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Floral Bohemian Birthday Party

Floral Bohemian Birthday Party

I want to show you today a birthday theme that I personally loved, it’s very simple and I think it’s ideal for when you go to celebrate your daughter’s birthday but in a more intimate way, with few guests and can be in the comfort of your home. I hope you like the proposals.

The theme is bohemian floral, this style has been used a lot lately for many events, even for weddings, it is a very modern style, which can be adapted perfectly in a garden, park or a wooded place, you can add many details that will make it even more special, to the celebration, details that you will see in the gallery, all the images are of a specific party, where you will be able to see how they added the details and what they added above all, to get the bohemian floral style.

I hope you like the ideas and do not hesitate to put them into practice for the birthday party of one of your daughters, nieces, whoever, it’s a very nice theme, I leave you with the ideas of bohemian floral birthday party.



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