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Baby shower decoration in purple

Baby shower decoration in purple

When organizing a baby shower for girls, the first thing that comes to mind for all moms is the color pink, forget that it is the only color intended for girls, no, there are many more options and neutral colors that can serve both girls and boys.

So this time I want to share some ideas that I loved to decorate your party in purple, is a color that is used very little what I think apart an advantage because your party will look original and surprise everyone, so I gave myself the task of finding and looking for any idea that could serve for the decoration with purple, so I hope you like the ideas I found.

You can see in the gallery ideas of how to decorate the place in general and how to add this color in every detail of the party, such as the decoration of the tables, tablecloths, glassware and centerpieces, also ideas of how to arrange the main table where you put snacks and candies for the guests.

One of the ideas that I like to look for the most are the cakes because there are endless designs and all of them are beautiful and you won’t know which one to choose. You can also see ideas for the invitations if you don’t know how they will look yet, so I hope all these ideas I found will inspire you to make the organization and decoration of your party a success and your baby shower in general.

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