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Christmas decoration with reindeer. Ideas to decorate Christmas.

We can’t deny it, reindeer are a real Christmas symbol. Those nice little animals that accompany Santa Claus in his sleigh, so that he can distribute Christmas presents to the children in time. When we think of the Christmas decoration it is inevitable that these animals come to mind, as they have become essential pieces of Christmas. Below we will give you some ideas for the Christmas decoration with reindeer.

Christmas decoration with reindeer

If you’re one of those people who likes the classic, in addition to the red and green for ChristmasYou will surely love to decorate these days with Christmas crowns, Santa Claus dolls or reindeer. Look at the following ideas and tell us what you think.

Christmas decoration with cardboard reindeer

For the more “handyman” the thing comes easy, and above all economic. And it is that if you have skill with the hands and the scissors, you can make yourself of reindeer silhouettes to decorate some corner, or even under the Christmas tree. You can focus punctually on the head or, if you think possible, make the silhouette of the whole animal. It is also true that in the Christmas article stores we can find cardboard reindeer at a very low price.

Cardboard reindeer for Christmas decoration

Cardboard reindeer to decorate Christmas

Wooden reindeer for a rustic Christmas

We love this atmosphere. If you are looking for a Christmas decoration with reindeer you will love this proposal. One silhouette of reindeer made of wood that presides over a chimney. As you can see, the decoration is subtle, with certain rustic touches. The use of wood makes it a warmest corner, accompanied by a few miniature firs and a few candles. It doesn’t take much more to create a Christmas environment in the living room. If you like rustic we invite you to read an article where we share ideas for a rustic ChristmasI’m sure you’ll love what you see there.

Christmas decoration with reindeer

White Christmas with reindeer

If we add white to reindeer, we are undoubtedly joining two 100% Christmas elements. The silhouette of your reindeer can be painted white. Place it on the floor and fill it with small gifts. If you prefer, you could place some large horns, either made of wood or another material (textile, could also serve), on the wall of the foyer. Some Christmas balls or small gifts as in the previous example, will complement this Christmas stamp. A subtle form, for those who prefer the more sober Christmas decoration.

Reindeer silhouette, in white, to decorate Christmas

Christmas decoration with reindeer

Reindeer-shaped DIY ornaments

Yes, the DIY world offers us a whole range of possibilities. Decorate the Christmas tree with decorations made with our hands can be the best of ways to differentiate it from the rest of the world. Christmas trees. Options, as we said before, there are many. Maybe Christmas decorations with crochet are a good idea. If you know the technique do not leave aside this virtue, the crochet and other types of work, they are able to create decorations of the most fun and original. If that needle thing isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather use felt. It is a simple material to cut, to sew and, therefore, to customize. Create reindeer heads of different colors and place them on your Christmas tree.

Nice reindeer made with crochet

Felt reindeer

A reindeer in your window

Finally, how would you like to put a reindeer in your window? You could use Christmas vinyl for that. Special vinyl with reindeer faces that will be easy to adhere and much easier to remove once Christmas is over. Choose different colors and shapes and fill the windows with this fun wink to Santa Claus.

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