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10 super fun Halloween jokes for all ages

As a fazer jumping off Halloween

One of the most awaited news of the year is coming: the Day of the Witches. Also known as Halloween in America and in many parts of the world, the celebration is known for its big and fun fantasy parties, which invade houses and even schools and make the streets full of women, vampires and witches. On this day, it is normal that we have been able to make these Halloween parties in which everything is thought of according to a specific scary theme, from the invitations to the decoration, the music, the lembrancinhas and the food.

However, something that cannot be missing animate a party are the jumps, which can involve from childhood to older guests and can be performed both in parties for children and adults. Thus, in this article from umCOMO we will explain like fazer hops of Halloween so that your party will be a success. Here, in addition to the two most basic Halloween party gamesWe will also show you how to make some of the best Terrorist jumps for Halloween e até Halloween jumps to make it to school.

Halloween Brincadeiras: Pictionary

O traditional jogo Pictionary can be easily adapted to the Halloween theme. In this game, carried out in groups, the participants have to guess words, present in cards, through drawings.

To adapt the Pictionary into a Halloween gameAll you have to do is create new cards with words related to Halloween. Thus, some of the words that can be accentuated can be linked to magical creatures of Halloween, such as witches, ghosts, mummies or vampires; to evil places, such as a cemetery, an abandoned hospital or a dark forest; and even to the names of traditional films of the time, such as Sexta-feira 13, O Chamado, O Massacre da Serra Elétrica e Jogos Mortais.

It is important to highlight, however, that this Halloween jump is aimed at a younger audience, such as children, using only words appropriate for the age. And if you don’t have Pictionary at home or don’t know anyone who does, don’t worry, you’ll find out how to play a homemade Pictionary game with a HOWTO and have fun in the scariest night of the year.

How to make Halloween jokes - Halloween Jokes: Pictionary

Imagem: parentingwithouttears.com

Halloween Brincadeiras: múmia

Nas Halloween jokes for children and young people, you can organize the classic game of enrolled mumiawhich will certainly be a great diversion. To make this Halloween jump, you just have to divide your guests into times and provide each of them with some rolls of toilet paper. The time you get to enroll your first group, using all the toilet paper will be the winner. To make things a little more complicated Halloween gameIf you are a member of a group, you may request that a specific part of the body not be enrolled. If you still have doubts about how to do this activity, see the step by step below.

Like fazer o jogo de Halloween da múmia

  1. To be able to play the game of enrolling the crowd in the Halloween party, you need to have several rolls of toilet paper available and make a small circuit;
  2. O circuit deste Halloween gameThe first zone is the paper enrolment zone and the second zone is the arrival zone. It is possible to play this game in the open air, in a garden or park, for example, or even inside the house if it is not small;
  3. Separate the children into teams of two, so that one of them is the one the colleague will join and the other is the “múmia” herself;
  4. When all the children were in the first zone, I counted up to 3 to start the game. The child who will wrap the other one with toilet paper will cover the whole body with the “mumia”, leaving only the eyes, the mouth and the nose;
  5. After the paper roll is finished, you will have to run to the finish line to win the game.
  6. After finishing the Halloween memory game, the children have to turn their parents around. Now what was the “mummy” will be the “wrapper” and vice-versa.

Suggestion for that Halloween jump

If there are many children and they do not manage to make good teams of two because they are so many, it can be done with 2 or 3 children involving a third or a pair of children involving another pair, thus creating “Siamese twins”.

Como fazer jincadeiras de Halloween - Halloween jincadeiras: múmia

Imagem: blogdatiasolange.blogspot.ptd

Halloween partying: jogo das maçãs

O jogo das maçãs is a jump that will bring a lot of diversity to children and young people of a party and, therefore, can be one of the attractions of a Halloween party at the school. You only have to put in a big basin or an inflatable water pool and put more inside. To make the water look scary, you can even put in some plastic pans and insects, and even drunken sniffs with the food. In addition, you can also clear blackcurrant or blackberry syrup or red fruits so that the water looks like it is bleeding. After that, the children will have to throw with the mouth the biggest quantity of food they will get. In that game, whoever throws the most wins.

