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Christmas Decoration for Stairs – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Do you live in a duplex or a two-storey house? Does your house have a nice staircase, but you don’t know how to decorate it for Christmas? Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you today. We wanted to select a few ideas to decorate staircases for Christmas that will surely serve more than one to give a special touch to it. It’s a matter of checking a little what we have at home. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, maybe you can. make your own Christmas ballsor get by with the same garlands of lights from last year.

Christmas decoration for staircases

It’s just a matter of finding the type of decoration you like best and daring to bring the Christmas spirit to every corner of the house. I’m sure you’ve already thought how to decorate the house entrance for Christmaswe’ve also seen ideas for decorate up to bedrooms at Christmasand why overlook the stairs?

Most Christmas red ribbons

The Christmas garlands can be decorated in many ways, being one of the most interesting elements to place on the railing of the staircase. In addition to balls, or various decorative ornaments, the bows stand out with strength. They are subtle, delicate and will make your garland look light, something interesting when we have a lot of railing to cover.

Red ribbons to decorate stairs

Red ribbon to decorate the stair railing

Natural, rustic Christmas staircases

We know that the rustic Christmas decoration I like it a lot. For this reason we could not forget examples of how to decorate the staircase with this style. We look for very natural options that don’t have too much color. Green branches and garlands are welcome. To give color and play of textures, we could use sackcloth, or lace and remnants in light colors and even gold.

Rustic Christmas decoration for the staircase

Staircase decorated for Christmas with rustic style

Letters to send messages

The lettering is very fashionable. Why not extend it to your Christmas staircase? Place a large sign, from end to end of your railing, with messages of “”Merry Christmas“or similar. Another option is to buy loose words and hang them on the wall or even place letters on your steps remembering who will come soon to bring us gifts.

Christmas staircase decoration with phrases

Decorated staircase for Christmas

Take advantage of the steps

Convert the steps of your staircase into the perfect support to place. presents. Be careful, the little ones in the house don’t open them too early. In addition, it is also an excellent idea to place pots with Christmas trees.

Christmas decorations on the steps of the staircase

Christmas decoration for staircases

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