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▷ 4 trends for Christmas decoration 2018-2019

The Christmas celebrations and with them the special moments full of magic to share with family and friends. Do you want to know which will be the trends for Christmas decoration 2018-2019?

Trends for Christmas decoration 2018-2019

In today’s article we will show you the latest trends in materials, colors and styles for the Christmas decoration of this year for your home to glow during these endearing times.

Rococo Christmas Decoration

According to the International Fair “ChristmasWorld Frankfurt” (christmasworld.messefrankfurt.com) the Christmas decoration 2018/19 will be marked by several trends, including the Rococo style. He was born in France in the 18th century and represents opulence and elegance of the French and Italian palaces of that time. It is ideal for lovers of luxury and the delicate details that shine by themselves.

Rococo Christmas Decoration

Rococo Christmas Decoration

The essential colour is the goldwhich is associated with wealth and power. They are combined with delicate fabrics (silk, velvet, brocade), glass and metallic complements (copper, brass, bronze). The complements that cannot be missing are the golden and silver candles that beautify the environment. The result is a chic and sophisticated Christmas decoration.

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Rococo Christmas

Elegant Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration oriental style

This year one of the trends for Christmas decoration is inspired by this one. Zen style. Based on the simplicity, naturalness and sobriety. “Zen” means meditation, and translated to decoration is a way of creating environments where harmony, peace and good energies reign. It is characterized by straight lines and wide spaces in light shades. Nature is an important element in the Japanese decoration.

Trends in Christmas decoration

Use of natural materials (stone, wood and glass) and fabrics such as linen and cotton. Neutral colours such as white, grey and beige transmit tranquillity and harmony. Lighting is essential to give the decoration a festive and pleasant atmosphere.

Trends for Christmas decoration 2018

To adapt this style to the Christmas decoration of your home you only have to add details that bring sobriety. The objective is to achieve a balanced decoration and comfortable.

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