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minnie pink party awesome tips

55 Photos and Tips for Perfect Decor!

Are you looking for references to make a Minnie Rosa’s party? This is one of the strongest trends when it comes to decorating children’s birthdays. One of the most famous Disney characters draws the attention mainly of girls and can also be the theme of parties even for 1 year olds.

To help you prepare an incredible celebration, we’ve created this post full of tips and photos, how about getting to know it up close?
Follow all suggestions and ask your questions.

minnie pink party awesome tips

Discover amazing tips to make a beautiful party!

Minnie Rosa’s Party Decorating Tips


Are you on a tight budget or short on time, but want to throw a beautiful party for your daughter, niece, etc? Know that it is super possible to elaborate all the details without spending a lot of money. For a simple celebration, you can bet on elements that value the environment and are quick to prepare.

A nice tip is to use cheap materials, easy to find in stationery or haberdashery, such as crepe and laminated paper. They are great for decorating the table, trays, etc. In addition to them, there is the Styrofoam, which can be cut out in the Minnie shape or serve as a base for organizing sweets and centerpieces.

To decorate the walls and even the tables, it is worth looking for patterns to print, a good tip to save money. There are countless choices of Minnie designs to compose the environment, from baby versions to the most modern ones, just choose, print in color and complement the decor with a lot of personality. Now if you want ready-made models, there are many specialized stores that sell decorative plates, letters and other exclusive items.

Simple Pink Minnie Party

Pompons and balloons help to decorate the environment and are super economical!

Minnie Party Pink with Simple BlackMinnie's Pink Dot Towel Party

When you do your best at the table, there’s not much need to decorate the rest of the room. You can choose from pink balloons, flowers, decorated tablecloths, Minnie miniatures and, of course, the cake and special sweets. So that everything matches, you can bet on pink molds and trays of the same color or white.

Simple Pink Minnie Party with BalloonsMinnie Party Pink Simple Model


Betting on Minnie baby as the main character is synonymous with a party full of cuteness! This option is great for moms and/or decorators who are preparing birthdays for 1 year olds. In this case, the decoration will be more coherent if delicate elements and softer colors are used, such as baby pink. We’ve brought you some images that might inspire you, take a look:

If you want a more fun decoration, you can choose other colors to match the pink, which will continue to be predominant. See a cool idea:

Pink Minnie Party with colorful

The birthday girl’s costume is something essential. How about investing in a outfit just like Minnie’s? Today it is easy to find costumes that combine a dress + hair bow. Another option is to make the similar model bespoke. If you have sewing skills, this is a great idea to save money and also create a custom item – after all, no one else will have a similar outfit 🙂

Minnie pink baby party

In addition to decorating with Minnie baby panels, you can complement it with other inspirations, such as flower gardens and dolls of other Disney characters.

Pink Minnie Party Decoration BabyMinnie pink baby party decorationMinnie pink baby model partydecoration Minnie party pink baby


A popular style for children’s parties these days is Provençal. Due to this high, it is much easier to find related decoration objects, with country inspirations, in raw wood or MDF. If you are looking for a different touch for your party, this can be an interesting alternative.

Girls love this decor line as it is super romantic and feminine. In specialized stores you can find several models of playpen, tables, benches, decorative bicycles, trays, vases, among other furniture and objects that beautifully make up a Provençal party.

Minnie Rose Provençal Partydecoration Minnie's party pink provencal

White-painted iron furniture is also a great match for this style and looks amazing when you compose it with Minnie Rosa’s decor. You can decorate with vases of flowers, bows, pink and gold balloons, among others.

Minnie's Party Pink Provencal DecorMinnie Pink Provencal Model Party

The shade of pink doesn’t matter, they all tend to be pretty cute with a Provençal feel. The decoration of the photos below, for example, is all in baby pink combined with black, which gave an irreverent touch and full of personality. Remembering that what gives strength to a Provençal party is the stylish furniture.

Pink Minnie Party in a Provencal stylePink Minnie Party How to DecorateMinnie's Party Pink Provencal Tips

with gold

Your Minnie party can be Provencal, luxurious, romantic or any other style, pink + gold will always be an excellent combination. If you are looking for a beautiful inspiration to make a real princess party, you are on the right topic. We brought several photos that show how a decor all worked in “gold” can make pink even more sophisticated, different from typical children’s celebrations. Take a look and write down the tips:

Minnie's party pink with gold

Gold can be ubiquitous and eye-catching like the photo above, but it can also be placed more discreetly among the predominantly pink decor, like the image below. In the second case, you can gild the cake, candy tins, flowers, etc. a tip is fancy the glitter to make the party literally shine!

Minnie's party rose gold decoration

See more photos that demonstrate well how a Minnie party can be powerful with pink and gold together:

Pink and Gold Minnie PartyMinnie Party Pink Decor GoldMinnie's party pink with goldMinnie's party beautiful pink with goldMinnie Party Pink Gold Details

1 year

The first party is always very special and fun to organize. From the guests to the buffet, from the clothes to the decoration, there are always many interesting details to think about and make the celebration even more unforgettable.

