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Baby shower decoration in blue

Baby shower decoration in blue

Today I want to share with you some beautiful ideas of how we can decorate a baby shower for children in shades of blue, which is the most used color when the baby you are expecting is a boy, so if you are expecting your child and you think about organizing a baby shower soon, these ideas will be very useful.

I looked for all kinds of things like invitations, centerpieces, how to decorate the main tables, some idea of how the cake can be too and many other things that you can see in the gallery below at the end of the post, what I want to show is how the color blue predominates and how it becomes the protagonist of the decoration.

Many people when they organize and have a special theme often gets lost as the main theme and that’s when the decoration fails completely, so I invite you to look at the gallery carefully and realize what elements are key to the decoration so you do not fall into those mistakes and the decoration of your party is a success, I hope you like the ideas.

I remind you that you can share all these ideas and the gallery with family or friends who you think might be interested in the subject as well.

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