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A nice package with your personal touch. Give gifts in style and succeed this Christmas

Do you want to surprise your family and friends with gifts in your own style? These ideas will help you give them a personal stamp and packaging in a “sustainable” way. Look at all these original ideas!

Making a beautiful and eye-catching package is a guarantee of success. Sometimes it’s more exciting how they come prepared than what’s in the packages, so hitting the bull’s-eye is also a matter of a good presentation. Do you want to get it right? Here are some suggestions for making gifts with your own style.

Wrap with scarves and make gifts with your own style

stylish gifts
Source: And so to shop

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A handkerchief or a piece of fabric with a Christmas motif can become the best of wrappers. You don’t need tape to stick it on, and it’s a reusable and dual resource. In other words, it admits many uses and makes two gifts in one, because the scarf itself is already a nice detail. Decorate it with a ribbon and the result will be… irresistible!

With paper you can tune

stylish gifts
Source: eat sleep doodle

How about using colorful paper for your stylish gifts? It’s an original and fun suggestion to make with your children, from eat sleep doodle. The black and white drawings can be filled with the colours you like most and thus turn a package or wrapping into a proposal with your own artist’s label.

Number your gifts in style

stylish gifts
Source: krima&isa

To generate more excitement, you can put a number on your gifts and make a list of those same numbers and the recipient of each one. Hang the list on the Christmas tree and let the children play at finding theirs or yours… Laughter is guaranteed.

Craft paper and plant motifs

stylish gifts
Source: Pixabay

A piece of wood, a sprig of birch or eucalyptus… You don’t have to look for very far-fetched ideas, it’s enough to make use of elements that are easy to find in your environment. A craft paper wrapper with some vegetable details can look as nice and natural as that.

…or crocheted ribbons

stylish gifts
Source: Pixabay

If you are a crochet fan, the way to personalize your gifts with style is to wrap them in craft paper and add a nice crocheted bow. Look at this example that mixes a handmade ribbon with a square ribbon in the loop. If you also include a heart, the package will look great.

In reusable boxes

stylish gifts
Source: Poundland

Making stylish gifts in decorated cardboard boxes is a great idea to reuse several times the “wrap”. You can use boxes that you line with cloth, for example. They will last for different years and you can also use them for other purposes, so with the reusable boxes you kill two birds with one stone and you are like a king or queen.

What if you don’t put any paper in it?

stylish gifts
Source: Pixabay

A very ecological proposal, which helps not to waste resources and make gifts with a sustainable style is this: do not pack your presents. Yes, as you hear it. If you are one of those who think that small gestures count, this suggestion is perfect to do your bit. Don’t use paper to wrap them. To give them an original, festive and different touch: tie them up with an eye-catching cord -when it’s a book or a plant, for example- or accompany them with a label made by you with their name…

After all these stylish gifts we’ve presented you with, it’s much easier to find the formula to blow your own mind and that of strangers. So you know, the important thing about packaging is that you put imagination, a little bit of yourself and lots and lots of love…

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