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How to make a Halloween cape

How to make a Halloween cape

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If you want to get into the spirit of Halloween and have fun in great style on the 31st of October or in the upcoming festivities, you will certainly have be imagined of sth.! By researching a little you will find several fantasy suggestions for Halloween and some of them include cloaks, such as vampire and witch. As an alternative to buying, you can make your own cape, totally customized and probably cheaper. Discover how in this article from unCOMO we teach it like making a Halloween cape, that can also be used as a vampire or witch cloak.



For to make a vampire or a witch’s cloakbegins by acquiring a weaving machine with 2 meters of compression. A large tea will leave the layer of a more majestic witch or vampire, reaching out to you.

A length of the fabric for Halloween cape It will meet your criteria, and this measure will correspond to the compression of the layer. He prefers to buy a 2 x 2 meter square of fabric and then cut it at the desired height.


If you want to make a TNT bruxe-layerou uma Preta layer of TNTThis is the time to acquire or weave. The fabric that you are buying can be material to your choice (TNT, cotton, taffeta, felt, fur, tule …), but we advise that it is one that does not easily defy, so you will not have to make the bar of it and its preta layer of tnt can be used again.


Used fabric or fabric in order to face witches’ or vampires’ cloak on a flat and spacious surface (in the absence of a large table, spread out on the floor).

How to make a Halloween cape - Step 3

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Stick on the end corresponding to the compression of the fabric (which should be 2 meters) and make a dobra. This double will correspond to the drainage of your witches’ cape for that reason, if you want a long drainage (to make a vampire cape, for example), about 15 to 20 cm of fabric.


Sewing glues that cut well and make small cortes verticais (about 1 cm high) along the whole length of the double compress, with space from 2 to 4 cm from the others, as if they were making stripes in their future Halloween coat.

How to make a Halloween cape - Step 5

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When you have finished, unfold and observe the cuts you have just made. Stick in a fita de cetim ou gorgurão of 3 meters of compression and pass between these cuts alternately (passing in front and behind the cut pieces of fabric), this will allow to adjust the vampire layer to the fish net.

How to make a Halloween cape - Step 6

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When everything is in summertime interlaced in the courts of the layer, certify that it is beyond the same compression of the leaf on one side and of the other (it must correspond to 50 cm of each side), because it will serve to tie the witches’ or vampires’ cloak ao pescoço.

How to make a Halloween cape - Step 7

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Stick in one of the points of the fita and abate the fabric of it, reaching the center. Do the same on the other side, thus getting a The Halloween cape is a little bit of a mess.as in the image below.

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How to make a Halloween cape - Step 8

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Place the cape on the coasts, put both the points of the boat in front and tie up your fish. Your Halloween cape is ready to be used and, if you want, you can decorate it by sewing some decorations and erasing glitter spray.

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How to make a Halloween cape - Step 9

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Once it is ready, you can use it as a witch or vampire cloak, everything will depend on its characterization. If the idea is that it is a vampire cape, it is worth following the step of how to make a vampire machiagem Dracul.

Already for the idea of the witches’ cloak, an option that is very successful is complemented with the tutorial of like fazer uma saia de Halloween. Regardless of the choice of your fantasy, the video below shows like making a blood choker for Halloween can be used for both ideas.

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