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christening cake models

+ 70 beautiful and step-by-step models!

If you’ve already set a date for your child’s christening, it’s time to think about the party after the ceremony to celebrate the moment. And a detail that can’t be missing from any party is the cake. And if the doubt arose about what type and model of christening cake use, rest assured, because the post is full of tips, models and even step-by-step instructions on how to make a cake for the baptism party.

So, it’s time to stop for a while to read the post and let your eyes shine with so many beautiful models of christening cakes, which will give a boost to the decoration of the main table.

christening cake models

Baptism Cake Templates

With American folder

American paste is an increasingly frequent coverage option, and the advantage of this type of coating is that it can be exposed without the risk of melting and still allows for beautiful models!

American blue and white paste cake

In this proposal for an American pasta cake, the bet was for a small and simple model. The main dessert was decorated with blue American pasta and had a little angel on top.

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2 storey American briefcase model

The decor with pink accents is delicate

white cake american paste

The all-white model is classic and clean

models in american folder

With whipped cream / frosting

Topping can also be whipped cream or frosting. These options are cheaper than American paste, but require more care when left on the table for a long time, as they are not as heat resistant and can melt.

whipped cream round model

In this proposal for a cake decorated with whipped cream, there is a mix of blue and white icing. The decoration on the top is made with a decorative angel and chantilly details.

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icing icing

The cake decoration was done with spouts

chantily with rosary

The top is decorated with a third made of edible confections.

whipped cream models

with rice paper

If you are not very skilled at decorating the christening cake, a simple and easy alternative is to use rice paper to decorate the top of the candy. There are several models, including personalized versions, that follow the baptism theme and that can be used in the cake decoration.

baptized rice paper

For the decoration of this baptism cake, the bet was to use a personalized rice paper and decorate the candy in white and blue, following the colors of the rice paper design.

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square cake with rice paper

The personalized rice paper has the child’s name

girl baptized cake

Details in pink whipped cream decorate the candy

In EVA (fake)

A nice and inexpensive alternative to decorating the main table is to use a fake cake. The most common is the EVA cake, which can be made at home or even rented at a specialized store. This way, you will have a beautiful cake for the photos and you can serve a simpler version.

scenographic cake

In this fake EVA cake model, the idea was to use an all white model and decorated with pearls and satin ribbon. Another detail is the little angel, also made of EVA, which decorates the cake.

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fake cake

The little angel decorates the top of the cake

EVA cake

The all-white model has three floors

fake EVA cake

The third decorates the top of the fake cake

In book form (Bible)

The shape of the cake can also vary, and among the options, an idea that goes beyond the traditional is the baptism cake in the shape of a Bible. The form is fully related to the ceremony and enhances the main table.

american bible folder cake

For this cake, the format used was an open book that was decorated with the child’s name and a little angel. The decoration and coverage were made with American paste.

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book format

The closed Bible was made of American folder

bible model

The decoration was done in white and pink.

book template

with third

If the intention is to make a cake that is decorated with religious elements, one of the ideas is to use a rosary, which can be used only for decorating, or an edible model, which can be made in American paste or sugar confectionery.

2 storey model

For this christening cake, the idea was to make a model in pink and white and with two floors and the edible third was used to decorate the top of the dessert.

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simple american briefcase model

The cake was decorated and covered with American paste

decoration with rosary

Flowers decorate between layers

models with rosary

with angels

The little angels are also great proposals to decorate the candy and even serve as a theme for the baptism party decoration. Among the possibilities to decorate the cake with angels, it is worth:

  • Use edible angels made from sugar or american paste;
  • Add an angel-shaped cake topper.

3-story American briefcase model

In this proposal for the cake decorated with an angel, the idea was to make a 3-story model in American paste and use a simple angel, also made of American paste, which decorates the top of the dessert.

More pictures

clean and chic cake

little angels decorate the cake

cake decoration baptism

At the top the decoration was made with a little angel and a baptismal font

models with angels

With flowers

The flower decoration is a classic and can be used for both a girl’s and a boy’s christening cake. Flowers can be made in different sizes and shapes to match the size and style of the cake.

yellow and white cake

In this idea of ​​a christening cake, the bet was to cover the entire candy with yellow American paste, and the small white flowers were used to decorate the first floor and compose the cross that decorates the top of the candy.

