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Ideas for a Bricolage Style Wedding –

I share you ideas to decorate the area of the Welcome, Decoration with photographs, Place destined for the boyfriends, Centers of table, Table for the toast, Ideas so that the guests spend a fun moment, Decoration with fabrics, The ladies and the godparents, Wishes for the boyfriends, Set for the boyfriends, Color in your hair, Ambientación with lights, Barra of drinks, Cake for the wedding and many but Ideas for a Wedding with Style Bricolaje

Break with conventional ideas and Design a Wedding with style and Originality, Campestre type, where color and do-it-yourself display presentation!

More and more open-air weddings are taking a lot of force in society, in fact there are currently designers who focus on wedding dresses towards this trend, because we are in a revolution of Millennium generation that comes dragging ideas and very different tastes. It is worth betting on this trend, the reality is that a rustic wedding, also called Campsites!, look amazing, and even more if you add your own style.

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

If you are a young bride who is looking for ideas and inspirations full of originality for her next wedding, she assured you that this idea may be appropriate for you, so you can not stop reading this post, because we bring a Celebration full of love, nostalgia, positivism, color and originality! … Why is your day, and you have the right to celebrate it as you want, so do not hesitate to include some of the ideas we will show you, if these meet your expectations and suit your tastes.

But only one more thing, a Bricolage style wedding and a Vintage wedding are different styles. The big difference consists in the decoration and details that are used for both, for example while one uses old elements as the center of attention, the second only uses the greatest amount of natural resources to beautify the event.

But I don’t make you wait any longer and I show you the complete Gallery of a Wedding with Color and Natural Resources, suitable for a young couple that loves originality.

Wedding cake

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

A cake full of color and good taste, which will make your wedding look amazing.

Beverage bar

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

The theme of the celebration revolves around details full of nature and peasants, but this time with the element of surprise… Color everywhere.

Ambience with lights

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Christmas lights decorate the garden and make it look incredible, giving the theme an element that creates an atmosphere full of comfort and romanticism.

Color in your hair

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Add color to your hair, now is when, because at this age anything goes. Also remember that it is a current trend in hair tones, so the rainbow effect will be perfect with the theme of your wedding.

Set for the bride and groom

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

A wedding dress that follows conventional patterns, but the surprise effect turns out to be that range of color that falls right where the skirt ends… The groom goes very hand-in-hand with a beautiful bouquet full of life.

Wishes for the bride and groom

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Hanging hearts and colored down will form part of the wish book, where everything good that you wish for will multiply… Positive energy= + Positive energy.

Ladies and Godparents

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Simple outfit for ladies and godparents, full of color and violet tones that add life to the theme.

Decoration with fabrics

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Simple and subtle decoration with fabrics where nature becomes the protagonist of the design, but still looks incredible.

Ideas for guests to have a fun time

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Place some board games so that the guests have a pleasant time in your celebration and if possible, stamp on them the theme of the party.

Table for the toast

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Simple, subtle and tasteful, where only a few cactus and white vases are included, to add that touch of color with the beautiful purple tablecloth.

Table centerpieces

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Cactus and bouquets of natural flowers, gala presence to decorate the table of guests.

Place for the bride and groom

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Simplicity and comfort for this idea, where the bride and groom will spend a pleasant moment enjoying such an intimate moment.

Decoration with photographs

Ideas for a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

Plasma with some photographs the road that you and your partner have traveled, includes simple elements that go hand in hand with the idea.


Ideas for a Bricolage Style WeddingIdeas for a Bricolage Style Wedding

Place a board to guide your guests to your reception, the idea of doing it with simple tables, is very easy to copy and economical.

What did you think? It’s a wedding that goes beyond the conventional and still looks incredible… Full of intimacy and nostalgia everywhere.

Fountains: Pinterest.com

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