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Cake Designs by Elena de Avalor –

One of the most important details in the children’s parties is the cake, it’s by all acquaintances that the little ones wait anxiously for the time to taste this delicious dessert, and not to mention the photo session that takes place at the main table where it is, so you have to take into account the decoration of this and have it prepared with beautiful designs to give a touch of originality to your party, to give you some ideas, this occasion is the turn of the cakes with themes by Elena de Avalorwhich to this day is among the first places of preference among young girls.

Complements the decoration of this princess with the ideas of the following link:

Feast of Princess Elena de Avalor

The Cakes of Elena de Avalor I present you in the next post are different for you to decide and take the design that you like and send it to prepare in the business of your preference, remember that besides being beautiful on the outside has to have a great tasteno matter what it is, there is also the option of cupcakes, which as I have said repeatedly, are excellent for children’s parties, since you will save time to serve and apart is easier and practical and personally to me seems the best idea, but has the disadvantage of not having a great design, but you can still customize either with the appropriate colors or a small image of the theme of your party.

As you can see, some designs are simple, while others are a little more complex, and as they say: taste is broken into genres, so it is up to you to choose the cake with which you will sweeten the palate of your guests. I hope that one of the many cakes of Elena de Avalor that I have shown you has been the right one for you.. Don’t forget to ask for it with time, so that you don’t have difficulties at the time of requesting it, also remembers that the size depends on the number of people that or they enjoyed, but nevertheless always asks for a little more, so that all try it, it better be about missing!

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