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pokemon costumes

40 ideas and inspirations + DIY

Pokémon costumes more than ever are in fashion. The famous Japanese franchise, which recently turned 20, has many fans, who resonate with the success of each new generation and the fever Pokemon GO.

pokemon costumes

Call on friends to build the perfect Pokémon costume team!

With the game and the anime Pokemon on the rise, you can invest in this outfit to rock any costume party, even more so because there are so many possibilities – there are more than 800 characters! You can even make a very creative/luxury/practical cosplay, it all depends on the event.

In this post, we’ve separated some Pokémon costume ideas for you to get inspired and even customize your own outfit!

Pokémon costume ideas


Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon since the beginning of the series. Everyone knows the cute little yellow monster with a lightning tail. As it is the main choice at a costume party, several specialty stores sell ready-made clothes for both children and adults.

pokemon pikachu costumes how to do

This pajama-like outfit is sold in virtually all specialty stores

child pokemon pikachu costumes

For the children

pokemon pikachu costumes

A more enhanced kind of fantasy


Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the anime. Even with changes in your clothes over time, the proposal is basically the same: cap, shirt + vest, gloves, jeans and sneakers. And it’s as good for them as it is for them!

simple ash fantasy

See how simple it is to imitate Ash!

Ash costumepokemon costume

If the proposal of a costume party is fun, why not reverse roles? Look what a great idea!

pokemon ash and pikachu costumes

For the couples on duty…


misty is the companion and best friend of Ash in the first seasons of the series. With a strong personality, the trainer specializing in water pokemon also dresses very simply. A great bet, especially if you’re in doubt in fantasy.

misty's costume

There’s no secret to getting inspired by Misty!

pokemon family costumes

What a cool idea for the family!

misty pokemon costumesmisty fantasy

If you don’t have orange hair, a tight-fitting wig will do the trick!

Rocket Team

The bumbling villains team also has a lot of fans. Pokémon costumes based on the Rocket team make your look really beautiful and standout. You’re sure to get a lot of attention at the event!

rocket pokemon team

Classic Rocket Team, a perfect costume for a group of friends!

team rocket custom

A sexier outfit for girls

You can bet on this idea with your friend/girlfriend or boyfriend/girlfriend! It looks super cool!

pokemon team rocket costumespokemon costumes idea

Among all the Pokémon costume options, Team Rocket is perfect for doubles!

pokemon team rocket costumesrocket fantasy team

In the case of hair, you don’t need to follow Jessie and James’ style to the letter. What matters is that you give your fantasy a personal touch!


One of the most popular and beloved Pokémon, Charmander and their evolutions (Charmeleon and Charizard) are very successful and also have good costume options available in stores. It’s practically a cosplay!

cosplay charmander

If you can find this blouse by Charmander, you have practically all the costume!

charmander costumepokemon charizard girl costumes

Idea for children, simple and beautiful!

pokemon charizard costumes

Charizard’s Fantasy, the latest evolution of Charmander

pokemon charizard costumespokemon charmander costumes

This alternative is as good for a costume as for a pajamas. Amazing!


There are many ideas besides the most popular characters. In the sixth generation of little monsters (and humans) – almost in the seventh – there are Pokemon costumes diverse, amazing and practical to copy!

nurse joy and brock

The classic nurse Joy and Brock, one of the main characters of the anime

pokemon beedrill costumes

For those who want a more sensual costume, bet on a tighter outfit with accessories. This costume is inspired by the Pokémon Beedrill

dugtrio pokémon costumes

It doesn’t take much to rock the party! Look how creative these guys were in the Pokémon Dugtrio costume

pokemon eevee costumes

The puppy Eevee and its evolutions are very dear to the fans!

pokemon costumes magma team

A variation of Team Rocket, Team Magma appears in the third generation of the anime/game with a very tasteful costume!

The great advantage of Pokémon costumes is that they are versatile, suitable for both men and women!

pokemon gardevoir costumes

This girl was inspired by the Pokémon Gardevoir, a third generation psychic humanoid type

pokemon joy and jeny costumes

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy

costumes pokemon clothes

You don’t need to dress up in a fully customized Pokémon costume. Wear clothes of the same color as the little monster. You can customize and look really cool, as in the picture above, simple and beautiful!

sabrina pokemon costumes

The character Sabrina is one of the main characters of the first generation and wears a more luxurious outfit (but practical to copy)

venusaur pokemon costumes

This Venusaur cosplay was amazing! Realize that there’s not much secret, basically it’s the dress, the wig and a personalized parasol

serene fantasy pokemon

Get inspired by the Serena character for a simple and pretty Pokémon fantasy idea (clothes are pretty easy to find!)

How do I invest in Pokémon costumes? Search the internet, visit costume stores and anime stores. Another option is to ask a seamstress to make an adapted and specific outfit for you!

Golden tips: Mercado Livre, Aliexpress and for those who live in São Paulo, in the Liberdade neighborhood there are many stores with costumes/accessories, as well as places that customize the costume to your liking! 😀

How to Make an Improvised Pokémon Costume

If you need a quick fix and a improvised fantasy, you can easily assemble a costume inspired by a character from the Pokémon franchise! Many dress simply, with clothes you have at home and easily find in stores.

For an Ash costume, all it takes is a pair of blue jeans, a basic black t-shirt with a blue overlay vest or a simple blue sleeveless blouse, green gloves, a red cap and accessories. You can do it your way, as long as you look like the guy!

improvised pokemon fantasy

Ash Ketchum Costume Ideas

As for the girls, Misty is a sure bet. You’ll need short shorts, a yellow blouse, a simple suspender and a red all star. For the props, it’s up to you. As for the hair, you don’t need to dye it. If you’re not a redhead, bet on an orange wig.

misty fantasy how to do

Misty’s Fantasy Ideas

Now if you want something enhanced, the Rocket team is a good inspiration to make your look more beautiful. What you need: black boot/boot, black gloves, white pants, white blouse (preferably with the team’s signature R) and the wig (purple for James and violet for Jessie).

makeshift fantasy team rocket

fantasy idea for James

For girls, a custom dress looks really cool, and it doesn’t take much for that!

improvised pikachu costume

A yellow dress + a Pikachu cap and a simple accessory. There, your costume is assembled!

pokemon fantasies nurse joy

For Nurse Joy, you need a pink dress, a white apron, cap and sneakers, and a pink wig!

Check out more Pokémon DIY costume ideas in the videos!


Pokémon costumes are a guarantee of success at any party! In addition to being versatile, you can still use all your creativity and leave it to your face! It’s really worth it!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Leave a comment on the post. To follow up on other ideas, keep browsing the site! Great party and see you next time! 🙂

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