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Decorate your store for Christmas. Decoration for commercial premises.

On this occasion we put aside (just this once) the Christmas decorations in the homes to talk about the Christmas decoration in commercial premises. Anyone who owns a store, of any kind, will know what we’re talking about. The best way to encourage sales in this era is decorating your business for Christmas. Regardless of the economic reality of each region, this is the time of greatest consumption and we must seize the moment, it is now or never… What are you waiting for? Decorate your store for Christmas.

Decorate your store for Christmas

If you haven’t been in business long, you’re probably wonderinghow to decorate my business to improve Christmas sales? When do I start decorate the windows for Christmas? The truth is that there are many things you can do to improve your Christmas incomeOne of them is the decoration according to the end of the year celebrations.

Advantages of decorating your store for Christmas

Depending on the trade, experts say that in this period up to 20% of annual turnover is achieved, and all this happens in just 2 or 3 weeks. This is why this is a moment that we must not let pass in order to achieve more year-end sales. We must think that at the end of the year all the shops are dressed for Christmas, therefore, the competition surely overflows with Christmas air in their windows, counters and all corners… In this way they manage to attract the attention of potential customers who walk by, all with something in common: looking for where to buy gifts for Christmas, clothes, food, Christmas decorations, etc..

Beyond search for christmas offersand whatever is most convenient for their pocket, hardly a person who walks through a mall on christmas eveI entered a shop that was not decorated for the occasion. We insist: decorate your store for Christmas. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Shop decorations for Christmas

When to decorate my shop for Christmas

This is a question that most new traders should surely ask themselves. If it’s your first Christmas in charge of your own business you should be aware that the first half of December is where most sales are made for Christmas. So if you’re wondering when to decorate my store for Christmas, the answer is simple: if possible, do it before the beginning of December. The last week of November can be a good time to decorate your premises with Christmas lights and decorations to surprise your customers, precisely in early December.

Christmas decoration for commercial stores

How to decorate the business and increase sales at Christmas

As we said before, decorating the business for Christmas is synonymous with increasing sales, something that everyone who has a store, no matter how small, intends to do. And even more so when we know that once the end of the year holidays are over, consumption generally drops considerably. That is why we must Take advantage of the New Year’s Eve to sell more.

Returning to the question of how to decorate the store for ChristmasThe important thing is to start from the outside in. Decorating the front of a business is a very good idea. And the most important thing of all is the window, because it is what people look at from outside and it is the window that will make potential customers come into your store. No matter what kind of business it is, in the Christmas windows there should be no shortage of garlands, Christmas ballsThe following is a list of the most important LED lightsThey consume much less energy and do not emit heat) and we should not forget to put up a nice Christmas tree.

Decoration of commercial premises for Christmas

As a starting point we will have to decide whether the Christmas theme will be the absolute protagonist of our showcase, or will share the limelight with the products exhibited there. What’s the point of this? Some people go so far as to remove all the products from the window and set up a 100% Christmas scene, while most choose to add Christmas details to the window, accompanying the items on display. If it is a consolidated brand, with a history, where people just by reading the brand know well what they will find inside, the first option will be a good one. However, for smaller or younger stores, it is best to keep showing what they sell in the window, and add Christmas details. Anyway, decorate your store for Christmas.

Stained glass decoration for Christmas

Decoration of commercial premises for Christmas

With regard to how to decorate shop windows at Christmas, we must take into account what was said before, garlands, lights, Christmas trees, cribs or mangers and something that always works very well are the gifts (boxes lined as gifts, with bows and everything), because these unconsciously encourage people to think, precisely, in giving …

The vinyl or stickers are an excellent option to decorate stores for Christmas, because they are easy to put on and take off when the season ends. There are those who choose to put just some vinyl that says “Merry Christmas” with a few words and nothing more… This is completely valid. It all depends on the store owner and the type of products or services he offers.

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