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Vintage style baby shower – Home organization and interior decoration course

Vintage style baby shower

One of the themes to decorate and organize parties in recent years has undoubtedly been the vintage decoration or old as you know it best and is that it is full of elements that can transform any place into a dream place, if you are also interested in this topic read on to encourage you to make a vintage baby shower.

Vintage elements such as bleached lanterns, printed tablecloths and antique candleholders add a romantic and elegant touch to any table decoration. Use modern glassware and cutlery so that the style is not too cheesy.

Keep the vintage theme elegant at the bar and food stations by serving candy, cocktails, fruit, appetizers and other classics in antique milk bottles, jars, crystal glasses and antique dishes. For more glamour (and easy access), arrange them in uneven groups on a worn tray or mirror to create a unique centerpiece.

Who said I had to use the boring tables and chairs to present the food and drinks? Place drinks, glassware and snacks in a reused vehicle, cart or truck. The style will fit perfectly with the vintage theme and will serve as an excellent icebreaker for guests to interact.

These are some of the few ideas that come to mind with this theme but here in the gallery you will see many more options that you can put into practice in your baby shower, I hope you like them.

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