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gospel favors

Wonderful Evangelical Favors & How to Make it at Home!

As the theme of the party, there are numerous options for party favors, but they should always match the decor of the room. If you’re planning a gospel party or want to hand out favors for the prayer circle, check out the gospel party options we’ve set aside!

gospel favors

Photos and Ideas of Evangelical Favors

You can create your party favors or customize common objects such as a keyring or a bookmark to create your gospel party favors. Whether for ladies, a prayer circle or a party! Check out some options to get inspired when creating yours!

for ladies

Party favors for the ladies should be more delicate than the rest. You can, from customizing a box to selecting biblical passages and storing in a beautiful glass bottle!

flowered fabric boxes with a pink bow around them

The boxes can be wrapped in a printed fabric, like this flowery one, and then finish with the birthday girl’s name on the lid and a bow!

bottles with biblical messages as evangelical party favors

Guests can read a message each day, and the little bottle is a great decorative item

Ordinary party favors can go into the theme with gospel messages!

box with candy with biblical message

A simple box with candy won a beautiful message!

You can also bet on party favors that have functionality for the guests on the day of the tip, such as a cup holder and a bookmark.

support of a mug with an excerpt from the gospel as evangelical party favors

This mug support earned a snippet of the gospel! Photo Credit: Pri & Co Arts

bookmark of Our Lady of Fátima

The golden details of this marker made the souvenir of Our Lady of Fátima even more beautiful

sheep as message holders as evangelical party favors

These biscuit sheep decorate and can serve as a message holder! Photo credit: RegiArt’s Biscuit

pink keyrings with evangelical message

Rose keychains are charming and delicate, matching the ladies! Photo credit: RegiArt’s Biscuit

magnets as gospel party favors

To Prayer Circle

Prayer meetings are also great times to get together, so you can create or buy some party favors to give to the guests. From personalized keyrings to small bibles with selected excerpts!

EVA mini bible evangelical party favors

The mini bibles were made of EVA! Super simple and quick to assemble

mini pulpit evangelical party favors with bible

This mini pulpit with a bible can be used as a decorative item for each guest!

bookmarks as gospel party favors

These markers can be made with a more resistant paper, such as cardboard.

If you don’t want to have a lot of costs, reuse materials, like matchboxes, or use cheaper ones, like EVA and the various types of paper!

matchbox with message as evangelical party favors

When the guest opens the match box he finds a message!

The good thing about these souvenirs is that even if you keep the same model, at each event they can get a different look by just changing the message!

sheep with message as gospel party favors

You can also customize more common objects like key chains and even flashlights!

bible keyrings as gospel party favorsflashlight with message as gospel party favors

Here, a simple flashlight took on another meaning when it was packed with a message!

For Evangelical Parties

Whether it’s a party to celebrate a church event or even a birthday party, these party favors will please your guests! You can create a nice little paper box (you can put sweets inside if you want), for example.

box as gospel souvenirEVA mini bible evangelical party favors

These EVA bibles, in addition to being very simple to make, can serve as decorative items during your party!

In addition to creating your own party, you can have one made that looks just like you, and, of course, that you know it will please your guests!

keychain with Jesus as gospel party favors

This keyring pleases children and adults alike, perfect if your guests are of different age groups!

glass piece with gospel passage

This glass piece is ideal if you have few guests and are looking for something very personalized to mark the occasion!

How to Make Gospel Favors: Step by Step with Templates

Making your own gospel favors, in addition to being much more affordable, makes it much more personal and special! We separate two models, one with a mold and the other with a very simple step by step.

The first is a basket with a sheep made from a plastic cup. To do this, you will need:

  • 200 ml disposable plastic cup
  • Hot glue or double sided tape
  • white and brown EVA
  • black permanent pen
  • molds

step by step with mold for gospel party favors

Cut the white EVA into the shape of the tuft and the brown into the shape of the sheep. For handle, also use brown EVA and cut it into a 25cmX2.5cm ribbon. Use the pen to draw the sheep’s face (like the mold).

Then just glue all the pieces with hot glue or tape to the cup, like the one below.

basket with sheep as a gospel souvenir

The next favor is a mini bible, to do it you need:

  • pink or black EVA
  • Medicine boxes approximately 4cm long
  • hot glue
  • white ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

EVA mini bibles

If you don’t have medicine boxes in these sizes, you can cut larger boxes or you can make them in even smaller versions, using match boxes!

The first step is to glue the medicine box flaps together with hot glue. Then cut a strip of gold EVA and glue it with hot glue around the box. Also with the hot glue, make a small circle on the end of the white ribbon, fix it with glue and glue it to the box (so that the bible can be used as a keyring).

mini bible souvenir step by step

Image credit: Sandra Nunes

With the pink EVA, cut it, leaving a little left over on the sides and along the length as well, and then pack the medicine box. Glue the medicine box over the pink EVA.

EVA mini bible

Image credit: Sandra Nunes

If so, cut the excess and that’s it!

You can also print a tag with the name of the event or a message or an excerpt to decorate the mini bible cover.

No matter what the occasion, these party favors will be a hit with your guests! Also check out the baptism party favor options.

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