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Decorate your party Vintage style –

Decorate your party Vintage style

Today I have for you some incredible and beautiful vintage proposals as a theme for decorating your party or event. This style in the personal thing I like very much since it reflects freshness and pleases to the sight by its floral elements, and rustic, colors like the pastel pink or the green mint, I hope to you also like it and you use it in some next event.

Ideas to complement the decoration of parties

The vintage style is in trend, the old returns to the taste of the people and perhaps it has returned to stay. If you want your event to look harmonious and full of life you must try this proposal, besides you can use elements such as bottles, jars, cans, strings, which are things we usually use every day, you can also use some decorative pictures, I’m sure that both you and all your guests will love it.

Centerpieces for bachelorette parties

Cakes for children’s parties

Organizers of cupcakes for parties

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