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artificial bouquet models

models, prices and how to do it step by step!

Wedding is a big day in the lives of many women, and if you want to keep a memory of that day forever, you can bet on one. EVA bouquet.

The EVA bouquet has several advantages over natural flowers, the main one being that it can be kept for decades without the flowers deteriorating. Furthermore, it is still possible to create flowers that are not in their natural bloom season.

And if you are thinking of entering the ceremony with EVA flowers, you can already be inspired by this post and see the countless models and styles of bouquets with artificial flowers made of EVA.

artificial bouquet models

EVA Bouquet Models

with roses

White roses

For those who love the classic style, a sure bet for a bride’s bouquet is the version with white roses.

And this model is the perfect inspiration for a classic and elegant version of an EVA bouquet. The model has white roses and a white pearl core, matching the stem that was also coated with small white pearls.

pink model with pearl

Another EVA rose bouquet suggestion is this model in shades of pink.

The model is super delicate and the roses are very similar to natural flowers, which perfectly replaces a natural arrangement.

More pictures

model for bride and bridesmaid

The cable to hold was all coated with pearls.

rose models

with orchids

colorful orchids

Orchids are perfect for those who like this kind of flower, and even more for those who want an elegant bouquet.

However, this type of flower is expensive and if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a natural arrangement of orchids, you can substitute the natural bouquet for a model with EVA orchids.

In this bouquet proposal, the bet was for a mix of flowers that brings together orchids, roses and tulips. The model was all made in shades of pink, purple and white, and the result is delicate and super elegant for a bride who wants a model with a bouquet with orchids.

More pictures

orchid modelbouquet with satin ribbons

The bouquet is a mix of EVA flowers and satin ribbon flowers


colorful flowers

If you’re going to wear a white dress on the big day, you can bet on an EVA bouquet with colorful flowers to add a touch of color to the look and make the result more cheerful.

As inspiration for a colorful bouquet, this proposal brings together rose buds opening and in soft tones of blue, pink and white.

The combination is very nice, and in addition to highlighting the white dress, it can still have one of the tones used in the ceremony decoration or be in harmony with the party decoration, such as a color used in centerpieces.

More pictures

lilac and yellow modelorange model

The model is a mix of tones and overtones

purple bouquet

The bouquet is a mix of white and lilac flowers.

EVA colorful flowers

Small green sprigs decorate the colorful bouquet

with pearl

red roses with pearls

Among the various ideas for EVA bouquets, one of the options is the models decorated with pearls.

And in this case, the bet was for a classic bouquet of red roses and with the core of the flowers decorated with pearls. And to keep the combination, the bet was to use the entire stem decorated with pearls too.

The result is beautiful, and the pearls add an extra touch of elegance to the bouquet and the bride’s look; besides bringing delicacy to the red roses that make up the arrangement.

More pictures

colored with pearlsmodel for bridesmaid

Flowers in shades of pink and salmon make up the bouquets

pearly white

Some flowers in light pink highlight the predominantly white model

models with pearls

Red Red roses

For years, the red flowers in the bouquet have been used as a synonym for passion and highlight the white or off-white wedding dress.

And keeping this idea of ​​meaning, the inspiration here is a bouquet of red roses made from EVA, which are super delicate.

The red model is beautiful just for the flowers, but it still has the stem detail that was coated with white pearls, and gives a beautiful effect to the bouquet and to the bride’s look, which gains a delicate detail.

More pictures

red with pearls

Satin ribbon has small rhinestone details

pearl core

White pearls stand out among red flowers

bouquet with brooches

Brooches decorate the bouquet

simple model with pearlstopiary bouquet

The model follows the sphere style


blue roses

Some time ago, blue bouquet models also started to have more space between the world of weddings and brides. And it is increasingly common to see a bride with a blue bouquet, bringing the meaning of harmony and trust.

Among the blue EVA bouquet inspirations, the bet here was to create a model inspired by roses in a more vivid shade of blue.

To highlight the blue EVA flowers, the bouquet was also decorated with white satin ribbon and pearls, which add a more charming touch to the bride’s accessory.

More pictures

blue bouquet with brooch

The holding rod is decorated with a brooch

blue model with pearlsdecorated with satin ribbon

White satin ribbons decorate the base of the bouquet

EVA flowerblue models


yellow roses

Another EVA bouquet inspiration for brides are the models with yellow flowers, as in this proposal.

In inspiration, the model was made with yellow EVA roses and the stem was decorated with white satin ribbon and rhinestone appliqués, which bring a touch of shine to the bouquet.

In addition to the bouquet, the bet was also to create an EVA flower, in the same style as the bouquet, for the groom to wear on his lapel, which creates harmony between the groom and the bride.

More pictures

yellow with pearlmustard yellow

The model has a base with smaller flowers

model with lilies

The model is a mix of different flowers

yellow models

How much? #Price

Despite being made from EVA, the flowers are very delicate and the work is completely handcrafted, so the price usually starts at R$100 for an EVA bouquet.

And considering that this is a memory you can keep for a lifetime, it’s well worth the cost; after all, the price of a natural arrangement is usually higher than this value, and it lasts for very few days.

How to Make EVA Bouquet Step by Step

For those who love DIY projects (Do It Yourself – Do It Yourself), you can take advantage of the tutorials below and create your own EVA bouquet, which is an added charm for a bride who made her own bouquet.

In addition to the idea of ​​creating your own bouquet, you can still use the tutorials as a proposal to earn extra income. So, take advantage of the step-by-step steps, and create models of bouquets to sell.

So, what do you think of using a EVA bouquet on the big day? I confess that I think the idea is incredible, since you can keep the memory for a lifetime, and the resemblance to natural flowers makes the bouquet even more beautiful.

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