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79 Touching, Beautiful Christmas Cards & Easy-to-Make Tutorials!

The end of the year is coming and it’s time to start thinking about gifts and Christmas cards. And even if you can’t give it to everyone you want, you can always send a special card and get in the Christmas mood.

And when it comes to Christmas cards, it doesn’t matter if you are sending a physical card or a virtual version, the important thing is to show affection to your loved one.

In this trend of Christmas cards, we separate real and virtual inspirations, and even have step by step for those who like the idea of ​​do it yourself. So, you can save with Christmas cards and still create versions full of symbolism, after all, you were the one who created the item.


Christmas Card Photos and Ideas


card to print

If you are looking for simple ideas for Christmas cards, the proposal here is a card to print for free.

The printable card is a great proposal for those who don’t have time or don’t have the ability to make a step-by-step version.

In this case, the option is just to print, write the message and deliver it to your loved ones.

simple card decorated with buttons

Another possibility for simple Christmas cards is decoration with buttons.

In this case, the card was decorated with buttons that resemble Christmas balls and decorate the cover of the mime with a Christmas theme.

virtual simple card

Another inspiration for the card is to choose a virtual model that already comes with the Christmas message ready, so it makes the whole process easier and is a great option to send through social networks to those who are far away.

card with christmas tree

The green ribbons form the Christmas tree

card for social networks

The simple card is ideal for sending through social media

simple virtual cardsimple ideas

Different / Creative

creative and simple card

Among the ideas and possibilities for Christmas cards, the proposal here is a simple and creative model decorated with buttons.

The card was mounted on kraft paper and white buttons of different sizes form the snowman that decorates the card cover.

Quilling decorated card

Another very creative idea for the Christmas card is to decorate the item using quilling techniques.

In this case, the decoration with quilling bet on the idea of ​​making a Christmas tree as part of the decoration and with a top star.

funny virtual card

And for those who don’t give up the good humor in Christmas cards, the inspiration here is a fun and virtual model.

The card carries a funny and perfect message for times of crisis.

creative idea

Christmas ball with sequins decorates the card.

animated card

The animated card is a great virtual option

different card

Card decorated with pompom is fun

creative ideas


personalized photo card

Among the various possibilities for Christmas cards, the proposal here is the virtual model that can be customized.

The card already has the message ready and a space that can be edited to place a personal photo and thus make the card personalized.

children's card

Another great idea to decorate Christmas cards in a personalized way is this inspiration that brings a school activity idea to the Christmas season.

The card’s cover decoration is the child’s little feet “stamped” with ink. Each little foot on the cover was decorated as if it were a Santa Claus reindeer.

The simple idea is a great idea to customize children’s cards and make each card unique and full of symbolism.

virtual card Santa Claus

Santa Claus brings a blank board where you can write a personalized message

customizable virtual card

The Christmas fireplace with white space can be used to add a photo.

virtual personalized card

The card follows the style of a postcard

card to edit with photo

Customize the card with your own message and photo

card to school

The idea is great with a proposal for a children’s activity for Christmas


simple music card

Music cards can come with the surprise of playing a song when they are opened, but the proposal can also come with a cover decorated with a music theme.

In this case, the decorated cover has a musical score where the notes were decorated with buttons that are interspersed between red and green, typical Christmas colors.

music card

Another idea for a music themed card is this template where the sheet music is the base of the item.

The card was also decorated with other elements, such as kraft paper with a Christmas tree and gold stars that add a touch of sparkle to the Christmas card.

tree-shaped cardcard templatemusical card decoration

The decoration is made with red felt.

sheet music

The sheet music decorates the cover of the card

musical theme

The idea is a Christmas tree built from musical notes


simple 3D card

Ideas for cards decorated with a Christmas theme can be very different, and one of them is the proposal to make a 3D model.

In this case, the proposal for a simple card goes very far and when you open the item, a Christmas tree forms from the center of the card.

To make the decoration more colorful, the Christmas tree balls are formed from colored papers that make the card more cheerful.

3D gifts card

Among the 3D ideas and models, the inspiration here is different, and despite having the Christmas tree as a decoration, the 3D card still brings gift wrapping as a complement to the decor.

