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LOL Surprise Cake – 67 Adorable cake options for your party!

Just as in the fashion world where there are variations in trends, the world of children’s parties is also based on trends and themes that are on the rise for a certain time. And among the topics that are on the rise for children, the theme of LOL Surprise is one of the sure bets. And as this theme is on the rise, one consequence is the strong trend of the LOL cake.

The LOL cake has become one of the darling options when it comes to thematic cake for a children’s party. And given the various possibilities to decorate the theme cake, in today’s post we gathered ideas and tips for making the cake that is in fashion.


LOL Surprise cake ideas and photos

American Paste LOL Cake

blue and pink american paste cake

Decorating the cake with American paste allows for incredible ideas, and one of the inspirations is this blue and pink cake idea.

For the LOL cake, the idea was to cover it all in blue and bring details in light pink, which appear on the sides and on the top of the candy.

The LOL decoration appears through the doll toppers that decorate the surface and on the front of the cake with the decoration that makes reference to “LOL Surprise”.

creative american paste cake

The idea for the cake decorated with American paste, is this model of floors that brings the mix of blue and pink and a creative detail on the top, with half a sphere where the LOL comes hidden.

For creative decoration, the half sphere was also made of American paste and in a golden tone, highlighting the decoration.

In addition to the half sphere that makes reference to the chosen theme, the cake also has a paper topper written “LOL Surprise”, decorating the front of the cake.

blue and pink cake

Pink details decorate the cake

cake 1 floor

The dolls appear in the side decoration

2-story decorated cake

At the top, loop made of American paste

american pastry cake with toppers

The decoration brings golden hearts of American paste

American Paste Themed Cake

The American paste cake is 2 floors

ideas with paste

Whipped cream LOL cake

blue and pink whipped cream cake

The cake decorated with whipped cream is usually one of the most requested options, and in this case the idea was a sweet with whipped cream in blue and pink, forming a kind of gradient between the colors.

In the proposal, the blue and pink colors appear on the side, while the top part of the cake was decorated in pink and brings toppers with LOL dolls, in addition to the name of the birthday girl.

The front of the cake also features paper decoration, completing the theme of the LOL cake.

colorful whipped cream cake

For the children’s party, nothing better than a cake decoration in cheerful and vibrant colors, as shown in this idea.

In the decoration, the idea was to make layers in pink, yellow and blue, creating the decoration with roses made from whipped cream, which make the cover more delicate.

The theme appears at the top with the paper dolls, which decorate the cake in a simple and creative way.

simple cake with whipped cream

The cake is a mix of pink and lilac

themed whipped cream cake

The cake was decorated with cheerful colors of whipped cream

simple whipped cream cake with toppers

Decorating with toppers makes the cake fluffy

turquoise cake

The side was decorated in turquoise blue

decoration with whipped cream

The whipped cream cake was decorated forming mini roses

whipped cream cake ideas

Square LOL Cake

colorful square cake

In addition to the different ideas for cake decoration, the format can also come out of the traditional round cake, with an option of square cake, as shown in the idea.

For the decoration of the square model, the idea was to decorate it with whipped cream and making bands of different colors (pink, purple, blue and yellow), which makes the cake colorful and cheerful.

The decoration of the square cake brings toppers of dolls, and the name and age of the birthday girl that appear in the top decoration.

creative decor

Marshamallow lollipops decorate the top

Among the creative inspirations for the decoration of the square cake, the idea here brings the side in whipped cream with soft tones and forming mini roses, which make the decoration more delicate and cute!

The top is the creative part of the decoration, and in addition to the themed toppers, it also brings “Fruit Loops” cereal, which are small colored rings and that decorate the cake in a creative way and with a touch of delicious flavor.

blue and pink square cake

White polka dot sprinkles cover the surface of the candy

soft blue and pink cake

The cake is a mix of blue and pink in soft tones

simple square cake

The cake was decorated in whipped cream

cake girl

The cake is a mix of pink, yellow and purple

cake with bow

Lace decorates the side

square cake with rice paper

The square cake was decorated with rice paper

2 and 3 floors

2-story pink cake

As an idea for a cute and prominent cake at the party, the idea here brings a model of 2 floors decorated in pink tones.

The floor cake brings the base floor decorated in pink gradient and as if they were mini flowers made in whipped cream, while the top floor was decorated in light pink and brings a reference to the 5 year anniversary.

For thematic decoration, the idea was to use doll toppers, which decorate the entire surface of the cake.

colorful cake LOL

The top was decorated with a pink bow

The proposal for a decorated cake can also follow this proposal for the 3-story cake, as this idea of ​​cake in American paste shows.

The 3-story model features each floor decorated in a color, creating a colorful cake – pink, yellow and blue.

The thematic decoration appears in several points of the cake, such as the LOL dolls decorating the base floor, and the reference to “LOL Surprise” that appears on the middle floor.

