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models and types

Candy molds: models and how to choose!

If you’re planning a party and have already been to a party supply store, you’re sure to get lost in the section. molds for sweets; there are so many options and models that you can get lost.

And among so many types of molds, which is the most suitable for each type of party? Which mold is worth the most?

For those who are asking these questions and are still in that cruel question of which model to choose among the candy cups; calm! In the post you will see which models are available and which type to use according to the occasion.

models and types

Types of Molds for Sweets


The dot pattern is a classic in the molds print. The design is neutral and brings a more delicate touch to the mold, but without influencing the style of the party. This type of print can be found in molds of different materials, which can range from paper to fabric.

polka dot pattern

The decorated toothpick gives more delicacy to the candy

dot pattern


One of the options among the molds for candy are the models made in EVA. The EVA plates can be molded in different shapes to compose the molds and that’s why you can find very different models between the versions made of EVA. The price is usually a little more expensive than some paper versions, but it’s worth the effect it gives to the candy table and the candy table.

basket-shaped model

The basket shape is delicate

EVA model

EVA was transformed into flowers


The molds made of fabric are also great options to decorate the candy table. And one of the main advantages of this type of mold is the variety of models. Due to the different prints and fabric styles, you can find or create unique models that are in total harmony with the party.

smooth fabric

The blue color shape refers to the shape of a rose

patterned fabric

The fabric has small, delicate prints

tissue paper/ tracing paper

One of the variations among the models of molds for candy, are the versions made in tissue paper or tracing paper. These types of papers are more delicate, and that’s why they make the mold more delicate too.

Among the easiest models to find are this type of mold that is usually very cost-effective and creates a beautiful effect on the table decoration.

tracing paper model

The soft tone is ideal for decorating a table without intense colors

tissue paper models


If you want to get away from the traditional packaging models for sweets, it’s worth betting on versions made in biscuit. This type of mold is almost a work of art, as it can have different formats.

The biscuit mold is usually more expensive, this is because it is made manually and the process takes a little longer, but in order not to raise the party’s costs too much, you can mix this type of mold with other models.

kitty shape

The kitty shape is ideal for decorating a farm-style party

biscuit models

Scotland screen

Scotland canvas is nothing more than a thicker and more hollow type of fabric, in the style of a small canvas. This material can be found in different colors and is very common in candy tins.

The Scotland canvas can be used alone to make an all-empty mold, or in a mix with fabric or paper.

flower mold

The flower shape is delicate

scotland canvas

With lace (fabric)

There is no doubt when it comes to the delicacy of the lace; That’s why this type of fabric can even be used in the decoration and composition of candy cups.

Among the possibilities of using the income, it is worth:

  • Make all the mold with lace, or;
  • Use the lace only to decorate the molds.

lace model

The white lace gave softness to the item

mold decorated with lace

Black lace was used around the mold to decorate it

Lace (cast)

Inspired by lace fabrics, one of the options is the paper molds that simulate this leaked effect of lace.

This type of candy shape is all made of paper and has cuts that resemble lace designs. This model is also beautiful, and is usually cheaper than the lace fabric.

lacy modelsleaked model

The sweet was decorated with a flower-shaped sugar confection


Jute or burlap, as it is also known, is one of the variations among the models of molds for candy. This type of fabric gives a rustic touch to the mold, but even with this rusticity the mold can compose different styles of decoration.

Jute can be used in different forms, ranging from flower-shaped models to simpler versions, such as square molds.

tow model

Natural jute was mixed with green jute to form a flower

jute flower

The chocolate sweets were decorated with white chocolate


If the idea is to have a neon party, it’s worth including neon candy tins among the details as well.

This type of mold has as its main characteristic being more vivid colors and with neon shades; that the effect of the lights tends to shine and give an extra charm to the party decoration.

neon moldmodel neon party

The personalized plates decorate the sweets


If you love the universe and oriental traditions, the proposal is to use molds made using the origami technique.

