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50 phrases from Páscoa engraçadas

50 messages from Feliz Páscoa engraçadas

Afterwards are two favorite holidays for many people, famous for the kilos and kilos of chocolate eggs that always happen, but also for the many Stapled messages from Páscoa to the familyfriends and also for the crush or namorado that can be sent. Finally, there is nothing better than to wish you a happy and rewarding time at WhatsApp. That’s why this material of unCOMO confides 50 messages from Feliz Páscoa engraçadas.

Stapled Phrases

The evening is always an occasion where the family can meet and put the conversation in the day. Sunday lunch can be the perfect time to entertain everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, with catchy phrases from the past. Therefore, here are some stapled phrases from Páscoa:

  • Coelhinho da páscoa or what do you draw for me? One kilo, two kilos, three kilos like this.
  • Coelhinho da páscoa or what do you draw for me? Feiura, feiura, feiura sem fim.
  • 60 reais Egg of Passover. It’s time for children to know that the egg does not exist.
  • I don’t know what I do, if I buy eggs or if I do the shopping for the month.
  • It is not enough to be poor, you have to buy an egg and parcel out 11x on the card.
  • Dear nephews and nieces, during this time the nephew decided to wait after the holiday to buy the eggs in the promotion, even for him it is difficult.
  • Coloquei Toddy and Nescau in the galley ration. Now it’s just waiting for my eggs.
  • I haven’t finished eating the panettones from Natal and they’re already selling the eggs.
  • What am I going to do? Weight.
  • I’ll let you know, mother, if you don’t give me an egg this year I’m going to give you a show in the supermarket.
  • My dear family, this year the priest asked me to warn him that he will only be of the same gender.
  • I hope that our happiness will be the same as a coelho. That she reproduces herself without stopping.
  • I sent a message to the host, but he visualized it, didn’t answer me and still blocked me.
  • I wish his life would always be filled with boas. That his TALENT swallows much PRESTIGE, giving you the SENSE of being living a SONHO DE VALSA or a SERENADE OF LOVE in a WORLD full of joys.

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50 mensagens de Happy Easter stapled - Stapled Easter Phrases

Stapled Easter phrases for friends

Even though Easter is often celebrated as a family, there is nothing to stop friends from receiving messages from Happy Easter, be it at the time of the secret friend of the group or at the WhatsApp da galera groups. In some cases, even your colleagues at work or the clients of your company can receive them. Finally, everyone deserves some messages from Feliz Páscoa, or phrases of happiness from the past to start the day well. Thus, confide in us selection of passwords for friends:

  • Why don’t you ever invite the Playboy team for your evening events?
  • He says he’s my friend, but he won’t give me any eggs.
  • Coelhinho da páscoa or what do you draw for me? Gordura, espinhas e cravos sem fim.
  • I thought I was paying for a ticket to my own house, but I was really just buying some eggs.
  • Would anyone like to get my iPhone back for an egg?
  • I’m going to have to sell my dignity to buy an egg.
  • Quoted same is Mr. Catra in the paschal.
  • I feel more abandoned than panetone on the eve of the wedding.
  • I was sad to have my day gone by without a beijar. But I was trying to be positive: if in the carnival I didn’t go to the blockhouse and in the evening I didn’t win an egg, I wanted to say that I won’t die on the day of the death.
  • Pascoa, time to thank for the mourning, the dying and the ressuscitation for us. Obrigado, Goku!
  • Coelhinho da páscoa, or what do you draw for me? Tickets, tongues and stress sem fim.
  • More than 60 reais an egg of passage, it is good that the recess is of eight hours of sound, financial and emotional stability and youth of the side.
  • My friend, this is not a way to ruin your diet. Send all the chocolate to me.
  • The goal of this year is to find a name to win an egg and then finish.

Phrases for clients or work colleagues:

  • More than 60 reais per one egg. For this price you will only get a diamond.
  • Adult life is like this: if you don’t buy your own egg, no one will give you one.
  • All I wanted was to open the egg and find my letter.
  • Coelhinho da páscoa, or what do you draw for me? Tickets, tongues and stress sem fim.
  • My dear friend, on this holiday I prefer to receive my egg in the same money, obligated, you’re welcome.
  • Saturday of Alleluia, Sunday of Easter and the second of Despair.

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50 messages of Happy Easter stapled - Stapled Easter phrases for friends

Happy Easter stapled

The holiday can also be an excellent opportunity to try to conquer or crush with stapled messages of happy passage, however more provocative, or to send a sentence of passage more creative and fun for the namorado or namorada. To be more used in this year, in the past I sent these phrases of “happiness of the past” stapled to the person who wanted to be your love:

  • Nessa páscoa, chocolate is not going to be the only thing I want to eat.
  • If you do it with me, I promise you’ll get those one-kilo eggs.
  • Cat, don’t worry if you don’t receive an egg from the past, because you won’t miss Peru.
  • If you pass by with me, I guarantee you that the chocolate egg will not be the only thing I will give you.
  • Since I always end up eating chocolate on the day of the wedding, now I want a wedding for that evening. Would you be interested?
  • Hey, cat, how about a little fun here at home? I promise that my eggs are all yours.
  • Egg of passage to more than 60 reais, but my thanks: you choose.
  • Cat, I don’t have any eggs, but I’ll let you try my chocolate.
  • He calls me BATON and he tells me that I have come to his world.

Phrases from ‘Happy Easter, my love’:

  • More than 60 reais um ovo de páscoa. What do you see inside it, you, my love?
  • Honey, I love you more than a one-kilo egg.
  • I love chocolate, but I prefer you, which is more than twelve, tasty and, above all, not fattening.
  • Everybody wants chocolate eggs in the pascoa and I am here, just wanting you on my side to divide a panela brigade.
  • I don’t have an egg, but I melt everything for you.
  • Nessa páscoa me diz que eu sou o seu GAROTO que eu te mostro que tenho TALENTO e que sou a SENSAÇÃO. You will certainly want a BIS.

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