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8 easy tricks to make fake blood

Like fazer sangue false

When Halloween comes around we have to think about raising a look appealing. For this, many times, it is important to learn to make fake blood! If you have this mission, you will only need some homemade ingredients that you will certainly have in the kitchen and you will have to pay attention to all the instructions. Some of the options of like fazer sangue false What we’re going to show you here is what you’re going to eat. Which means that you can also use it to decorate your table for a Halloween party without any problems. Follow this article from unCOMO to discover the 8 steps to make fake blood easy!

Like fazer sangue falso com mel

As a fazer fake blood and food? Pois é fácil, com mel! With this recipe you will be able to create an incredible and appetizing fantasy, why not? since the false blood will be free of toxins, you will be able to eat it, without problems. We explain here the step by step of how to make fake blood with him:

  1. Begin by placing the honey in a medium container until it is filled with water;
  2. As it is a very dense ingredient, we advise you to add a water shower and meia;
  3. Mexa bem to mix both ingredients;
  4. Next, add to mistura red wine corante comestivel vermelho. I’m afraid I’ll have to be red hot, like grená;
  5. Mix all the ingredients and, if you rot, add a small amount of green food so that the blood flow is more realistic;
  6. If you want, you can add a little bit of blackberry syrup to the mixture to make it taste even better!

How to make fake blood with sugar

If you don’t have honey at home or don’t like the taste, don’t worry, because you also have the option to make fake blood, with a very realistic appearance, using water, sugar and edible corant. Write it down:

  1. Place a waterflake and two sugarflakes in a panela (it should always be the double waterflake). Let it cook in low fire to avoid that the sugar gets too much trouble and turns into caramel. Do not stop cooking during the process;
  2. When the water starts to boil, count two minutes and remove it from the fire to get the fake blood texture. A good trick is to pull the cholera from the fire mixture and let it cool down to observe its texture until it is adequate: similar to a thick broth. At this point you will be able to untie the fire;
  3. Next, place the mixture in the gelager and leave it to cool for about an hour;
  4. After that time, add or blend red colour with small touches of blue and black. Soon, your fake blood is ready!
Como fazer sangue falso - How to make fake blood with sugar

Like fazer sangue falso com ketchup

He’s wondering as fazer sang false sem corantes? In this case, ketchup can be a great ally that will allow you to make fake blood washable and fast to make. However, ketchup does not seem very realistic, so you will also need cocoa and beetroot.

  1. Crush the biterraba and add a little bit of water to mix it with your sugar;
  2. Remove my flake from the mixture and then add my cocoa butter;
  3. Mix all the ingredients together and, little by little, add a ketchup snack;
  4. Mix and match and make sure you add a little more cocoa or ketchup until you get the right flavour.

Please say that you are asking yourself how to make fake blood that doesn’t stain This is one of the best options, since you will be able to remove the skin and clothes with a simple mixture of water and flavors.

Like fazer sangue de mentira com xarope de milho

Another great idea if you ask yourself how to make fake blood is to use milo xarope. This recipe will allow you to make fake blood in a professional and realistic way with only two ingredients. You won’t find any simpler way than that. Then prepare your red-brown millet varnish and follow these instructions:

  1. Place 1/4 xícara de xarope de milho em uma tigela;
  2. Next, add drops of corante vermelho;
  3. Misture bem até que o xarope de milho fique tingido de vermelho sangue;
  4. If you see that the chorus is too clear and not very realistic, add a drop of blue chorus, or as many as you need, to make the tone more accurate;
  5. In case you want to bleed thicker, you can add creamy amendoim butter.

If you want to learn how to how to make blood eatable for childrenThis option is perfect, because you can quickly develop a fantasy for your child without worrying about safety. You can also add drops of bath essence to give a better taste to the mixture.

Besides, if you don’t know how to make children fantasize, don’t stop giving the article of a HOWTO with the best ideas of Halloween fantasies for children.

Como fazer sangue falso - How to make fake blood with xarope de milho

How to make artificial blood with coffee

If you want more options to learn as an artificial fazer sangueThis idea is easy to prepare and is made of coffee. You will only need a brew of this ingredient, water, flour and red wine. Follow these steps:

  1. Dissolve a cup of coffee in a small amount of water and keep it mixed;
  2. Next, place a cup of water in a panela and, once it starts to ferment, add a cup of farinha. Mix the two ingredients until you have a smooth mass;
  3. When the mixture is ready, add or cut red wine slowly to get a loose cut;
  4. Mix all the ingredients and leave them on low heat for two minutes;
  5. Remove the mixture from the fire and add the coffee that was reserved, little by little, until the blood acquires a more realistic colour.

How to make fake blood with batom

If you don’t want to make your blood drinkable and you are under pressure, there is nothing easier and faster than making fake blood with a liquid bath. This trick is especially good for a hummingbird or vampire fantasy, since you can make blood around the mouth in a very simple way!

You will only have to mix the ink of the liquid bath with a few drops of chocolate xarope to make the tone more realistic. If you only have one solid textured baton, add a few drops of water, little by little. You can also use it by cutting a piece of it with a face and mixing it well with water drops until you get a liquid texture. Soon! You already know as fazer sang false sem corantes quickly!

If you want to learn how to make the best zumbi fantasies, don’t stop giving this article here from unCOMO. If you prefer to go as a vampire, here in an HOWTO you can also learn how to make this fantasy.

Como fazer sangue falso - How to make fake blood with batom

How to make artificial blood with morangos

The ketchup and the batom are good ways to as fazer sang false sem corantes. In the meantime, we offer you another step by step based on natural ingredients that do not require chemical products. You will only need blackberry xarope, liquid chocolate, four or five blackberries and water. See how:

  1. Crush the mangoes with a liquidator and ensure that they are well crushed;
  2. Once again, add hot water and mexa to mix the ingredients;
  3. Then, add the blackberry syrup and a small amount of liquid chocolate and mix so that all the ingredients are integrated;
  4. The chocolate will help to hide the red colour of the morango so that the false blood seems more real;
  5. Deixe que a mistura esfrie antes de usá-la. If you think it is too liquid, add a little more xarope to make it thicker.

Soon! With this simple trick you will be able prepare your false blood without corantes in just a few minutes.

How to make fake blood with gel

If you don’t want to spend or don’t have these foods at home, but you have a little bit of transparent gel or shampooWe explain you how to make fake blood with these products and a little bit of red and blue dye.

  1. Place two clear gel sticks in a container and add three to four drops of red pepper;
  2. Mix the two ingredients and check if the colour is realistic;
  3. If it’s too light, add a drop of blue corante and mix again;
  4. Add as many drops of blue corante as you need to give a realistic shade.

This option gives the blood a ideal slimy texture and is ready in a matter of minutes. So, if you’re with a lot of gel pressure if you want a quick way to make fake blood.

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