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decorated with small flowers

The small flowers form a cross pattern on top of the cake.

american paste flower decoration

The cake has three floors

cross decoration

The cross of pearls decorates the candy

with little sheep

The sheep theme is one of the options for decorating the baptism, as the animal is related to religion and symbolizes the Christian followers of Christ. This meaning can also be included in the cake and the sheep can get a more childlike look to decorate the christening party.

sheep decoration

The base of this cake was the icing in American paste and all white. To bring the theme of the sheep, the bet was to add the sheep at the top and some smaller ones at the base of the cake.

More pictures

cake with sheep

The combination of beige and white colors decorates the entire cake

sheep whipped cake

The round whipped cream cake was decorated like a lamb

sheep baptized cake

The two-story model has the little sheep on top

With Dove (Holy Spirit)

Among the ideas to bring a religious symbolism to the christening cake is the decoration with a dove, a symbol that represents the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity.

blue and white model

In the decoration of this cake, the bet was for the coverage in American paste and the composition of blue and white. The white dove that symbolizes the Holy Spirit appears in several details of the cake – medals around the first floor; doves decorating the second floor and on top of cake.

More pictures

dove decorated cake

The golden decoration matches the white base

white with navy blue

Ribbons in navy blue decorate the candy

decorated with the Holy Spirit

The naked cake has three floors

with teddy bears

If the idea is to choose a children’s theme for the christening party, one of the suggestions is to use teddy bears as a theme; and also include them in the cake decoration.

teddy bear colored cake

For this cake, the idea was to use a mix of soft colors – blue, white and lilac. The decoration of the candy was made with the teddy bear on top holding a cross, which refers to one of the religious symbols.

More pictures

cake with bear

The white American folder on the cover highlights the brown teddy bear on the top

decorated with teddy bears

American pasta cake is a mix of blue and white

blue cake with teddy

Hearts and bears decorate the cake

with income

The lace effect is also one of the options for decorating the cake. This effect can be done using the lace itself to decorate the cake, or decorating the American paste with this lace effect.

sophisticated model

In this proposal to cover the baptism cake, the idea was to use American paste and recreate the details of the lace. The result was beautiful!

More pictures

decorated naked cake

Lace ribbons decorate the naked cake

American briefcase and lacewhite american folder

The American paste simulates the lacy effect


If the idea is to highlight the cake and even add a more sophisticated touch to the dessert, it’s worth including gold as one of the cake colors.

white and gold

For the decoration of this christening cake, the bet was for the coverage of white American paste and details decorated in gold, such as the ribbon between the layers and the rosary that decorates the top of the candy.

More pictures

white and gold party

The wall behind the cake is decorated with small Provencal mirrors.

simple cake with rosary

The third is made in white and gold

golden cake

for twins

Choosing a cake is no longer easy, but if you have twins the task can seem even more complicated. The proposal is to use a cake just for the two children, and for that reason, it’s worth using a model with neutral colors and it’s even worth including the children’s names on the cake.

twin cake

In this model used for the couple of twins, the idea was to make a small cake covered with white American paste and decorated with a third and the children’s names.

More pictures

Espírito Santo two-story model

Neutral colors are ideal for twins

model for twins

The little angels at the top represent the twin brothers

white and silver cake

simple and cheap

If the intention is to contain expenses and use a simple cake for the christening party, there are several options that fit this aspect very well. For this, avoid models that are too large and full of details, which usually make the candy more expensive.

naked cake

One of the proposals for the simple and beautiful christening cake is the naked cake model, which is very popular. In this case, the cake was made with light dough and white fillings and the decorative plaque on top decorates and refers to the baptism.

More pictures

simple whipped cream model

Golden letters decorate the top of the cake

white whipped cream model

The white whipped cream topping makes the cake clean

simple american briefcase model

How to Make Baptism Cake Step by Step

If you intend to get your hands dirty, literally, and make the christening cake at home, we have separated some tutorials on how to make the candy, so you can save a little and still learn how to make a decorated christening cake.

Did you like the ideas and tips of christening cake? Now just organize the other details for the christening party and celebrate this very special moment in the child’s life.

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