorful American shaving paste.

Tangerines of evil

Do you want to do something easier than to draw cards in Tangiers and let your guests peel and eat? More simply impossible! They are of evil, but also of good, healthy and simple option!

Cupcakes by aranha

Chocolate ball to eat in two bites? Quero! Even if it is decorated with skateboards and aranha olhinhos!

Amendoim butter monster

Another option for a fruity table is an avocado with amendoim butter. To give the touch of Halloween party, it is only to accent olhinhos and dentes of marshmallow.

Halloween Party Drinks

No one plays a role in the Halloween party. The drinks are also a very important part of the show. So, finally, what serving drinks for a Halloween party?

Blood flirt

Or Halloween is a time of we experience or drink vampires: blood. More, calm down! A tomato suco pump replaced quietly or real blood without losing its scary look. To make it even more tasty, serve it with aiposal stems. Go to a drink combo + snack saudável!

Catarrh Suction

Green Suco is very fashionable lately. If you have prepared yourself in a more consistent way, you can get a cold, but after that you will never again get a taste for the green stuff in the same way! Or rather: serve consistently and let people make the association! Here in a HOWTO we teach you how to make a simple green suck if you want to embark on it Halloween party.

Drink da meia-noite

This is perhaps the easiest thing I can do to give you this post, even though others are also very simple! There are people who add active carvings to the drinks to leave them in the short to make a drink da meia-noite. But why all this work if we have to: Coca-Cola! It is only served in a legal cup of caveira or, who knows, chapéu de bruxa and is soon his drink notorious scary!

Shot de injeção

But once again I got the R$1,99, but that’s because at that time of the year you can find every cheap decoration draw in these stores. Buy some plastic sheets, pre-pack them with any kind of alcoholic drink, like wine, and you’ll soon be able to buy your own shot of injection. But it’s not for real graft, hein? É to drink!

Halloween party foods - Halloween party drinks

As a scary puncher

Finally, I couldn’t give up on that list as a scary puncher. Finally, if we miss an originally American party, we don’t have the same punch that is served at so many film festivals that we are used to attending.

Scary punch

The punch is a recipe very easy to make that can or not carry alcoholic drink in the composition, that is the criterion. It is enough to mix soda, water, concentrated blackberry and grape juice and add sugar to the taste. The scary touch is provided by a gel in the form of a hand-held gel placed in the middle of your punch bowl. On Tudo Recipes site[1] it is possible to see the passage of this halloween punch for no one to throw away defeated. Don’t forget to tell us how to make your frozen food, spoilerThe product is a transparent jelly wrapper and a latex rain!

Halloween party foods - How to make scary punch

Picture: Reprodução/Tudo Receitas

And if you want to see three extra quick and simple recipes for Halloween meals, in this video from the UncoMo channel you can follow the process to prepare three dozen meals for your Halloween party.

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