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Bouquet of Milk Glasses photos

History, meanings and 37 amazing arrangements!

Getting married is the dream of most women. Choosing every detail is a mission that mixes different sensations that vary between affliction and emotion. The bridal bouquet is one of these details, which is very important, in fact, because it brings beauty, completes the bride’s look, is a key part of the party time and, generally, it is chosen based on some meaning that the flower brings. That’s why it’s nice to spend some time getting to know some types of flowers and models of arrangements so that you don’t look ugly on the most special day of your life. Our tip for today is the bouquet of milk glasses, always beautiful and delicate.

Bouquet of Milk Glasses photos

Bridal bouquet, Bridal bouquet or Bouquet of flowers – one can say bouquet also – it is a flower arrangement used by brides to follow one of the traditions at weddings. This arrangement can be prepared by flowers of different types depending on the bride’s intention in her wedding or just one kind of flower.

Wedding Bridal Milk Cups Bouquet

The bride’s custom to bring a bouquet started in Ancient Greece. At that time the arrangements consisted of bunches of herbs and garlic, products chosen to attract good fluids and ward off the evil eye. In the Middle Ages, it is also worth knowing, brides walked to the church, where they received flowers, herbs and spices to bring them luck and happiness. At the end of her journey, then, the bride had a bouquet formed in her hands.

Well thought out, no? However, nowadays we prefer flowers for their beauty and they also give meaning. Was in Europe that the arrangements became more sophisticated, with exotic flowers. The glass of milk is one of the most requested, as it has traits full of femininity, elegance and, of course, good Vibrations. Want to know more about this type of flower and see photos of amazing bouquets? Come with us 🙂

Bouquet of Milk Glasses tip brides


Brides looking for flowers for their meaning, in addition to beauty, should pay attention to the bouquet of milk glasses. Due to its white color, the Glass of Milk flower it means purity, peace, tranquility and calm. It is difficult for anyone not to find this beautiful and graceful specimen, which illuminates and fills any environment with joy. It is a good choice for weddings in the city, in the countryside or on the beach, whether in church, halls or outdoors.

The yellow spadix (that little flower that sticks out inside the flower) also has some positive meaning! It symbolizes prosperity, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. And the bouquet itself of this flower, symbolizes the purity and innocence associated with the holy act.

Bouquet of milk glasses grazi soap opera

The flower, for those who have never seen it up close, is velvety and has a natural design. This is also what gives the very elegant and sophisticated touch to a bouquet with this species, which is normally cultivated for ornamentation. It can also be used to decorate weddings and other parties. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Milk Cup Bouquet tips


In Victorian times, in the nineteenth century, it was inappropriate to openly state one’s feelings. And that’s why we created what we call the “Language of Flowers”, which helped people to demonstrate their intentions without saying a single word, especially on the day of the wedding. And that’s when the bridal bouquet came to be chosen for the meaning of the flowers. In former Poland, it was believed that by putting sugar in the bride’s bouquet, her temperament would remain “sweet” throughout the marriage.

Milk Glasses Bouquet Models and Photos

Now that you’ve seen that the bouquet of milk glasses only brings good things for your special day, it’s time to meet different arrangement models! We’ve selected several photos that show natural white milk glasses and colored ones, which are usually from a cross with other species or when gaining an artificial pigmentation, but which also look amazing on your wedding day. Check out!

Bouquet of Milk Cups wedding rings


The white milk glasses are the most traditional and natural and are also the most requested types of this flower to use in weddings, whether as a bouquet or decoration. Its white color draws attention because it gives an illuminating effect and combines well with the conventional look of brides, the white dress. If you want to get married in white and want a white bouquet, also think about milk glasses, they are successful and decorate very well.

A cluster of flowers, which almost always come only on the same handle, looks amazing when you arrange a well thought out arrangement. Florists usually make a composition so that one is on top of the other, like a stepladder and to join all the stems, they use satin or silk ribbons, which are delicate fabrics. A detail of rhinestones or pearl in some brooch it is also beautiful.

White Milk Cup Bouquet

See how the green foliage combines a lot with the glass of milk and look beautiful in contrast to the color of the flowers and the bride’s dress:

Bouquet of Wedding Milk Glasses

Bouquet of Milk Glasses combine with white dresses from lots of fabrics. It can be made of lace, silk, satin, zibeline, organza, taffeta, mousseline, chiffon and even tulle.

Delicate Milk Cup BouquetBouquet of milk glasses special dayBouquet of cups of milk and orchid

The white bouquet can have green foliage, come accompanied by branches of other smaller flowers and have ribbons to organize the white or even colored stalks. Choose which one best suits your personal taste, after all, the day is supposed to be just the way you’ve always dreamed of!

Bouquet of Cups of Milk LeavesBeautiful Milk Cup Bouquet

Rhinestone rings and brooches add a special and elegant touch to your bouquet.

Model Milk Cup BouquetBouquet of Milk Glasses meaning

Your bouquet can have short or larger stems, with the flowers hanging to one side, the result is beautiful and full of personality in both ways. Work the idea you have together with the florist.

Bridal Milk Cup BouquetBouquet of Milk Glasses

Look what a different idea and it resulted in a wonderful bouquet! Milk cups and peacock feathers were chosen. The bouquets in question were used by bridesmaids, but the same alternative can be enjoyed by brides!

Bouquet of Peacock Feather Milk Cups

Do you have the idea of ​​carrying a rosary with the bouquet to the altar? See what a beautiful and inspiring idea below:

Bouquet of Third Milk Cups


In addition to the bouquets of white milk glasses, which are easier to find, there are those with colorful flowers – there are different shades. They have different colors, most of the time, because they come from crossings with other plant species and the result usually be very natural.

Many brides choose different colors of milk glasses for their wedding day and the combination is usually super right. Want to see? We selected some options for you to be inspired and see that it really looks wonderful. Take a look:


Yellow gives an illuminating contrast and signifies hope and prosperity. See models for your wedding:

Bouquet of yellow milk glassesBouquet of Milk Glasses ArrangementBouquet of milk glasses with yellow tulipBouquet of milk glasses yellow color

pink, lilac and purple

Now if you want a bouquet in shades pink, lilac or purple will guarantee a shower of good feelings. The shades of pink have positive meanings such as: perfection, love, passion, soul, romanticism, purity, beauty, sensuality and rebirth. Purple, on the other hand, confers spirituality, magic and mystery. It’s worth investing right? On top of that they are incredibly beautiful!

See just a few models to use in being a wedding:

Bouquet of colorful milk glassesBouquet of milk glasses purple colorBouquet of Milk Glasses tip photoBouquet of Milk Glasses tip brides

Take a look at a nice idea of ​​a bouquet of milk glasses for the bride and also for the bridesmaids, but in different shades:

Bridesmaids' Milk Cup BouquetBouquet of Pink Milk GlassesBouquet of beautiful purple milk glassesBouquet of purple milk glasses insidePurple Milk Cup Bouquet

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about the beauty and delicacy of bouquet of milk glasses. They can be used by you, beautiful bride, and also by your bridesmaids, bridesmaids and bridesmaids. Besides, if you want a classic decoration, this species can also be part of it, don’t be afraid. Good luck and lots of love 🙂

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