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Princess jellies for party-dresses

Princess jellies for party-dresses

Today I want to share with you a great idea that I found to be super useful if you want to throw a birthday party for your daughter, and with a princess theme that is undoubtedly one of the favorite characters of all girls, this is an excellent option.

The idea is to create jellies by decorating them with half the body of the princesses so that it looks like the jelly in the container is the skirt of her dress, check out the gallery I leave you down here so you can see all the options I’m talking about, they are super easy to make you know, the detail is in how it will be decorated.

You can customize it as you like, with colors, and as you serve them so the rest is up to you, your guests will be delighted with the detail, besides it gives a plus to the overall decoration of the party. I hope you like the ideas and that they have been helpful to reinforce the ideas you already have for your party.

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