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Types of cakes for your parties –

Uff!!! How hopeful that in my time there were the today’s cake designsWe didn’t even imagine them, it was something like that almost like dreaming, that if, since those times, which I clarify, there aren’t many, they caused the same happiness for the children. Having a birthday party was synonymous with cake and that was the only thing that mattered to us, we were looking forward to blowing out the candle, which also did not include the pyrotechnics, but over the years still means the same thing, but I remember very well the voices in chorus of Bite! Bite! which had hidden an immense desire to push the birthday boy to fill the face with cake, although sometimes this mischief took away our desire to try it, in short….. What I was going for is that nowadays there are cakes the way you can imagine them, even if it seems impossible to create something, because now with so many novelties and materials is strange to hear a “It can’t be done.”. It is also true that sometimes these types of cakes They look like lies and there is even the doubt of knowing if they can be eaten or if they are simply part of the decoration of the party.

See the best designs of cakes for children’s parties that we have for you:

Children’s Birthday Designs

Types of cakes for your parties

One of the favorite types of cakes for children’s parties are those that are decorated with fondantSince it is a very manageable mass that can be given color, something similar to play dough, and is ideal for covering the pastels especially if it is a special theme, or that carries details of decoration, as you can create any type of figure with it. Another type of dessert that has a lot of success and acceptance on birthdays are the cup cake, scones o pastriesIn addition to being practical, they can be decorated and personalized with any character or thing you want. Moving on, it’s his turn. homemade cakeOne of my favorites, I had to say, this is a type of paste that does not go out of fashion and has a unique flavor, because from my very particular point of view, there is nothing better than starting from scratch, both for the preparation of bread and bitumen. I can’t finish this paragraph without mentioning the famous three milks cakewhich is one of many, the favorite and that by mixing its ingredients is somewhat juicy and gives it a special touch.

Types of cakes for your parties

I’ve always said that even though the cake design is an important detail, the taste is even more so, it’s something like that, like the phrase that says “”what matters is the interior“which indisputably goes very well with this delicious dessert. And although I know I haven’t mentioned all the types of cakes I hope that you have found in this post a form of help for the choice of cake of some event that you have on your doorstep. Well, I just have to finish this topic hoping that some of the cakes you present in the images is the right one for you and with nothing more to mention I can only say that as times have changed and what refers to cakes have changed for the better, because the face of happiness of children today is equal to those of yesteryear, but the face of surprise when they see a modern cake is much bigger, because the decorations today are simply fantastic, incredible and unbeatablebut I was thinking the same thing years ago and I was wrong.

Types of cakes for your parties

Soon you will be able to see thematic cakes or for special occasions:

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