How to play the Halloween game of the maçãs

  1. In order to prepare this Halloween jump for children, it is necessary to have a pool, a bucket or an inflatable pool at home;
  2. Place the chosen container in a wide space. It is preferable to play this game in the open air, as in parks, country houses and other places where it is cold during the day. Halloween partyThis game can be played both in the kitchen and in the living room; you just need to move your furniture to make more room for the jump.
  3. Place water into the container, until it is sufficiently cheio;
  4. Put some more in the water and some plastic insects or any other object related to the Halloween party, so that the water has a more unpleasant aspect. After preparing the container, the children will be able to start playing.

That’s one of two Halloween party games that can be counted on with countless variations, as many as your imagination would like. So, to follow, we give you 3 examples:

  • Place some maçãs in the water and I counted how long it takes for each child to pull the water out with his or her mouth. The one who takes less time is the one who wins.
  • If the container is very large, 5 cups can be placed in the water and two children on each side of the container. The one who puts the first 3 cups in the mouth will be the winner. For the crianças jogarem With more willingness, tell him that the victor will be a little present.
  • Separate the children into two teams and place the same number of adults in the water of the children that will be in the Halloween party. One participant at each time will have to remove one more item by mouth. When the first child throws one away, it is the next time the team does the same and so on until there is no more left. The time has come to remove all the more corresponding ones.

Suggestions for this Halloween jump

  • If you have placed the container inside your house for this Halloween game, we recommend that you collect the money with all the lights, so that the water doesn’t spill too much and damage the room.
  • At the end of the game, you can give a gift to the winners, but you can also distribute dozens for everyone, so that no child feels excluded.
How to make Halloween jokes - Brincadeiras de Halloween: jogo das maçãs

Imagem: fashionbubbles.com

Halloween Brincadeiras: boca da abóbora

You can also “reuse” the famous jumping ball in the mouth of the palhaço das festas juninas for the theme of Halloween party. For that, why not create the game of the “mouth of the abhora”? It is enough to pull out a box of paper, draw three abbours on one of the sides and, at the mouth of the abyss, cut out the paper.

After the children will have to play with tennis balls, or even with meia, in the buracos. I created a different score for those who got it right at each level and I didn’t want to provide prizes for the children who got it right.

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Como fazer brincadeiras de Halloween - Halloween brincadeiras: boca da abóbora

Imagem: ideiasedicas.com

Halloween partying to do at school: The Caldeirão da Bruxa

Uma das melhores Halloween jumps to make it to school is, without a doubt, the Caldeirão da Bruxa, which serves both children and adults. This game serves to test the memory of the participants and should begin with someone saying “I am a witch and I will put in my cup…” and, without a second thought, the name of an ingredient. The person who is on the side must repeat the ingredient that has just been given and add another one and so on until someone else goes in sequence. The ingredients cannot be repeated.

Thus, if the last three players have the ingredients “pata de rã, cuspe de morcego e alho espremido”, for example, the fourth participant should say “eu sou uma bruxa e vou colocar no meu caldeirão: pata de rã, cuspe de morcego, alho espremido…” and a fourth new ingredient.

Suggestion for that Halloween jump

  • Stipulate a pledge, a challenge for each participant to miss the sequence of the game.

Halloween jokes to make at school: treasure hunt

Uma thesis hunt is always one of the predicitary jumps of the children. And to make a hunt to the frightening thesis is not very difficult and can be done in two ways.

In the first place, hide from the house abbots, mockingbirds, ghosts or plastic or paper rings. Tell the children to get as many of these objects as possible. For each one of them there should be a value, or in other words, those who find a morcego will be directed to a chocolate lollipop, and those who find an abóbora will win two balinhas, for example. You can also leave the more interesting jump to relate one of the creatures with a punishment. Thus, if the child finds a ghost, for example, she will have to spend the rest of the game chasing her schoolmates.

Already in the second version of the most classic Halloween thesis hunt, divide the children into times and create clues and scary enigmas that must be hidden by the school. The little ones should find all the clues and solve them to get a prize or get rid of a punishment.

