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Custom frames for PARTY – Home Organization and Interior Decoration Course


Custom frames for FIESTA


On this occasion I want to share some incredible ideas for organizing and decorating parties that you can not miss, as it is a great option that goes perfect for any event, these are custom frames in which you can take photos, best of all is that they are personalized and you can have a great memory of your celebration.

They are used a lot in all kinds of events, from baptisms, first communions, quinceañeras, weddings, birthday events and many other things, most of them are made of dry ice, that is why it is so easy to handle them when they are being made, you can decorate them with the colors and details that you like the most, depending on the event for which you need them.

I hope you like all the ideas very much, don’t hesitate to share them with family and friends who might like these options, and put the ones you like best into practice for upcoming events, everyone will love it!


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