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Christmas crafts to decorate the house

Christmas crafts are a great idea to surprise your guests with Christmas decorations made with your own hands. They will give the decoration a special and personal touch. The important thing is that you enjoy these crafts in the company of the whole familyDiscover how to create beautiful decorations to dress up your home for the holidays!

How to create an Advent wreath

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The Advent wreath is one of essential elements of Christmas. The doors of the homes decorated with wreaths welcome the guests. It symbolizes eternity, the color green, hope and life. It’s the first announcement of the arrival of the Christmas holidays.

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To make this craft you need: wire or base for the crown, natural branches of pine or fir, branches of red fruits, bows, scissors and pliers.

  • To make the base of the crown the best material is wire because it is very malleable.
  • Make a ring with the wire and cut branches of the same size and shape for filling.
  • Use small pieces of wire to attach each branch to the main ring. Little by little you will fill the whole ring with the branches, overlapping them with each other so that the wire is not visible.
  • Once you have filled the ring with the green branches, you add touches of color with the red fruit branches. You have to be careful as they are quite delicate.
  • To decorate the Advent wreath, add red Christmas balls and a silver bow.
  • It’s one of the perfect Christmas crafts to decorate the house.

Golden pineapple garland

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The use of pineapples at Christmas is very common, in fact one of the most traditional elements of these festivities. They offer us a great variety of Christmas crafts, one of them as a garland.

To make this beautiful garland, paint the pineapples with golden spray and hang them on a string with small alcayats. They will be perfect in any space of the house, giving a festive mood!

Christmas Crafts: Colorful Beaded Cane Ornaments

Source: nicaraguadisena

Christmas crafts are an excellent resource for create original and fun Christmas decorations. It’s a great way to spend time with the little ones in the house.

To make this craft you need pipe cleaners, coloured beads where green and red predominate, scissors and a golden cord to hang them from the Christmas tree.

  • Begin by folding the pipe cleaners and insert each bead until it is complete, combining the colors.
  • Leave some pipe cleaner on each end so you can bend them to prevent them from slipping.
  • It is a very simple and colourful craft and the multicoloured sticks look beautiful on the Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations with covers

Source: pinterest

Use the lids of the glass jars to create original Christmas decorations for the tree. Recycling them is a great way to give them a new life.

You will need: removable jar lids, pencil, scissors, Christmas fabric, hot glue, jute string, pine twigs and juniper balls, deer fabric sticker, moose…

  • Start by removing the cover by pushing the circle that covers the surface. Use this piece to draw a circle of the same size on the fabric.
  • Stick the fabric on the cover and assemble the two pieces to fit perfectly. At the top of the cover, glue a string with hot silicone so that it can be hung on the tree.
  • You can complete the decoration with a sticker of a reindeer or animal that reminds of Christmas.
  • It is one of the ideal Christmas crafts to decorate the Christmas tree.

Decorate Christmas balls with CDs

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Recycle old Christmas balls and decorate them with bits of old cedes that are in disuse. Recycled CDs will provide the shine needed to create original and light-filled Christmas decorations.

You will need: in addition to the CDs and clear balls, scissors, glue, colored tape, glitter or colored salt.

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning the CDs and cut them into irregular pieces.
  • Then stick the pieces onto the balls like a mosaic.
  • Place glitter or coloured salt inside the transparent balls to give them a more festive and bright touch.
  • Finally, place a string or colored ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree.
  • It is one of the simple and beautiful Christmas crafts to give an original touch to the decoration of the house.

Christmas doll with socks

Source: bebeblog

To make these fun Christmas dolls you can use white socks that you no longer use. Stuff them with rice or some food that doesn’t stain the white fabric. When they are filled, sew the top by hand so that they do not empty. Decorate with colored buttons, with black and yellow pins for eyes and nose. Put smaller socks on them like hats. Tie a piece of fabric with cheerful prints around their necks like scarves. It’s one of the perfect Christmas crafts to perform with the little ones in the house.

What do you think of these simple Christmas crafts? Enjoy creating your own Christmas decorations in the company of the whole family.

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