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fantasy ideas

76 Simple, Creative & Inexpensive Costumes & How-to at Home!

Fancy party is synonymous with transforming and creating a new character, but the question always arises as to how to dress, and for those who are in need of help to enjoy the party in style, we’ve brought you amazing ideas for simple costumes.

And when it comes to simple costumes, there are many creative ideas, which allows you to transform quickly and with ideas that make the transformation look amazing. To help with this task, let’s go to the post full of tips and ideas for those who are in need of tips and help when dressing up.

fantasy ideas

Where to Buy / Rent Cheap Costumes?

If the idea is to invest in models of simple costumes, we have separated online stores to buy different options, this way it’s easier, since you can solve everything from home and through the small screen of your computer or cell phone.

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Owning your own costume is a good thing, but there can often be more cost-effective solutions such as costume rental.

The advantage of renting is that you can always have a new costume, and without accumulating numerous costumes that will be worn once.

For those who are looking for tips and prices for renting simple costumes, we have separated online stores for costume rental, which have very nice systems in which you can do everything over the internet and still receive your chosen model at home.

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Simple and Creative Costume Photos and Ideas


children's pirate costume

If the idea is to create a girl’s costume at home, the inspiration here is a little pirate.

For the costume, the look was created from wardrobe pieces, with jeans and a striped blouse, but the detail is for accessories, such as the hook hand, gun, belt and hat, made of felt.

lumberjack costume

As an idea of ​​simple costumes for boys, the proposal here is the lumberjack look.

The costume was made with jeans and a striped shirt with suspenders. This part is basic, but the details are what enhance the look, such as the hat, the fake ax and the felt beard, which gives a very special detail to the proposal.

child witch costume

The witch costume falls into the category of simple and versatile costumes, as it can be used either as a proposal for a costume party or as a costume idea for a Halloween party.

For the children’s proposal, the tulle skirt is a charm, since it makes the little witch cuter. And the rest of the composition can be made with wardrobe items, such as sneakers and a black blouse.

Oh, and of course you can’t miss the classic witch hat to complete the look.

simple boy fantasy

The costume is inspired by the movie “How to train your dragon”

Peter Pan costume

Peter Pan’s costume is a mix of green pants and t-shirt

simple ET costume

The costume was inspired by the movie ET

fantasy brothers

For the kids, the idea was the Flintstones-inspired fantasy

children's fantasy hero

In Hulk’s costume the body was painted green

simple doll costume

The rope doll was the inspiration for the fantasy

minions fantasy

Inspired by the Minions, the look was fitted with denim overalls and a yellow blouse

Cleopatra fantasy


When it comes to simple feminine costumes, there is no lack of inspiration and ideas to enjoy the party in style.

Among the ideas, it is worth choosing from classic options such as vampire and Indian, to more original options, such as sushi fantasy.

mermaid fantasy

A basic costume, but one that was a trend in the last carnival is the mermaid costume.

The option is super tropical and perfect for enjoying parties during the heat.

In the idea, the green skirt has a mermaid tail and was used with a decorated crop, as if it were a shell top.

simple witch costume

Among the ideas adaptable to what you already have at home, the look here is a female witch costume.

To assemble the look, the basic piece is the classic black dress that we always have in our closet. Then just complement the look with pantyhose, shoes and a witch’s hat, to make the costume more characterized.

creative female fantasy

The idea of ​​creative and original fantasy is beyond what we always see, and brings as a proposal a sushi costume for women.

In the idea, the white dress is perfect to symbolize the rice in the food, then just include a stuffed fish and wrap everything in a black band, as if it were seaweed.

Oh, and to add one more detail, it’s worth carrying a chopstick, symbolizing the way to eat Japanese foods.

female fantasy snow white

The inspiration is in the Snow White character

female pirate costume

The pirate costume was assembled with wardrobe items, such as leggings and a striped blouse

sexy nun costume

The nun costume was made with a black and white dress

vampire fantasy

Inspiration is a vampire fantasy

Lara Croft costume

Tomb Raider’s character Lara Croft was the inspiration for the fantasy

female mario fantasyM&Ms costume

The costumes were inspired by M&Ms confections

malemale fantasy

How about a safari-style tour? If travel is not among your plans, you have the idea of ​​at least dressing up as a tourist in the middle of the adventure.

For the costume, create a look with light colors, such as khaki pants and a shirt in earth tones.

