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How to make napkin holders – 37 ideas to do it yourself!

Have you thought about how to make napkin holders? The accessory for holding napkins can be made at home and used for special lunches and dinners, and even at parties, which gives a beautiful value to the table decoration.

And if you are thinking of enriching the decor with these details, in today’s post we have collected tips and step by step on how to make napkin holders, so you can learn to make different models of this accessory.


Photos and models of handmade napkin holder

From Fabric

fabric model with button

The button gives a delicate touch to the item

The napkin item can also be made of fabric, as shown in this idea that brings a set of colorful napkin holders.

The models are made of fabric band and fastened with a button. And to make the decoration of the table happy, the idea was to make the accessories in different colors of fabrics, leaving each item a color.

rustic model

The center of the yo – yo has a pink button

As an idea for the item, the proposal here brings a rustic napkin holder made of burlap.

The model has a burlap sash that wraps around the napkin and the decoration with a yo – yo in colored fabric, which gives a colorful and cheerful touch to the accessory with a rustic style.

felt template

The model with Christmas flower was made of felt

ideas with fabric

From EVA

simple EVA model

Among the ideas and models of napkin holders, one of the materials that can be used for the accessory is EVA, as this idea shows.

In the proposal, the model brings the base in red EVA, which was cut into a square shape and has the glued dots to form the ring that surrounds the napkin.

The simple model also won a red EVA heart with glitter, which gives a more delicate and romantic touch to the accessory, being a good idea to decorate the table for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Christmas decoration

The paper napkin is in red and green

The idea of ​​the EVA napkin holder can also extend to the Christmas decoration, as shown in this idea, which is ideal for composing the Christmas table.

The proposal brings a model of napkin holder with a kind of EVA ring and a Santa Claus, which finishes off the decoration and includes the Christmas theme in the item.

To complete the Christmas accessory, the idea was to use a paper napkin with a Christmas print.

easter decoration in EVA

The item is a rabbit-shaped model

model with EVA flower

The flower was made in EVA

Of paper

model with lacy paper

For those looking for simple and inexpensive ideas on how to make napkin holders, the idea here brings the paper version, which is cute and inexpensive.

To make the accessory, the idea was to use a colored napkin as a base, which also involves the cutlery, and so the accessory works as a napkin holder and cutlery holder.

To assemble the item, the idea was to use lacy paper, which involves the colored napkin and thus the satin ribbon gives the accessory a finishing touch and a delicate touch.

easter decoration

The template is ideal for the Easter table

To set up the Easter table with thematic decoration, it is worth investing in details, such as the idea of ​​making napkin holders with the Easter theme.

For the thematic accessory, the idea was to make napkin holders out of colored paper, such as scrapbook paper, and cut the paper to form the head and ears of a rabbit.

The paper model is glued to form the ring, and brings the detail of the glued button to give an extra charm to the accessory that works as part of the Easter table decoration.

paper model

The model was made with scrapbook paper and colored buttons

ideas with paper


table set ideas

In the center of the table, vase with yellow flowers

The inspiration can also be in a model that is perfect to enrich the decoration of the table, as shown by this idea of ​​napkin holder with flower.

For the proposal of a napkin holder with flower, the idea here brings a model of ring with yellow artificial flower, which is highlighted on the white napkin.

In this case, the entire decoration of the table was inspired by the napkin accessory and the set table was assembled in blue and yellow.

breakfast table

White crockery highlights the colorful flowers

Another inspiration for setting up the table with a flower napkin holder is this idea that brings the accessory with artificial rose.

To make the item, the idea was to use an artificial rose with leaves and attach it to a ring base, giving a more delicate touch to the item.

The table decoration was inspired by the napkin accessory and brings as a base for the floral sousplat dishes, matching the rose on the napkin holder.

model with flower

The accessory consists of an arrangement of artificial flowers

ideas with artificial flowers


model with stones

The model is classic and delicate

The idea of ​​how to make a napkin holder can come with a more classic model and with pearls, as is the case with this inspiration, which brings a model of pearls and stones.

The napkin holder model is a kind of bracelet that brings two rows of pearls parallel and with transparent pebbles between the pearls, in order to make the accessory even more classic.

modern pearl template

For those who like the elegance of pearl, but do not want to leave aside a touch of modern style, you can be inspired by this model with a ring and pearls.

The model has a silver ring and pearls at the ends of the ring, giving a super charming touch to the accessory, and standing out in front of the napkin.

golden model with pearls

The model is composed of golden rings and several pearls

pearl napkin holder ideas

How to Make Napkin Holders: Step by Step

After seeing amazing ideas, now it’s time for DIYs and learning how to make napkin holders. So, let’s go to the tutorials!

Pearl napkin holder

simple step by step

  1. Separate the materials – metal rings, pearls with holes for jewelry, rhinestones, instant glue;
  2. With the help of pliers, cut the metal ring and twist the metal slightly, so that each end of the cut ring is on one side;
  3. Fit a pearl on each end of the ring and glue to fix;
  4. Finally, paste a rhinestone on the top hole of the pearls to finish off the napkin holder.

DIY easy and cheap

  • Separate the materials – roll of toilet paper, small beads, scissors and hot glue;
  • Cut a strip of the toilet paper roll;
  • Pass hot glue around the roll;
  • Go pasting the pearls side by side;
  • Cover the entire strip of the roll with the pearls and the accessory is finished.

Flower napkin holder

how to do step by step

  • Separate an artificial flower;
  • Stripping the stem of the artificial flower keeping only the wire;
  • Take a curtain ring and wrap the flower wire around the ring to secure the flower to the napkin holder;
  • After attaching the flower to the ring, wrap it using floral ribbon and you’re done.

Leaf napkin holder

how to make it simple

  1. Separate the materials – artificial sheet, scissors and instant glue;
  2. Cut the leaves separately;
  3. Take a sheet and roll it up;
  4. Apply instant glue to join the rolled sheet;
  5. Wait for the glue to dry and place the napkin on the accessory.

Did you like the ideas? So, take advantage of the tutorials to make the accessory and enhance the decoration of the table.

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