It’s not news that the little ones look beautiful in pink dresses and Minnie ears, is it? Look how cute a fantasy you can make or buy ready-made:

Pink Minnie Party Dress for Baby

Cute tip to dress up your baby!

Little shoes can’t be missing either. They can be basic, pink, or you can customize them with colored pearls. Is DIY tip very easy, check this out:

Minnie Pink Slip On Party

The shoe can also be personalized!

At Pink Minnie Parties for 1 year olds they can be simple, luxurious, baby, provençal, etc. The idea is to perfect the cuteness, in all aspects, from the candy tables to the decoration of the entire environment. Bet on Minnie balloons, ruffles, flowers and miniatures, which are indispensable.

1 year old Minnie Pink Party1 year pink Minnie Party

You balloon panels or arches are still super targeted at children’s parties. For this Minnie party you can bet on white, gold or even pink balloons.

1 Year Pink Minnie PartyPink Minnie Party 1 year old1 year pink Minnie Party decoration

A suggestion for a party for a different year is to change the white furniture for wooden ones. It’s a nice tip to create a zen atmosphere for the baby’s first celebration, what do you think?

Minnie Party Pink 1 Year Decoration

Minnie Pink Decorated Cake Photos

The cake is the protagonist of every birthday and when it comes to a pink Minnie party, the treat must have elements of Disney’s most famous mouse. There are simpler and more sophisticated inspirations, then it will depend on your budget or your cooking skills.

The cake decoration can be with frosting or American paste, which is a matter of taste too. In addition, there are alternatives with only one floor and those with two, three or even four floors.

What you should think about is the correct size per person so that no guest is missing. The calculation is as follows: 100 grams of cake per person.

minnie's party cake tips

Think about the decoration and size of the cake

pink minnie cake

American paste Minnie cakes are always a hit

See several cake options for you to get inspired and copy for your daughter’s party!

Decorating with rice leaf is an easy tip for those who want to bake a cake at home, without too much sophistication:

Minnie's Party Pink Simple Cake

Now if you are looking for a super sophisticated cake tip that contemplates all the people at the party, you can be inspired by the photo below.

Pink Minnie Party cake

To work with Americana pasta it is necessary to have a certain skill, so if you want to venture into this creation, check out our special article on the topic: Cake Decorated with Americana Pasta: check out more than 30 models, tips and step by step to make your own !

cake tip Minnie pink partyPink Minnie Party Cake OptionsMinnie's Pink Cake Three Floor Party

One of the ideas that most attract birthday girls is the cake with Minnie’s image. It can be done in different ways, see some photos:

Minnie's Pink Cake American Paste Party

This is a tip that works super for any Minnie pink party

Minnie's Party Pink Cake Simple American FolderMinnie's Party Pink Simple Homemade Cake

Templates for Invitations and Favors

Invitations and party favors should also be thought of with care. The invitation, for example, is essential for the guests to feel well loved for the party and, of course, for each one to keep it as a souvenir. There’s nothing better than buying invitations with the same theme as the celebration or making them just the way you want.

Discover some beautiful models of Minnie invitations and choose what you like best:

Minnie's Party Pink InvitationMinnie's Party Pink Invitation TipMinnie Party Pink Invitation with BowMinnie's party pink different invitationMinnie's party pink in whiteMinnie's Party Pink Delicate InvitationMinnie's Party Pink Golden InvitationMinnie Party Pink Lollipop InvitationMinnie's Party Pink Invitation SuggestionMinnie Pink Party Invitation Template

Party favors cannot be left out either. Super requested at the end of any party, they can be the conventional candy bags or the most original gifts. If you have a little time to spare, you can save by making your own souvenirs, such as key chains, bags, headbands, boxes, etc. Many sticker and packaging designs can also be made by you using Minnie’s printed images.

Below you can see numerous photos of very special party favors to make Minnie’s pink party unforgettable for all guests. Check it out:

Minnie party tips

All of these Pink Minnie Party Keepsakes can be personalized by you.

pink minnie party favors

Minnie party favors cloth bags

Personalized cloth bags are good party favor ideas

Minnie pink party favorMinnie's party pink bottleMinnie Pink Party Keepsake TipsMinnie's party pink souvenir jarsMinnie Party Pink Party Favor BoxesMinnie Party Pink Souvenir Washcloths

Lovely tip for a pink Minnie baby themed party

Minnie Party Pink Souvenir BagMinnie's Party Pink Souvenir PillowsMinnie's Pink Sweet Souvenir PartyMinnie Pink Brigadeiro Keepsake Party

The brigadeira tubes are still quite successful

And then, he got excited to organize the most beautiful pink minnie’s party already seen around? Write down all the tips and inspirations to make the celebration amazing. Any questions you have, leave a message and we’ll get back to you soon. See you!

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