In the tourist look, you can’t miss binoculars to observe the animals and a hat as an accessory to complete the look in style.

fantasy couple

For those who are a fan of The Big Bang Theory series, inspiration can be individual or even for the couple.

In the proposal, the classic shirt worn by Sheldon is the basis of the male look, which is completed by a more nerdy look. The female version is inspired by Sheldon’s girlfriend, the character Amy.

fantasy Toy Story

And for those looking for inspiration from simple costumes inspired by children’s movies, a hit is the look inspired by the Sheriff Woody doll.

The clothing consists of jeans, a plaid shirt, an animal print vest, a hat and boots. The simple look can be a mix of pieces you already have at home with other pieces that feature the famous character.

And in addition to being a fantasy option for men, the proposal can also be an inspiration for boys.

Popeye costume

Popeye’s costume includes a can of spinach

Luigi costume

Luigi’s costume was fitted with a green shirt and beret

fantasy man

The redneck costume includes denim overalls and a plaid shirt

mexican fantasy

Inspiration is a Mexican fantasy

aladin fantasy

father and son fantasy

The chef costume is inspired by the movie Ratatouille

makeshift fantasy man

The shirt features the classic internet pages error

creative idea man

The idea is the costume of a bauble inspector

Original Ideas for Carnival

fantasy emoticon

You can’t deny that emoticons have already dominated the world of screens and conversations, after all, who has never expressed a face on whatsapp?

And it is by thinking about the faces that the idea of ​​simple and creative costumes for the carnival arises – such as emoticon costumes.

In the proposal, the yellow blouse was decorated with a passionate face and the look was complemented by the yellow tulle skirt.

creative carnival fantasy

And if you already have a yellow dress in your closet, it’s time to separate the piece and be very creative by transforming your carnival look into a pineapple.

For the idea, the yellow dress was used as the base of the costume, which also gained a little bow with a pineapple crown, leaving the look complete and fun to enjoy parties and blocks.

female carnival costume

In the proposal of a feminine and creative look to enjoy the carnival revelry, the proposal is the cangaceira look.

The simple costume was assembled with a set of shorts and cropped in earth tones, but it is the accessories that make the difference, such as the leather hat and the scarf around the neck.

The proposal is in a more relaxed version and is perfect for enjoying parties on hot days.

costume carnival couple

The couple’s carnival costume brings references to the Indian look

creative couple fantasy

The couple’s look is inspired by the movie Jurassic Park

Carmen Miranda costume

Carmen Miranda’s costume features a colorful and printed skirt

unicorn fantasy

The unicorn bodysuit was used with a tulle skirt

clown costume

The large and colorful bow tie characterizes the look

fantasy friendscouple fantasy idea

An inspiration for couples is the look of thieves

Unique Ideas for Halloween

mummy costume

At halloween parties, a different costume is always worth, and an idea of ​​an improvised and creative look is to transform into a mummy.

For the look, just wrap yourself in bandages or sashes, and then the costume is ready in a style perfect for enjoying Halloween.

female halloween costume

As the party marks the look of darkness, an interesting proposal is to become a bat woman.

To follow the proposals for simple costumes, the inspiration is to use a black dress as the base of the look, and add a fabric like the animal’s wings.

To complete, it is worth using a little bow with little ears, making the costume more characterized.

Frida Kahlo costume

Between the ideas of simple costumes, but without the heavy look of the halloween style, the inspiration here follows the couple of painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

The striking look of the painters is already a very striking feature to portray in the look, but it’s even worth adding some frame frames, to make the proposal more thematic.

creative halloween fantasy

The couple costume is a puppet and its handler

simpsons fantasy

To become the Simpsons characters, the idea was to paint the body yellow

Halloween friends fantasy

The proposal is for marsupial mothers – animals that have bags to carry their babies

original halloween costumehorror fantasy

The look was inspired by the character Wandinha Addams

addams family fantasy

The family can be inspired by the Addams family look for halloween

How to Make Simple Improvised Costumes: Step by Step

For those who are in need of step by step to make improvised costumes, we’ve separated amazing tips for making simple costumes and using what you already have in the closet, so you can dress up in character even at that party that comes up at the last minute.

improvised sailor costume

For women, the idea is to create a sailor costume. Following the proposal, put on a red skirt with a striped blouse, pumps or sneakers (for those who don’t give up comfort) and to complete the look, bet on a sailor’s hat.

improvised male fantasy

For men, the idea is to put together a thief costume. In the idea, the look was assembled with black pants, black and white striped blouse and the…

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