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One-year farm-themed party

One-year farm-themed party

Today I want to share with you a very nice idea of a birthday celebration number one of a little boy, that his parents chose as main theme the farm theme, which is a pretty original idea more if you personalize all the details of the party to make it perfect, and this was the result of the party, I hope you like the ideas a lot.

If your child is about to turn his first year and do not know how to celebrate this special occasion, I recommend that you take note of this idea that is very nice, it fits a garden or the garden of your house with details that simulate a farm, you can send to make a cake and cookies embodying vegetables and farm fruits and many more details that are seen in those places.

In the gallery you can see how this family customized everything in order to get a farm in all the extension of the word and it looks fantastic, I’m sure everyone will love it and more to the child.

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