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pool party ideas

Tips to make and rock!

Happy, relaxed and guaranteed lots of fun! So is a pool party, a simple and easy-to-make theme that is sure to please everyone. In movies, music videos and series, the traditional pool party it goes well in celebration of an anniversary, wedding or any other type of event.

To help you put together the perfect pool party, we’ve prepared some tips and a cool walkthrough. Follow up!

pool party ideas

Chic, cool, practical: there are lots of ideas for the perfect pool party!

It is a fact that this type of party is more suited to the summer, on a day with a lot of sun or heat (if it is at night). For having all this vibe of joy, it’s nice to invest in flashy things that are the face of the season.

It is not new that this celebration is very successful with celebrities abroad, even seen as ostentation by the youngest. But you don’t need to spend a lot to invest in this event, just have a good space (of course!) and creativity!

Tips on How to Throw a Pool Party

  • Choose a large space, even more so if there are many guests for the party. As the swimming pool is the flagship of the celebration, it shouldn’t be small.
  • One farmhouse it’s the best place to have a pool party. It has everything you need and it’s still far away, that is, you can make a lot of noise and enjoy it a lot!
  • Although it sounds simple, you need to plan everything in advance for the party to be perfect. Start thinking about the details 2-3 months before the event (this varies depending on how important it is), never leave it to the last minute – and always ask for help from friends and family.
  • A good pool party calls for a fun and cool vibe. Spread colorful balloons, buoys, various accessories, chairs to rest.

pool party ideas

Don’t give up accessories and details for a perfect pool party!

  • pay attention to safety. As intimate as it is, problems can happen. Leave a closet at the disposal of each person/family or a space for them to store their belongings.
  • If possible, hire a lifeguard or keep an eye on the people in the pool. If your party has alcoholic beverages (probably), someone can abuse it and end up going over the limit. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so keep an eye out!

You can pick up lots of Hawaiian party ideas to throw a perfect pool party too!

  • Food and drink must follow the summer themed: refreshing, colorful and that please everyone. And no heavy stuff, like feijoada and the like.
  • The mood depends a lot on the type of party. If it’s a wedding, it could be something more refined. For an anniversary, let the guests free, as well as another kind of relaxed celebration.
  • A cool tip to keep the pool party lively is to invest in games inside and outside the pool. Leave balls and buoys at the guests’ disposal, make water balloons and take full advantage of grassy spaces.

pool party tips

Water balloons: a great option to cheer up the guests!

  • Ah, another idea is to spread hammocks further away from the pool. It’s also worth leaving sarongs for those who want to sleep on the grass or sunbathe (towels and sunscreen are also included, or make it clear on the invitation so no one forgets).

To check out more tips and various DIY tutorials, check out the videos!

For those of you who want to have a cheap pool party, without spending too much:

Pool Party Decoration

Day and night, there’s no secret to decorating your pool party. Inflatables – such as buoys -, furniture for resting and a good coffee table (and some scattered tables – those made of plastic) already set the exact tone for the celebration.

If the area is large, put tables with umbrellas to set the right tone for your pool party!

During the day

pool party theme

Look at this idea with small tents and a space for people to dance!

pool party

Balloons to decorate: cheap and beautiful!

simple pool party

This theme is very simple and suitable for a last minute party

pool party ideaspool party how to decorate

This is great for a birthday

pool party how to decorate ideas

Make the most of the space and decorate the trees!

colorful pool party

Get inspired on the beach!

pool party birthday

For a birthday or wedding party…

pool party wedding

Simple and beautiful pool party decor

pool party decorationchic pool party

For those who want something thinner and more chic, white cloths are recommended

At night

Well, in this case what will change will be the fact of lighting. Invest in colored lights, torches around the pool and maybe even a small dance floor with neon lights!

decoration pool party at nightnight pool party how to do

Brighten the pool well!

pool party at night

Torches and candles are good alternatives to make the pool stand out

night pool partypool party at night

The secret of the pool party at night is good lighting!

What to serve?

O menu of a pool party should have light and fresh foods. Bet on easy-to-make snacks and snacks or a barbecue – which is simple and practically everyone likes it.

Prepare a coffee table with appetizers (natural sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, pies, savory cakes, sweets, ice cream, fruits and various canapés.

Already for the drinks, leave Water always available, as well as fruit juices, soft drinks, flavored water, cocktails and alcoholic beverages (in this case, it is ideal not to make it available to avoid exaggeration).

pool party what to servepool party tablepool party table

A themed bar is very interesting and follows the commemoration proposal

pool party head tablewhat to serve pool partypool party menu

Water and juices should always be on hand!

What clothes to wear?

The perfect look for a pool party has several possibilities. The fact is, it needs to be something very light and summery.

For them:

  • Short shorts;
  • Get out;
  • Dresses (even at night);
  • Light shirts;
  • Printed or monochromatic blouses;
  • Light sandals, slippers and the like;
  • MANY accessories to protect face and hair (hat, sunglasses), as well as basics like bracelets, necklaces and discreet earrings.

Bet on colorful clothes, in warm colors and with cheerful prints!

pool party lookfemale pool party looklook pool party

The make needs to be basic and always waterproof. Sunscreen is mandatory for a pool party during the day.

For them:

Everything related to men’s beachwear. There is no difficulty:

  • Basic and light t-shirts;
  • Shorts or shorts – other than the ‘heavy’ ones;
  • White or light colored floral or traditional shirt;
  • Low sneakers, moccasin or slippers;
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, cap, hat and bracelets.

look for the beachbeachwear looks

To go to the party, the look can be enhanced. During the celebration, however, bet on swimsuits (swimwear, bikini, bathing suit). Then change your clothes on your way out.

What songs to play?

The playlist should be very lively and with songs that put people to dance and enjoy the party. If you don’t have a DJ on duty to command, invest in the hits of the moment and those classic sounds that everyone likes.

pop and electronic are great requests, including several clips by artists in these genres have pool party as the theme.

Among the national themes, funk is always on the rise and puts a lot of people to rejoice – remember that the purpose of the party is to have fun. Samba is also cool, especially if you have that classic barbecue.

Well, as musical taste is super relative, a eclectic playlist pleases everyone and guarantees the success of your party. To inspire you, listen to these sequences that run on Youtube:

YouTube has several playlists with songs for a perfect pool party! Search and put the best sounds to play in your party!

spoke in pool party, everyone will be excited. Enjoy the hot days and invest in the pool party, a super simple and easy theme to make! I hope you enjoyed the tips, and any questions just leave a comment on the post. Happy party and see you next time! 😀

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