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party favors junina hat

Party Junina Party Favors: Ideas and How to Make It

Birthdays and business parties held in the month of June can have the June theme as an excellent option. The St. John’s Day commemoration date is a great opportunity to vary the decoration in a colorful, cheerful and adaptable to different types of events. Even weddings can be very fun and decorated with the theme. And of course we have the beautiful June party favors to make the event even cooler in appearance.

The souvenirs are an extra treat to be given at the end of the party as a thank you for your presence. They have been in the party atmosphere for so long that it is not clear when they started, but it is believed to be a European custom from the times of power.

The main thing to know how to choose June party favors is that it needs to be linked with the main theme of the party. And with the June theme, there is a universe full of cool possibilities such as bonfires, matutos, little brides remembering the squares, the colorful dresses of the matutinhas, the typical foods, little flags, among other very cool proposals. Here are some creative suggestions that are easy to make or order.

party favors junina hat

party favors junina hat fridge magnetparty favors junina door restparty favors with popcornparty favors with candyparty favors with coconut candyparty favors-junina-with-bottle-of-beer

Purchased ready-made, the cardboard box can be decorated and filled with sweets for a nice souvenir and very easy and quick to make.

party favors junina cardboard boxJune party favor tipsjunina party favors fridge magnet

Party Junina Party Favor Templates in EVA

EVA or rubber can be purchased at stationers, packaging supply and craft stores by the meter, sheet or roll. The greater the weight, the greater the scissors. For this type of craft a simple paper scissors will work very well, but with thicker rubber the stylus is indicated.


It is one of the most traditional symbols of the June party and one of the coolest to work. The flame symbolizes rebirth. In addition to being easy to recognize, it can be done with the eva in a few minutes and in less than a day to manufacture several units. The ideal is to first create a mold of the sizes of rubber cut so that they all stay in the same pattern.

The flame can be made in two colors, lighter and darker yellow, or three by adding red to the center or blue as in an original campfire look.

One of the advantages of the bonfire among the June party favors is being able to use the item to put candy or as a trinket later.

party favors at eva bonfire

The bonfire is great for popcorn, typical food from São João.

Junina party favors with rubberized bonfireTo make this bonfire with eva, just cut the flame shape in the rubber of various colors and glue one on top of the other with hot glue. The woods just need to create small tubes with the rubber and glue the ends, gluing some tubes to each other. Junina Bonfire party favors how to make

party favors with eva bonfire

Trinket Box

You can either build the entire item in eva or just cover it with rubber using recycled inside such as milk cans and cartons, plastic pots and others.

party favors junina pen holderparty favors junina carry items for decoration

Party Junina Party Favor Templates in Felt

Felt is an inexpensive fabric that can be either hand-stitched or fixed with hot glue. It can be purchased by the meter, roll or in pieces at some stationers. Malleable, but needs sharp scissors to cut well.


In addition to being a symbol of São João in typical dishes, it is very easy to make. The corn itself can get the grains of the grain by holding the fabric a little to create a drapery resemblance. Another way is to fill a yellow felt bag, fill with cotton, and tie small strips of thread tightly together to create the layers.

party favors junina corn on feltJune party favors made with felt

Party Junina Party Favor Templates in Biscuit

The biscuit dough is one of the most selected as support for June party favors or any other type of party for the beautiful result. Decorative objects of the most diverse types are possible to create with this raw and cheap material. It requires a little more labor but it’s like playing with modeling clay by creating each part and joining it with specific glue for the material or hot glue


Thinking about making the party souvenir a decorative item is a great option and low cost. However, whoever intends to make them alone should start well before the event date because there is time for modeling and drying and retouching such as drawing eyes, nose and more details.

party favors junina biscuit models The base can be made of biscuit or acrylic and plastic. The latter are sold in craft stores ready for this type of art.party favors junina dollsparty favors junina matuta de são joãobiscuit dolls in June party favors

fridge magnet

They are super loved and on the list of the most used to give away at the end of the event because there is a huge chance that the winner will keep it, put it to decorate your refrigerator or metal notice board.

party favors for the fridgeJune party favors with biscuit magnet

Recyclable June Party Favor Templates

With PET bottle

One of the advantages of working with a pet bottle is that it is an easy material to obtain, even for personal consumption. Joining some materials that are also easy to find, such as fabrics to cover, rubber or cardboard, use hot glue to fix and that’s it. There are really cool ideas like candy holders, trinket boxes or decorative items for the party itself.

party favors with pet bottle

Using hot glue the fabric fixes well in the bottle and makes it possible to create beautiful art!

June party favors with plastic bottlesJunina party favors made from a soda bottle

With popsicle stick

Don’t worry, it’s super simple to buy Popsicle sticks at candy bars and even some supermarkets. A package usually comes with 100 units and already yields at least twenty small souvenirs at a cost of less than R$ 5 per unit. The wood of the toothpick itself is a nice color to create your art, but other possible ways are painting with fabric paint, wood paint or varnishing with a brush and spray.

June party favors with popsicle stick

Wooden boxes with sweets create beautiful June party favors practical and cheap.

June party favors with a wooden toothpick Napkin holder is easy to make and functional.Junina party favors napkin holderJunina Bonfire party favors with Popsicle stick

with milk carton

Also an easy to work with and simple material. Just wash, cut and cover with fabric or paper to create beautiful candy boxes or packaging for party decoration such as popcorn bags, candy bags, among others.

party favors junina milk can bagparty favors junina recycling milk carton

Favors Templates with Typical Foods

with lollipop

Sweets are always successful as a souvenir even though they are quick to consume. Some guests try it right there because the inviting look calls for a taste. The look is extremely important but don’t forget the taste. Better to stick to the basic chocolate or neutral, nothing much different, especially if it’s for a children’s party.

June party favors with lollipop

Decorating with eva only on the packaging is a simple and easy idea to carry out. You can choose a confectionery lollipop or a chocolate-covered biscuit, a trend in children’s parties and a success among children and adults.

party favors for the June party decorated lollipopsjunina chocolate lollipop party favorsJune party favors with fabric lollipop

with test tube

Anything made of essays or tubes is one of the best items to create souvenirs. It’s cheap, functional and easy to decorate. You can receive colored sweets in their transparent version or enter the decoration with eva and colored paper to create the most diverse types of art.

party favors junina corn tube

Plastic test tubes can also be transformed into matutinhos for the São João party. And look how beautiful they are!

party favors junina tubeteparty favors from all rehearsals

Take advantage of the ideas above to create June party favors with other materials such as wooden boxes and patchwork technique, with oil painting, among other proposals. It’s worth using your imagination and with affection it will always look beautiful!

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