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How to make a SIMPLE and PERFECT witchcraft fantasy

How to make a witch's fantasy

Image: vegaoo.es

A witches’ fantasy is perhaps one of the easiest fantasies to make if we consider the few resources you need and the different variations you can get. From sexy to fun, there are many types of witches and in one way or another we show you like fazer uma fantasia de bruxa fun to enjoy to the maximum any fantasy party, be it Halloween, carnival or any other. If you choose the right ones, you will see how simple it is to dress up as a witch.

How to make up a witch’s fantasy with standard clothes

There is no doubt that if you want to look like a witch, the best way is to acquire a witch’s fantasy in a specialized store, where for an average price you will get an ideal fantasy and be able to obtain great results in time.

If you prefer to opt for the home option, you can do so impromptu witchcraft fantasySee below the options:

  • Roupes that we have: to make an improvised witchcraft fantasy you will need a preto dress Or a pretas saia and shirt that together give the feeling of being a dress, this will be your suit, something very easy because most women have a basic preto dress in their closet. You can understand what you want, depending on whether you want to show your legs or not, just avoid clothes with details in other colors or with prints. If the dress is not to be used again, you can still customize it with features and details as you see fit. You can also make your own Halloween saia with your own hands.
  • Saia made: If you don’t have a dress or bag and don’t want to buy anything, it is possible to produce a bag at home by wearing it with a ready-made blouse. It is possible make a witch’s fantasy with TNTA cheap and easy to make fabric, which can be sewn or knitted with glue. An idea for fazer uma fantasia de bruxa simples and feminine is to make the dress together with a cape, you can be inspired by this tutorial on how to make a Halloween cape.

Case you are making a childish witchcraft fantasyHowever, it is more difficult for children to have pieces of clothing ready in the wardrobe, so it may be necessary to choose a blouse and a ready-made bag. When making the saia, pull the child’s size using another cloth, ensuring that the size is correct.

Como fazer uma fantasia de bruxa - How to make a witch's fantasy with roupas normais

EVA or cardboard chip

To make a fantasy like witch’s breech There are two options: buy what you think is the simplest alternative, or do it yourself if you want to be able to change the logo of the club. To make your cardboard or EVA chip You will need a large enough cardboard to make a large cone. Then you should follow the instructions as you can see in the picture:

  1. Envelope to cardboard making the shape of a cone, it pulls before the measure of the head of the person who will use the chapéu to have certainty that it will fit and will not fall. Once you have the school very soon, the cone will not be out of place.
  2. No base, cut to cardboard to be left over in a reindeerstalk.
  3. It has a circular base with a cardboard box and a school to the cone. Remember that you must open a I don’t pee. for your head. After you decorate the chapel to your liking, you can include stars, pans and theories of designed pans, a belt level, etc.

Se for fazer uma childish witchcraft fantasyA good idea is to place an elastic around it as in a birthday plate, leaving the accessory more fixed in the head and preventing it from falling.

Get inspired too: How to make the fantasy of Branca de Neve’s witch

How to make a witch's fantasy - Witch's cap with EVA or cardboard

Cabelo de Bruxa – Step by step

For or witch’s hair you must buy 4 or 6 new models of tape, or tape and metal tape and special tape for electrical work (insulating tape).

What you will do is to cut the “hair” of the hair in the desired compression and put it in the internal part of the chapel with the fita preta, we recommend that the work by wicks, here you can mix the two colors of the hair to your choice, the result will be a fantastic chapel with hair incorporated, much cheaper and creative that a peruca in a fantasy shop.

If you prefer not to use it because you bet on one of these suggestions from Halloween tickles and, if you want to opt for a simpler look, it makes your day-to-day living easier. No matter what choice you make in relation to your hair, just avoid wearing it in such a way that you don’t have to use your hair shirt, the accessory is essential to your fantasy.

Como fazer uma fantasia de bruxa - Cabelo de bruxa - Passo a passo

Image: latop.es

Machiagem de bruxa

One time soon, missing or more important touch, to maquiagem. You can paint your face green like the bruxes of the animated designs and decorate with paints for the colored face or, you can experiment with painting your white face, put false warts on your face or make some warts with egg whites. Don’t hesitate to experiment with new ideas for your witchcraft fantasy.

A maquiagem of bruxa infantilYou can design Halloween symbols such as muzzles and arrowheads, and use a dark baton. It is preferable for hypoallergenic creations because children have the most sensitive skin and are suitable for allergic reactions.

Another option is to follow this tutorial on how to make up for Halloween.

Como fazer uma fantasia de bruxa - Maquiagem de bruxa

Imagem: respuestaario.com

Vassoura de bruxa

And if your vehicle is not dry, we don’t refer to your car as similar to vassourabecause it’s the one that’s going to go to the Halloween party. In the fantasy pages you can find them at reasonable prices, but you can also improvise with some of your own home’s treasures. Just follow the tutorial of the umCOMO about how to shave a vassoura for Dia das Bruxas e sair voir por aí!

Como fazer uma fantasia de bruxa - Vassoura de bruxa

Witchcraft fantasy accessories

Now that you have your fantasy ready or less planned, it’s time to think of some accessories to leave the most creative and original look. See some ideas for bruxinha’s fantasies:

  • Meias: umas more colourful meias with Halloween prints or with letters that combine two shades is the perfect touch to make your fantasy more fun or with an art modern witchcraft fantasy. This idea is great if you wear a short dress and want to hide your legs in a very original way, or that can also be quite valid in this cold case. We want to sensualize a little bit in witches’ fantasyYou can still bet on my arrest or follow the article on how to make a sexy fantasy on Halloween.
  • Collars and anies: Jewels and jewelry make any day-to-day look more interesting and no different from the fantasy of the bride. Opt for attractive accessories such as large rings and don’t worry about exaggeration, just avoid colourful accessories and choose them all to have the same basic colour, for example, if you choose rings in your breast, put a filter that is also a breast to avoid toxins.
  • Toads: n time to ride us simple witchcraft fantasyWe can’t afford to miss the shoes. The first detail we should think about is the colour, which should be the colour, so we should think in the style of our fantasy. If you chose more serious clothes, their bruxinha’s fantasy It can be used with a low-cut footstool like a sapatilha or a boot and, if you have opted for a sexier fantasy, it is possible to use high-jumping shoes that make you look more elegant. If you have a doubt about which shoe you will use, put all your fantasy and smell it on the back to see which one is the best.

In addition to the chapel, the vastness and the accessories suggested above, you can complement the witch’s robe with thematic accessories like a caldeirãozinho, for example. A very simple idea that can be made with which you can have at home is making a Halloween choker. You’ll only need phyta, hot glue and spray ink. The result is very light and the packaging is very simple. Watch the video tutorial below:

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  • Looking sexy is legal, but Halloween is the ideal time to have fun, so bet on this fantasy thinking more of a scary character.
  • Dare to do the same and you will see that the result will be fantastic and very creative.

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