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Christmas, rustic Christmas – Interior and Exterior Decoration

One rustic decoration always manages to create warm environments. And Christmas is no exception. If you are a lover of this decorative style and you are thinking of renewing all the Christmas decoration from home, take a good look at what we’re bringing you today.

Christmas, rustic Christmas

In this occasion we offer you an endless number of different ideas to obtain a Rustic Christmas. From tree decoration to how to dress your table for Christmas. Choose the option you like best and enjoy these dates with a decoration to suit you.

Christmas trees with touches of wood

And yes, the rustic decoration is very comfortable with this type of Christmas trees. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your big fir tree, because there are also very rustic decorative elements that can help you decorate it. But it can be an excellent option for the entrance of your home (find more ideas at “8 ideas to decorate halls at Christmas“). Searching for a small tree and placing a wooden box as a foot would be a good option. You can also add an even more festive touch by adding a wreaths of lightssubtle and whitish.

Christmas tree in wooden box

Christmas tree inside a wooden box

DIY Decoration

DIY decoration can help you create highly personalised and rustic decorations for your tree. So, if you decide to place a bigger one and you want it to be decorated, buy sackcloth, esparto or even fabrics with red prints, a very Christmas color. The options are many and varied. An idea inexpensive is to recycle your own Christmas balls by covering them with these materials.

Find more proposals in “Homemade and very original Christmas decorations“.

DIY Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas ball

Homemade Christmas decorations

Luminous centres for the whole house

Although table centers are a recommended option, do not limit yourself only to this space. You can place light centers in the rest of the house. Any flat surface, whether it’s a ledge or even a side table in the bathroom, can be a good place. As for how to make them, there are plenty of options. You can use wooden crates or crystal glasses adorned with sackcloth and dried pineapples. Don’t forget to place candles and a touch of green.

Homemade Christmas Candle Holder

Homemade Christmas Candle Holder

Rustic Christmas Lighting Centre

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