Suggestion for that Halloween jump

  • Along with the Halloween objects or clues placed in the school or home, you can also ask for some fantastic adults, who in the case of a school party can be teachers or other staff members of the institution, to hide and take care of the children who are participating in the jump.

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How to make Halloween jokes - Halloween jokes to make at school: treasure hunt

Image: avosices.blogspot.pt

Halloween brincadeiras to make in the school: fantasy parade

Of course, a Halloween fantasy parade is always a great way for guests to show off their fantasies. Prepare a parade, put on music and award prizes for the best fantasies, of children, groups, houses, women, among other categories that you want to create.

Or parade can also be part of a series of tastings for Halloween gymkhana. In the case of children, there are some inspirations that can be useful:

Tie 1 year

During this phase the little ones are adored and flabbergasted and, for that reason, many countries do not resist the temptation of fantasizing about the most elaborate forms of celebrating Halloween. Thinking about it, he confesses our article “how to make a fantasy for my baby in Halloween”. It is not a question of choosing comfortable and safe clothes for the child, because the idea is that he or she should endure the fantasy as long as possible and not suffer from it.

From 1 to 3 years old

During this phase, you can choose any of the fantasies recommended for babies or incorporate other characters and themes. The fantasies of ages (like the one in the Toy Story), bees, fruits (like blackberries and grapes), jewels, devils, fades and magic are excellent options for the children of these ages. Remember that, in this age, children are learning to walk and that, for this reason, they need to be you’re comfortable and light. Thus, if you choose a fantasy with many accessories you will know that it is possible that the little one will not hold out for long.

From 4 to 6 years old

In this age, it is normal that the child already tells you what he or she wants to fantasize about. The fashion people will always be a priority for them, besides, in the case of meninas, the princesses still lead the market. Despite this, many little ones prefer to fantasize about scarier things. In these cases, they can have fun fantasizing about a morcego or a vampire or imitating the appearance of Frankenstein or any other monster. Of course, the witches are always a success, along with the ghosts and skeletons.

From 7 to 10 years old

At this stage, the children are more aware of the diversity involved in fantasy and they also no longer want to be original so that they can stand out from their peers. Therefore, it is possible that they accept some funny and creative suggestions. The Lobisomem is undoubtedly a fun fantasy for this phase; it requires a little bit of imagination and that is why the country can help. The women also become fun for the meninas and meninos, the zombies will certainly enchant their children, while the beautiful monsters will amuse their children.

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Como fazer jincadeiras de Halloween - Halloween jincadeiras para fazer na escola: parade of fantasies

Terrorist jokes for Halloween: cemetery

Once we are missing the most frightening night of the year, how about preparing the cemetery? The participants will have to stay in the room and remain immovable, as if they were in a cemetery. Then, a person will have to walk among the deified children and start to tell some horror story, making them afraid. Whoever gets angry, opens his eyes or shouts will be eliminated and whoever manages to stay longer in the place will be eliminated.

Suggestion for that Halloween jump

  • Get a scary story of Halloween in books or on the internet and use and abuse of special sound effects in the summer time counting for the children. It is worth using screaming sounds, chorus and malicious laughter, and footsteps from horror movies, series or videos. You can also ask for help for other people so that the effects are even better and more convincing and scary.

Terrorist jokes for Halloween: scary pique-hide

If you have a large quintal at home or live in a condominium, some of the best places to Halloween party games are stick-and-run, peek-a-boo or even scare tactics. To make these Halloween jokesThe first is to decorate the game space in a scary way. You can even raise armadillos, such as hiding a skeleton in some dark song or placing a witch with a movement sensor in a specific place so that, when the children pass by, they hear a malicious laugh and get scared.

Besides, some adults can also fantasize and run after the little ones to leave the jumps even more dynamic and proper for the Halloween.

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Halloween Brincadeiras: abóbora na laranja contest

We would like to organize a cantinho to stimulate creativity in the festivities, and you can bet on a Halloweem handicrafts contest. It offers the necessary materials (with the supervision and help of an adult), instructions and it stimulates the guests to help in the decoration of the party creating their own Halloween crafts.

A simple idea and a flip flop is to make one Halloween barbecue with an orangefor example. You can check the tutorial below:

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