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Turquoise Christmas decoration. Ideas for Christmas.

We know what the classic Christmas coloursred, green and white; but we also know that there is nothing written about tastes, or as they say “for tastes the colors”. Some time ago we talked about the freshness provided by the blue in the Christmas decoration and, following in these tones, today we want to share ideas in turquoise for Christmas. It’s just that if you’re a follower of StyleandDeco that we love this color, and we couldn’t let it pass us by. New Year’s Eve parties without applying it to the decor. Did you ever imagine the turquoise Christmas decoration?

Turquoise Christmas decoration

As part of the cold colors, this color will bring a unique touch of freshness. We love the result of the combination of turquoise with white and green, especially in their lighter shades. Together they bring a lot of light to our Christmas corner.

Christmas decoration in turquoise, green and white

For those who have a Christmas tree white, turquoise is an excellent choice. If we adorned it with Christmas spheres in turquoise and apple green, and some garlands, the result will be excellent.

Turquoise Christmas

Christmas decoration in turquoise and purple

Another interesting combination for those who have a white tree is the turquoise with purple (you can see more ideas in this color at “Christmas decoration in purple“). As we can see in these images, not only is turquoise used in the tree ornaments, but we can also see packages (“gifts”) with details in this same color. A more than interesting resource.

Turquoise Christmas decoration

Turquoise and red to decorate Christmas

And for those who do not want to put aside the red, the good news is that it is perfectly combinable with turquoise, especially without much white background. We must bear in mind that white is always an excellent ally in the decoration, and the Christmas decoration is no exception. When we use it as background it acts as a tapestry, where we can “paint” and play with colors.

White, turquoise and red for Christmas

Turquoise and green to decorate Christmas

And if our Christmas tree is one of the typical greens, we can also decorate it with our beloved turquoise. We will obtain excellent results if we combine it with silver… And why not with silver and gold? This way we would be closer to the traditional Christmas colours but with that touch of freshness we’re looking for. And let’s not forget that these colors bring elegance.

Turquoise in Christmas decoration

Turquoise Christmas decoration

Turquoise, gold and silver for Christmas

Turquoise Christmas trees

Although they are not readily available, there are also turquoise Christmas trees. Yes, as we can see in the following image. Something really original and very interesting for lovers of this color. It will look very nice decorated with gold ornaments, in silver and even gray.

Turquoise Christmas tree

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