In case you have never seen or heard of this type of mold, the truth is that the item is a folding made of paper to compose the mold. There are a variety of models made from origami, and with a little training you can create your own molds.

made out of paper

The colored models are beautiful to compose a table with a variety of colors

origami models


Among the options and models of molds for candy, one of the possibilities is to choose custom models.

Customized versions can range from models decorated with the birthday person’s name or decorated with the same theme as the party; which makes the sweets packaging unique and in total harmony with the decor.

custom mold

This model was decorated with the initial of the birthday boy’s name

custom templates


For those who love to venture into the world of crochet, this is the inspiration to make crochet molds.

This type of mold usually has a slightly higher cost, as it requires handcrafted work and takes a little longer to be made; but the truth is that it even values ​​the sweets with the delicacy of the mold.

crochet pattern

The small flower with a bow was used to decorate the front of the mold.

crochet pan

Crepe paper

A very easy model to find are the crepe paper molds. This type of material yields great ideas and can be transformed into different models and styles of molds; besides, it has the advantage of being a cheap mold option.

paper modelscrepe paper

The sweets were decorated with white polka dot confection


For those who lived in the 90s, you will definitely remember this type of mold made of laminated paper. The glow effect was the highlight of this type of this model, and even over the years it remains a beautiful option for the candy table.

In addition to the traditional format, nowadays you can find this type of mold in other formats, such as flowers.

laminated flower model

The golden paper highlights the sweet

traditional laminated model

Kraft paper

Among the various options for molds and materials, there are models made in kraft paper.

The paper with a neutral color and more durable is a great choice for the molds, which can be used without any additions, or decorated to gain more charm and stay in the style of the party.

kraft paper modelJune party form

The June party theme was used to decorate the mold

Models of Candy Molds for the Party


wedding candy table

To decorate the wedding candy table, one of the strategies to choose the candy molds is to use the same decoration color chart; as in this proposal, where the molds follow different shades of pink, maintaining the harmony of the decorated table.

candy table decoration

Vases with flowers decorate the table

If you don’t intend to spend a lot on molds, one of the proposals is to use simple models, like this square and white version, and invest in the highlight for the sweets.

More pictures

wedding mold

The molds were decorated in the style of little bride and groom

wedding day

For the candy table, the choice was for shapes in the shape of flowers

models for weddings


simple graduation party

An increasingly common celebration is the private graduation party. This type of party is designed to circumvent the limited number of invitations to the official graduation party. And taking into account this proposal of a private party, the choice for the candy table was to use simple molds and solid colors.

More pictures

private graduation party decoration

The green color of the molds determines the color of the party decoration

sophisticated models

The golden molds add more sophistication to the decor

flower decoration

The candy table was decorated with large vases of flowers.

15 years

15 year custom model

Among the options of molds for sweets for the debutante party, an inspiration are the personalized models, as in this proposal.

blue debutante party

In this proposal of Tiffany blue decoration with Provençal style, the molds used in the sweets follow the same colors used at the party – Tiffany and white – and thus are able to maintain the harmony and color chart of the party.

More pictures

15 years neon party

For the neon party, the bet was for a mold in black and intense colors

15 years pink decoration

Pink flowers decorate the main table

15 years decoration

Children’s party

minnie party

If the intention is to throw a pink Minnie party, this inspiration is great! Here the decoration is in pink and black, and the square molds are in the same colors. To give a little more charm to the candy packaging, the bet was to decorate the molds with the face of the theme character.

More pictures

boy party

Minecraft theme decorates children’s party

children's party

For the soft decoration, the bet was to use molds in the shape of flowers with the same colors as the party

snow white party

The Snow White theme was the choice for the party

colourful party

The square and dot-print molds decorate the table

Baby tea

simple baby shower

In this proposal of decoration for the baby shower, the choice of colors was blue and yellow, and following this same line, the paper and square molds were also used in these colors. To decorate the molds, the bet was to glue a satin bow in front of each one.

More pictures

pink baby shower decoration

The water bottles were given personalized labels

bird decoration

Flower-shaped molds simulate a garden on the table

simple baby shower


christened decorationThe baptism party too…

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