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How to make a vampire fantasy

How to make a vampire fantasy

Become a member vampire for one night is one of the most classic fantasies of Halloween e d CarnivalThis is an idea that will never become fashionable and that you can do at home following simple steps without spending much money. This fantasy, besides all, is great to be used by the house, if your partner dares to be a vampire too, so in this article of Uncomo we show you how to dress in this great dress and spend a night of terror and a lot of fun. Discover like fazer uma fantasia de vampira simply and beautifully!

Improvised Vampire Fantasy

Fazer uma vampire fantasy with standard clothes is very simple, but, besides that, it doesn’t require much action. For this Halloween or carnival fantasy you will need a preto dress or a T-shirt and a saia preta that together look like a dress. You can choose a long or short dress, both options are available.

It’s better to plant than to improvise. vampire fantasy with shoes is more than released! The point is to bet on the dark colours and to captivate our accessories, hair and makeup. It is recommended to use high jump with this fantasy, to give it a more seductive touch. This will be a dress for a terrestrial and sensual vampire look.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Improvised Vampire Fantasy

Vampire fantasy with cape

To add a more realistic touch to your Halloween or carnival vampire fantasy, you will need a layer that makes you look like a whole rainbow of the underworld.

If you have a cape at home, you can make it with TNT or another fabric in a very simple way and following the standard we annex. We suggest violet, burgundy or wine, three colors that will work very well with your vampire coat. It is recommended to choose or hairy or a similar fabric, because this fabric will give your fantasy an enhanced look that is very good.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Vampire fantasy with cape

Hair for vampire fantasy

O segredo da vampire fantasy are the details, and the penteado It’s one of them. It is recommended to make a stop in the hair and collect it in a medium or a complete tail, because this type of tasting has something that evokes the vampires. You can also use a long and tight peruca, which can also be effective to give that look.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Hair for vampire fantasy

Imagem: muchabelleza.com

Vampire Machiagem

Now we’re going to finish: a maquiagem. In order to look like a vampire, we advise you to follow these machiagem guidelines:

  • Apply a lighter base on the face than your own volume, or make up your face with white. This will help you to get the typical vampire look.
  • Make your eyes of preto, preferably smookey eyes style. You can also make a cat’s eyes outline with you, to give a more vampiresque appearance to your fantasy.
  • Use the blush to enhance the facial features, although if you prefer it to the normal blush you can use a pre-scented white shade to make it look more macabre.
  • Make your mouth red or brown.
  • If you want to make it even more dramatic, you can wear a white lens to make it seem more territile.
  • E, of course, no shortage of plastic canines an element that cannot be missing from this brilliant fantasy. In a As we explained for you step by step how to make vampire teeth home.
Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Vampire Machiagem

Imagem: aliciaherraiz.com

Fake blood for vampire fantasy

If you are one of these people who loves to captivate us in detail when it comes to improvising a fantasy, it’s worth betting on the fake blood to use ‘runoff’ from the mouth of the vampire’s machine. In the video tutorial below you can read 4 case studies of like fazer sangue false for vampire machiagem:

Gargantilha de sangue for female vampire fantasy

Even thinking about the details, if you want to give a special touch totally customized, it is worth betting on the tutorial of as fazer uma gargantilha de sangue, for a bloodthirsty choker who’s afraid of seeing a vampire fantasy.

See how to make a blood choker in the background:

Luxury vampire fantasy

As deu to perceive, a vampire fantasy is simplein a certain way. It is also a question of knowing how to combine the clothes and accessories and make a legal characterization of hair and makeup. If the effect you are looking for is a more luxurious or seductive vampire fantasy, combine the facts of this article with a little more refined articles, but that still make allusion to the subject.

Parts such as sparklers, rendas escuras and meias fines help to reach the effect, as well as a not so obvious machiagem, but that uses colors and references to the vampire theme.

Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Fantasia de vampira luxo

Childhood Female Vampire Fantasy

In the case of the meninas, all the above-mentioned information is valid, including false blood. The difference is that the appeal does not have to be sexual, as well as the use of jumping and pieces of clothes as esparto, for example. To achieve an infantile female vampire fantasy, bet on darker or red clothes and the vampire cape, which gives the final touch and the children usually love it.

The rest is on account of hair and makeup. In the case of make, it is very important to be sure that the child is not allergic to any of the used products. In the doubt, avoid exaggerating.

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Como fazer uma fantasia de vampira - Childhood Female Vampire Fantasy

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