The beautiful inspiration brings a blank space to write the Christmas message and make the card even more special.

card with christmas tree

The Christmas tree opens in the center of the card.

3D virtual messagegreen and red christmas card

The card is all decorated in green and red.

3D models

For Boyfriend / Girlfriend

christmas message crushIf you’re not strong yet, but already have a crush, the Christmas season can be a good strategy to send a special indirection through the virtual Christmas card.

In this idea, the fun message already makes the intention clear and is a fun way to wish a Merry Christmas to the special person who has been filling your heart.

decorated card boyfriend

If the idea is to make more delicate and romantic Christmas cards to deliver in person, this decorated card inspiration is really cool.

The Christmas card has a Christmas tree as its cover, but in this case it was formed from hearts, which makes the idea delicate and romantic.

virtual boyfriend card

The virtual card is a mix of red and white

simple girlfriend card

The cover of the card is a clothesline of hearts.

romantic card

The card message is romantic

card with heart

The heart decorates the cover

Recycling / Reuse

reuse idea

If, in addition to creating Christmas cards, you also love the idea of ​​reusing materials, the inspiration here brings both ideas into one item – the Christmas card decorated with reuse of materials.

In the proposal, the card was assembled from kraft paper, which gives a rustic style to the item, and the decoration was made with torn strips of newspaper, which form a Christmas tree on the cover of the item.

The star at the tip of the tree was made from a scrap of red fabric, but it could be made of any other material.

craft with recycling

Another creative idea for making the Christmas card in a craft style and with recycling materials is this model, which was made from disposable straws.

The white and red straws were cut to different sizes and form the Christmas tree on the cover of the card.

card with material reuse

The lacy paper forms the Christmas tree

creative idea recycling

The covers were formed with cutouts that form mosaics

ideas for reusing wrapping paper

The card covers were decorated with wrapping paper

newspaper card

The card is decorated with bits of newspaper

reuse ideas

with felt

felt decorated card

Among the proposals for decorating Christmas cards, a material that can be used in the craft technique is felt.

In this case, the green fabric has been cut into triangles, and forms the tops of the Christmas pine trees that decorate the cover of the card.

Santa Claus card

For the card decorated with felt, the inspiration here is the item with Santa Claus in felt as the card cover.

Santa Claus got padding and this makes the card look 3D-style.

fabric decoration

Christmas themes decorate the card covers

ideas with feltfelt christmas tree

The cover is a Christmas pine

ideas with fabric and feltfelt decoration

Embroidered buttons on the felt symbolize the Christmas balls

cards decorated in felt

How to Make Christmas Cards: Step by Step

If the idea is to follow small DIY projects, we have separate tutorials for those who like to get their hands dirty and make their own Christmas cards.

3D Christmas Card


  • Color set paper (red, green and yellow)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White glue

How to make:

DIY 3D Card

  • Mark the green color set and cut strips with a width of 8, 6, 4 and 2 cm;
  • In the yellow color set draw a star and cut it out;
  • Take the cut strips of green paper and fold them as if you were making an accordion;
  • Take the yellow color set and cut it into a card;
  • Glue the yellow star to the center of the card (exactly over the fold);
  • Take the narrowest strip (2 cm) of green paper and start gluing it to the cardboard paper;
  • Go pasting the other green strips to form the 3D Christmas tree;
  • Now the Christmas card is ready.

Simple Card


  • White sheet and heavier (thicker) to be the base of the card
  • Sheets of different colors
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Satin ribbon

Step by step:

simple card step by step

  • Cut circles of different sizes on colored paper;
  • On the cover of the card, draw a circle;
  • Go pasting the colored paper balls over the outline of the circle;
  • Make a Christmas wreath on the cover of the card and decorate it with satin ribbon bows.

Card Decoration


  • Different colors and styles of scrapbook paper
  • White paper for card base
  • Satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • White glue

How to make:

how to make

  • Cut three equal-sized circles from scrapbook papers;
  • Fold the circles in half and glue them together as shown in the picture;
  • Glue the decorated Christmas ball to the cardboard paper and use the satin ribbon to make the finishing bow.

Now just think about the message you are going to write and send a show of affection to loved ones.

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