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8 white Christmas crowns that you can make yourself!

When it comes to putting up Christmas decorations at home, there are elements or details that we cannot miss. But since every year is a world and in this Christmas decoration if something we like is to innovate, today I want to show you white Christmas wreaths. Far from the classic in red and green, there is a world of originality and pure craftsmanship that you might like to explore. Do you want to know how to put it into practice? Well, let’s get started!

white Christmas crowns
Source: Etsy

With wool pompoms

Encouraging you to decorate with wool pompoms is something you shouldn’t miss if you love the world of decoration and beautiful things. But if you dare to put on your own Christmas wreath with a bunch of them, you’ll be amazed at the results you can get. Uses different sizes for a much more pompous and fluffy look and boasts results that are as original as the winter you set in motion with your own hands!

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white christmas crowns II
Source: Sp Schrankde

By means of a coarse thread

A flexible foam cylinder (the swimming pool churro of all times) will be a perfect base for the idea I show you below. Its density is ideal for adhering to practically any fabric that can be shaped with your own hands. To time, you can attach it to the base with round-headed pins. In this case, a curly ball has proved to be the perfect wrap to simulate a white, almost snowy Christmas wreath that is as soft as it is fluffy.

white christmas crowns III
Source: The navage patch

As if the most wintry sweater

As it is the decorative element that normally dresses our front doors, it will not be bad for it to have some warmth to endure the cold winter nights. So it’s like a wool sweater itself, Sheathing it in this warm and natural fabric will help you wear one of the most original white Christmas wreaths that these parties can be seen.

white christmas crowns IV
Source: Pinterest

White Christmas Wreaths Recycling

Decorating a house with little money is well possible if you know how to do it and sharpen your wits. And decorate your Christmas at low cost and recycling at the same time too! A good bunch of cardboard cups can become your perfect allies to make yours. Showing off your idea and result will take very little time and money, so what are you waiting for?

white christmas crowns VII
Source: Ecoinventos

Loan to knit

By means of simple chains of thick wool or clothIf you have the right to do so, you can produce results in the same great way. Then roll them up to the base you want to start from to make your particular Christmas wreath, finish off the job with a wide and thick bow, et violá!

white christmas crowns V
Source: Flax & Twine

Go to the felt

If what really encourages you to dress your house for Christmas is to be able to do it with the little ones of the house, entrusting you with the first phase of this particular Christmas wreath will delight. And the fact is that we will need a thousand and one little felt circles to materialize it. Then, using pins to attach the material to the base, give grace to your original and colorful crown will be sewn and sing.

white christmas crowns VI
Source: Creative ideas

Paper always has a lot to offer you

There are few crafts or forms that cannot be put into practice with paper or some derivative thereof. As you can see in the image below, a lot of cones chosen well from magazines, from gift paper, from 100% personalized sheets or even from score paperThe best way to make sure you get the best results is to use them on the cover of your Christmas magazine.

white christmas crowns VIII
Source: Stand Idea

As you can see, making white Christmas wreaths can be as entertaining as it is simple if you give it a little imagination and bet on looking different from what we are used to. Get your practice going and don’t let them tell you about it for another year without trying it out for yourself!

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