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Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables… A Healthy and Affordable Choice! –

A healthier and cheaper alternative of desserts and sweets, so that those invited to your Festejos can taste… “12 Ideas Of Dessert Tables Decorated With Fruit… You’ll love them all.”

Apples, pears, cherries, jicama, cucumbers, carrots, pineapples, watermelon, oranges, among other delicious and Healthy everyday fruits, arrive today to decorate 12 ideas More than original, Healthy, Economic and Delicious desserts to use in your Next Dessert Table.

If I’m honest, I personally love this idea, because making these sweets is simpler and less elaborate, than those in which you have to ornear or decorate more in detail.

In addition, we know beforehand that fruits are cheaper and more yielding, so he advised you to include them in The Candy Table that you will offer to your guests.

So if you’re the type to like the idea. to economize, to look like an Excellent hostess and to take care of the Health of your guestsYou can not fail to include these great ideas that in Tutus for Parties we bring for you:

They look beautiful and assured you that they will give a lot of life to the decoration of your table… They are very easy to elaborate, you only need to cut the watermelon in triangles and place the pieces inside wooden sticks… If you like you can accompany them with Chile.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

  • Glasses full of color and Health:

I love the idea of creating healthy, simple snacks; all you need to do is chop the fruit into irregular sizes and place them in uneven glass containers… That’s it, it looks great!12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

  • Watermelon and grape skewers:

A very nice skewer design; remember that they say that love is born from sight, so cut pieces of watermelon in the shape of a star, with the help of a cookie cutter, place grapes on a wooden stick and ready.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

It’s a delight… Jicama popsicles accompanied by different chiles for your guests to taste a sweet and healthy spicy. 12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

  • A light saucer with dressing:

A very original way to make your guests taste a dessert with a touch more food… Ideal for not starving in your event… You need to put dressing at the bottom and vegetable sticks to accompany.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

I die of how delicious it looks… You don’t remove the peel from the watermelon, but you keep it and make over it a cocktail of mango, watermelon, apple and some chile sweets.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

A sweet pleasure… Apples chopped in strips bathed in dark chocolate, super easy to make and fast.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

Fruit cups placed one after the other for your guests to taste… If you like, you can put a little yogurt in a container, if you want to accompany this tropical glass with yogurt.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

You only have to cut in three parts the cucumber and with the help of a knife remove the seed; you will place peanuts and frost with chili.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

The pulp is already sold made so all you have to do is line your apples. Don’t forget to finish frosting with chili powder to make them look even prettier.12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

In a cone, place a fruit mix and accompany if you like with a little whipped cream … The idea sounds great, don’t you think?12 Ideas Of Fruit Dessert Tables.

Only oranges in segments are enough to satisfy the palate of your guests … Do not forget to decorate a little, to make you look prettier. 12 Ideas Of Fruit Decorated Dessert Tables

What did you think?… As time the Fruit is an excellent Alternative to be the protagonist of the Next dessert table… They are healthier and cheaper!

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