2-story whipped cream cake

The 2-story model was decorated with whipped cream

cake 3 floors

The cake was decorated in soft tones

fake cake

The pink and blue cake is 3 floors

cake decorated with dolls

LOL dolls decorate the candy

cake 2 floors

The cake is a mix of blue, gold and pink

2 and 3 story cake ideas

With rice paper

pink cake with rice paper

The cake is light pink

There are several incredible ideas for making themed cake with a simple decoration, and one of the possibilities is to use rice paper for the LOL Surprise cake decoration.

In the idea for a simple and themed cake, the idea here brings a rectangular cake with rice paper in shades of light pink covering the entire surface of the cake.

To match the rice paper that decorates the candy, the idea was to use pink whipped cream, which appears decorating the sides and finishing the top of the cake.

2-story cake with rice paper

Even the 2-story cake can be decorated with rice paper, as this idea for a creative cake shows.

In the proposal, the 2-story cake has a rectangular shape and was decorated with whipped cream, making a mix of blue and pink to cover the sides of the candy.

The top floor features rice paper covering the surface and giving the theme to the cake decorated in a simple and creative way.

pink cake

Whipped cream decorates the cake

round and simple cake

Rice paper decorates the round cake

blue and pink cake with rice paper

The side was decorated in blue and pink

rectangular cake

The cake has a rectangular shape

round cake with rice paper

The round cake was decorated with pink whipped cream

rice paper cake ideas

Chocolate LOL Cake

kitkat cake

The pink satin ribbon was used around the cake

To unite the fashion of the LOL cake with a delicious flavor and that pleases the children’s palate, the idea here is of a KitKat cake with the theme of dolls.

The round cake has sides covered with KitKat bars, while the top part has pink chocolate chips and personalized decoration with paper tops, which decorate the cake with dolls, name and age of the birthday girl.

brigadeiro cake

The idea of ​​the chocolate cake is a simple and easy model to reproduce at home.

In the proposal, the round cake was covered with a softer brigadeiro and which covers the entire surface of the cake. To complete the decoration, the idea of ​​using sprinkles on the brigadeiro makes the cake even more delicious.

The thematic decoration appears through the paper tops, which bring some dolls and the name of the birthday girl.

brigadeiro cake with sprinkles

The colored sprinkles were used on the cake surface

naked cake

The candy brings decoration with brigadiers with pink sprinkles

chocolate whipped cream cake

The cake brings chocolate whipped cream

themed chocolate cake

The cake has themed decoration even on the sides

personalized chocolate cake

The personalized topper decorates the chocolate cake

chocolate cake with acetate

Chocolate sprinkles cover the surface of the cake

LOL cake top models

From Biscuit

custom top

Among the ideas for decorating the LOL cake and keeping the children’s theme as the highlight of the cake, the idea here brings the top of biscuit cake as a proposal for decoration.

In the idea, the cake topper is a mix of pink and blue and features a LOL style doll shaped in biscuit, in addition to being personalized with the name and age of the birthday girl.

modern top

The top is a reference to the 6th birthday

A modern idea of ​​LOL-themed biscuit cake toppers, is this other idea that brings a special doll in black and gold, and details in brightness such as clothes and hair.

The top of themed cake still brings the age of the birthday girl, who works as a candle for the cake.

paris cake topper

Among the different top models for cake decoration, the idea here brings a model in biscuit with reference to dolls LOL and Paris.

In the proposal, the doll molded in biscuit brings a Parisian woman style, such as winter clothes and hair caps.

The reference to Paria still appears on the base for the candle, which features a mini Eiffel Tower, completing the top themed decoration.

custom template

The top brings two dolls

cake topper with name

The cake top brings the dolls over part of a sphere where the surprise doll comes

Toppers / Paper

whipped cream cake with toppers

For those looking for simpler and cheaper LOL cake top ideas, you can opt for toppers style models, which are paper tops.

As an idea for the cake topper on paper, the idea here brings several paper dolls decorating the top of the candy, as well as a plaque on the front of the cake and the name and age of the birthday girl, who appear to personalize the cake.

paper top

With the topper models, the idea here was to make a complete decoration for the simple cake.

In the proposal, the whole top of the cake won several dolls on paper and the number four, which refers to the age of the birthday girl.

The decoration with paper tops still brings a detail to the front of the cake, with the term “LOL Suprise”, and a plaque as the name of the birthday girl.

toopers lol

The cake with toppers was decorated in blue and pink

simple cake topper

Toppers decorate the whipped cream cake

custom toppers

The personalized topper bears the name and age of the birthday girl

blue and pink cake

Paper dolls decorate the surface of the candy

Did you like the ideas? So take advantage of the inspirations for this idea that is on the rise and pleases the children’s universe.

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