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Decorate your table on New Year’s Eve. Ideas to decorate the New Year’s Eve party.

How’d it go with the table decoration for Christmas? We hope you enjoyed our tips. But the truth is that we still have an important date in the calendar before the arrival of the new year. New Year’s Eve. If you have dinner at home, with friends or family, you’ll want to show off too. There’s still time, decorate your table on New Year’s Eve with the following proposals that we bring to you.

Decorate your table on New Year's Eve

Here are some different and fun ideas that will make your life easier. New Year’s Eve table to become the center of all eyes. Decorate your table on New Year’s Eve with these ideas, you’ll see that you don’t need a lot of money to do it.

Balloons and centerpieces

This option is one of the most eye-catching. If you could place the balloons on the table, as a centerpiece of an aerial table, it would be much better. As for the colour, on this occasion, it changes from red to gold; on New Year’s Eve golden tones are the most successful. Also, to give a bit of elegance to the set, it would be nice to put a dose of black and white.

As a centerpiece you could place a package wrapped in gold paper that has the top free to place a few flowers and the numbers that correspond to the coming year.

Decoration for the New Year's Eve table with balloons in gold, black and white.

Decorate your New Year’s Eve table in a simple but different way

If you’re looking for simple table centres and you don’t want to complicate yourself too much, this option may be the right one for your New Year’s Eve table. Cut out a few black stars and place them on the table. Make them of different sizes to create a harmonic set. Also, if you want, you can add golden glitter on the tips, to give it a little more glamour.

Details for the New Year's Eve table

A centerpiece that shines

We love this centerpiece. It is also very simple to do. Take a glass jar (glass jar) and fill it with golden glitter and decorate your New Year’s Eve table the easy way. Then you just have to get some wooden skewers, those skewers, and stick on their ends the decoration you want to include. Pom-poms are an option, but you could also use balloons. Of course, there’s no lack of routine numbers.

Table centres for New Year's Eve table

Fill it all with silver

The gold is one of the New Year’s Eve colours par excellence. However, it is not the only one. Silver, for example, is also widely used. In this example of centerpiece we see it clearly. Painted glass bottles made entirely of silver. A perfect vase to put inside branches also painted with that color. Add a poster with good wishes and you have the original centerpiece you expected.

Silver details for the New Year's Eve table

New Year’s Eve Table Runners

Table runners are a good choice. By placing paths, you delimit the area in which you will place the dishes, but, in addition, you can give a touch of color to that white tablecloth. If you dare, you could use paths in bright colors, like this one in gold. A brilliant note for the evening, which will also stand in stark contrast to the green centrepieces.

Golden Table Runners for New Year's Eve Dinner

Golden leaves on the table

We fell in love with this proposal. The truth is that simplicity, many times, gives good results. A few golden leaves (spray-painted) hanging from the lamps can result in this wonderful table. Different, that’s for sure.

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