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9 presents of 1 month of creative namoro for the MESVERSÁRIO

Presents of 1 month of love

Christmas month? What gift to offer to celebrate 1 month of love? Being at the beginning of a relationship, at that moment of getting to know a person at the beginning and build the basis for something more solid is reason enough to celebrate your love, right? People well know that the first month is full of romanticism and lightness but, then, how to make the period even more special?

If you’re breaking your head to think of ideas of present of 1 month of love, pay attention to the suggestions below. In this post, from umCOMO, we made a compilation with the best tips to make the celebration of the wedding even better. Write down the suggestions and choose your favorite!

Romantic dinner

If you want to know what to give as a gift of a month of love for your partner, and you feel that this is the moment to make the relationship even more intimate, a good option is to take the person to a restaurant that you both like or that he or she has always wanted to go to. Choose a romantic, cozy atmosphere with good gastronomic options.

A romantic dinner is a present without error to us first months of lovebecause it allows the house to spend even more time together and demonstrates, with this small gesture, all that this last month has meant to you.

Supresa de um mês namoro: sleeping under the stars

Os presents of a month of love can vary a lot according to the place where you live, but if you are excited and want to plan something even more sentimentaldo not forget to consider this option.

Surprise your partner with a stay in a hotel or a luxury property where you can spend the evening stargazing together. This is a creative and inexhaustible present, which will allow you to take advantage of the time together in a new place. Besides, if you are nature lovers, another suggestion is to prepare a camping trip in one of the following places equally romantic place.

Presents of 1 month of love - Supresa de um mês namoro: dormir sob as estrelas

Músicas para que ele ou ela se lembre de você

You are still in the first month of love and you still don’t know the person deeply, but certainly you already have time to discover a little about his or her musical taste, about music that you like to listen to together and share artists and lists. For this reason, another alternative of present of namoro’s anniversary é dar um CD ou disco de vinil de algum dos artistas ou bandas favoritos dele ou dela.

Search for a personalized present? Then, make a CD (or create a playlist) with some of your favorite songs, those that awaken memories of your marriage and moments you’ve lived together. Here are some nice and engraved names for Spotify playlists.

Personalized music playlist

If you are looking for gift ideas for 1 month of love and want something creative, this is one of the most legal options. Still on the wave of music, it is worth saying that they are able to mark moments and, through them, we build many memories. If the house has already chosen a music capable of transporting them to happy moments, make a customized quadrinho with a music from Spotify.

On the Internet there are several options with which you can get this personalized musical plate. The idea is to customize the Spotify code, selecting the title of the music and the name of the artist, as well as choosing a photo of yourself that the house likes and, finally, generate a Spotify code that allows the music to play on your playlists and devices. Print the result on a acrylic plate or sheet so that you can mold this romantic present.

One of the most unmissable present for the first month of January!

Presentes de 1 mês de namoro - Quadrinho personalizado de musica

Presentes doces

The relationship is basically just joy during the first month of love, but maybe you still haven’t had a chance to fully get to know the person’s likes and dislikes to present her with something more intimate. However, this is not a reason to stop giving her a romantic lembrancinha not to let this first month pass in white. Give a box of chocolates or other documents in a box in heart format, and soon! Take advantage of the docs together.

Jantar para dois… em casa!

If you are with your budget a little bit openyou can surprise your loved one in the love summer with a romantic dinner, but at home. Prepare your partner’s favorite food and conquer your palate with good recipes. A table for two, some candles and a more intimate atmosphere are enough to make this romantic encounter unforgettable and special. The advantage of being at home is that, besides being more comfortable for the couple, it allows you to share even more intimate moments.

In this other article with ideas for a romantic dinner at home, we give you many more ideas so that you can organize the ideal meeting.

Presentes de 1 mês de namoro - Jantar para dois... em casa!

Give a gift wine

If your lover enjoys a good wine, take the opportunity to present your loved one with a quality carafe. You’ve probably already had this conversation, and at this stage of the championship you know which types he or she enjoys the most. To top it off, write a ticket and open the bottle when you are at a romantic dinner!

Quer mais ideias de romantic presents original and beautiful? Don’t miss this selection from umCOMO, in which we include original gifts for your sweetheart.

Morning coffee

Another good option to surprise your loved one in the present of 1 month of love is send her a basket of morning coffeeat home or at the office. There are countless options of baskets, which can include sweet and savory items, as well as fruits, coffees, sweets and other gifts, such as a basket or a cardboard. For sure this gift will make the person will enjoy the whole day!

Presents for 1 month of love - Café da manhã


Se seu parceiro ou parceira gosta de lerthe first month of love is the ideal time to show your loved one that you are always attentive to what she likes. Buy that book she’s been talking about that she wants to read, or the latest release from her favorite author. Take the opportunity to include a dedication and declare all your love on the first page!

If besides a romantic person you are also the type who likes to write, know that another creative suggestion is to present your loved one with the story of you. Write a poem or a few pages talking about yourself, how you met, when you remember that you got married, how the future awaits you with him or her by your side… open your heart! Then, just make the layout of the pages (it will be even more beautiful if they are small, that is, in the form of a booklet) and add a photo of yourself or one of your friends. phrase that defines your relationship well.

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