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5 infallible brincadeiras for wedding anniversaries

Brincadeiras for wedding anniversaries

A party that is a party needs diversity. When thinking about a wedding anniversary party, the most common is to have enough music, dance and food, however, you can enhance the celebration with other elements, as is the case of the brincadeiras, which is legal especially if you are planning something intimate with a small number of people. To think about brincadeiras, several factors must be considered, such as the space, the guests, the necessary material for each one of the brincadeiras, the available time, etc. This whole process requires a good organization and, in order to achieve the ideal party, you have to go to the right place.

You need ideas of brincadeiras for wedding anniversaries? Read this article from umCOMO and choose the ones you like the most.

Brincadeiras for wedding anniversaries

An idea for your brincadeiras for wedding anniversaries is the “guess who I am” which, as the name suggests, is a guessing game. To have fun with this option, you will only need a cardboard and post-its that, if you don’t have them nearby, can be substituted by paper and some adhesive paper such as durex or double-sided paper.

Guess who I am

The idea of the game is quite simple. All the guests will need to form a circle and think of a famous personality for the colleague next to them to guess. Once everyone has chosen a famous person, they should write the name of that person on a post-it in a way that no one can see and, thus, place it on the head of the person next to them clockwise.

When everything is ready, you can start the game, which works like this: one at a time following the clockwise direction will have to make a statement about the celebrity that is placed on their head, for example “I am Brazilian?”, if the answer is yes, that participant has the right to ask another question until they receive a “no” as an answer. The winner is the one who guesses the answer first, however, it is legal to go until the end of the game to see who will be the last to guess.

Get inspired with the instructions in the post about the jogo quem sou eu: questions, answers and ideas.

I never

O “eu never” is already a classic at parties and can be quite legal in various ages, which makes it a good choice for a wedding anniversary party regardless of the age range of the married couple or the participants. The jumper is simple and, moreover, does not require any material to be performed, also not taking up much space, which makes it perfect for any party regardless of the arrangement.

For this jump, the participants must stand in a circle and one at a time will say something they have never done, starting the phrase with “I’ve never done it before.I never“for example “eu nunca levei um fora”. Those who have already been through the situation mentioned should raise their hand, while others do nothing. If there is a drinking party and you want to put this in the middle, it is possible to combine that whenever the answer to the assumption is “I already”, the person should take a drink of whatever they are drinking.


Se está procurando uma brincadeira para festa de casamento onlineThis is a valid option, although it can also be performed at a party in person with all the guests gathered. The idea of the game is the classic, one player at a time will have to imitate some animal, profession etc. until someone manages to guess what it is. To make the game more creative, it is legal to select a specific type of words that can be used in the mimicry, for example, to make a film shoot only with names of films.

To make the game more fun and competitive, it is interesting to divide the participating guests into 2 groups, whoever gets the most right wins the jump.

If you need help in selecting the words for the game, you can rest assured because we also have the solution. For this, see 100 words for mime of all levels and styles.

Beer Pong

If you will have a drink at your party, a good idea of brincadeiras to commemorate wedding anniversary are those that just involve beer to liven up the party. Among the options, one is the Beer Pong, which is nothing more than a ping pong a little more lively and different.

The game works like this, on one side of the table you should line up the cups of all the players, on the other, one participant at a time will have a chance to play. With the cups lined up, the first player must try to hit the ping pong ball into a cup, if successful, the player with the cup in question will have to drink its entire contents.

Although quite funny, the jump requires you to have a ping pong table, if you find the idea fun but do not have such a table, it is possible to play one or ask for friends, after all, someone can have it at home and be willing to lend you the table for a day, just do not forget to invite that friend to the party.

If you liked this idea and want to find other similar ones, see also 18 hot brincadeiras to drink.

Caça ao tesouro

If your party is to take place in a large place, such as a house with a barn or a farmhouse, a quite legal dance that will entertain all the guests is caça ao tesouro, that is, the one that children used to do in gymkhanas and that is always a huge fun.

The first step for the jumper will be to find a legal prize, it doesn’t need to be anything expensive, on the contrary, think of something creative that will please anyone who manages to win. Secondly, you should think about the clues, after all they will be the ones that will guide your guests until the end of the game. Finally, you should think about the places where you will hide the clues, always thinking about not leaving anything too obvious and not complicating the situation too much, after all, remember, you will be at a party.

If you want more tips on how to make this game, see also how to prepare a tesouro cane. This article is more focused on children precisely because it is something more common to do with them, however, you can be sure that many of these tips can be adapted and end up helping you.

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