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Your Baby’s Sex Revelation Party

Your Baby’s Sex Revelation Party

At present things have changed a lot in terms of celebrations, themes for parties, traditions, etc, has been popularizing this in particular that is to make a party to reveal the sex of the baby when a couple is waiting. It’s a great alternative to baby shower It is more original as I mentioned before, it is almost not done in our country but it has been gaining popularity and I love it, so if you are waiting for your baby these ideas may interest you.

Ideas from Baby shower for children

You can see in the gallery some ideas of invitations for this type of celebration, also how you can decorate the main table of the party, the lounge or the place where you decide that the party will be, this is very simple since you can decorate with the colors blue and pink since it is not yet known what the baby will be, you can decorate with snacks or desserts that enhance these colors to complement the decoration.

Another idea that fascinates me is that you can add feminine and masculine details and the guests to the party can choose some complement referring to what they think you expect and at the end the people who are right win some prizes, isn’t this great? I loved these ideas, I hope you like them too, don’t hesitate to put some of these ideas into practice.

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